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Case Study - Solutions for PMS and mentrual pain and cramp for restoring Sexual Orgasm.
Reader 1: 8/20/1999>
Since I started my period, I have always experienced premenstural and menstural pain and tension. Can you explain what is going wrong with me? I don't have enjoyed sex either.
Dr. Lin: 8/22/1999>
Uncomfortable menstruation is due to a lack of DHEA and testosterone in your uterine/ovarian ligaments connecting to your abdomen muscles, rectum/tail bone, and pubic bone. The uterus and ovaries are structurally hanged by these ligaments which must be elastic and flexible. After passing the conception period of the menstrual cycle which is a high-temperature period as illustrated in
http://www.actiontao.com/image/cycle.jpg ,
the DHEA and testosterone in the female body is dropping until entering the menstruation. If the DHEA and testosterone level in the uterine/ovarian ligaments drops below a certain level which is a critic level for the ligaments to retain their elasticity and flexibility, the pelvic cavity will be tensed up. The sensory nerves in the pelvic cavity will drive the brain to respond the loading of the uterus and ovaries with hypertension, bloating, achines, headaches, short temper, irritability, mood swings, depression, frustration, pain, or cramp. This results in PreMentrual Syndrome (PMS). PMS can drive women emotional nut, even committing a crime. For the women who has a strong endocrine function and a good pelvic blood circulation, the dropping of the testosterone and DHEA levels may insufficiently causes the PMS, but slows down the sexual and orgasmic responses and results in intercourse or post-orgasmic pain/cramp, in particular, for women after age 35.
Although the DHEA and testosterone levels start to increase once the female entering the menstruation, they may still be insufficient for the ligaments to take care of the slow, uterine contraction that detaches a thick functional layer of the endometrium from the uterine wall and results in menstrual bleeding. The detached tissue and blood is discharged out of vagina as the menstrual flow. If this is the case, the slow, uterine contraction of the menstruation will cause tension, pain and cramp. This is the so-called Dysmenorrhea.
If these situations are just uncomfortable, deep massage on the low abdomen, groins, pubis and low back can improve the pelvic blood circulation and stimulate the DHEA and testosterone secretion to soothe the problem. If they are very serious, the patient should take ViaGrowth-III once a day during the PMS and/or Dysmenorrhea periods. Addtional B-2, B-6, B-12 and Folic acid may required, if the situation is extremely severe. Notably, limit the B-6 dosage to 5 mg a day. We find ViaGrowth-III can not only improve the female sexual and orgasmic responses during the high-temperature period, but also slove the PMS and Dysmenorrhea.

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