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Case Study - He has practiced Dr.Lin's techniques to give her Level-7, seizure, sexual orgasm and worried. Here is the Solution!
Reader: 8/16/1999>
My wife is very young, aged fourteen, and we have only been having sex for a few months. I am much older (31) and have practiced your techniques for the past few years. I typically have 11 o'clock erections. Because my wife is only fourteen, her vagina is still very small, however, she is very orgasmic. It is her orgasms that concern me. I can give her a Level-7 orgasm that lasts up to one full minute -- very much like a violent seizure, as you describe. I am concerned because she cries (and sometimes screams out) during the orgasm, which she assures me are tears of joy, but several minutes after orgasm she suffers severe uterus cramps. I have found orally stimulating her to a clitoral orgasm ten to fifteen minutes later stops the cramps. What is happening, and is it normal? She insists the cramps are worth the orgasms, but I'd like to eliminate them if possible. My wife and I thank you for all your great work!
Dr. Lin: 8/17/1999>

You are a very lucky guy! Man! I am so jealous.
Your concern on your lovely wife's orgasm is very reasonable.
You said: "but several minutes after orgasm she suffers severe uterus cramps. I have found orally stimulating her to a clitoral orgasm ten to fifteen minutes later stops the cramps."
This tells me that Her Sexual Energy Gate - The Earth Gate at the clitoral base is not fully opened when she achieved her powerful orgasm. This causes too much sexual energy being trapped in the pelvic cavity and fedback to resonate the uterine contraction.
Her violent seizure may be caused by the coupling of trapped orgasmic energy into the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the Acupuncture network via the tail bone nerves to the rear brain.
When you produced clitoral orgasms after the violent, vaginal orgasm, you opened her Earth Gate to allow the Trapped orgasmic energy to run up to the forehead along the Conception Vessel, the centerline of the front body. In fact, the clitoral orgasm is generated by the bioelectric pulse of the sympathetic sexual nerve that opens the Earth Gate. The pulse-like solitary wave of the clitoral orgasm is given in
The solution is to extend her clitoral stimulation and her pubic/groins/low-abdomen massages to make sure her Earth Gate is fully open.
You can check the degree of her clitoral and G-spot engorgements as shown in the attached picture, Engorge.gif which shows the Clitoris and Vagina are ready for a powerful orgasm (about 20-cycles).

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