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Case Study - Symptoms of Male Menopause, Prostate Hardness, and Blood Congestion for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/16/1999>
Dear Dr Lin,
(In Short) My problem is: decreased semen discharge, low sexual desire. The problem began at the time of prostatitis/epidymitis last year.
(The Long Answer): I am 45 years old, living in Beijing. For the past several years, my sex life has consisted mainly masturbation, with occasional sex with female partners (maybe 1-2 times a year). My masturbation was relatively frequent, I would say an average of 4 times a week. Often I would masturbate daily for almost a week and then rest for a few days. I had no problem with masturbation, which was reasonably fulfilling, no problems with volume of semen despite doing it for day after day. The amount would gradually decrease, of course, but this had been normal for me since I started masturbating many years ago. I often used masturbation to get to sleep.
One day in September of 1998 I developed a fever, which I treated with OTC antibiotics bought in China. After about 2 days, I decided to masturbate before sleeping, and was shocked to find my semen a browny, blackish colour. The next day I had severe pain in the left testicle. I saw a doctor that evening, who diagnosed me with epidymitis/prostatis and gave me antibiotics. After a couple of days the pain went away and I was back to normal. The doctor did note that my prostate felt quite hard and suggested a PSA test for prostate cancer when I went back to Australia.
I'm not entirely sure about the next month or two. After a while I resumed masturbation, and I don't seem to remember any real problem, although I'm not sure how often I masturbated. In November, however, I went home to Australia. I saw the doctor and the diagnosis was that I did not have high BPH levels, although the doctor felt that my prostate was rather small and hard.
After a week of no masturbation in Australia, I expected quite a lot of semen. Instead the amount of ejaculate was very small. I was quite worried but decided to wait and see. After a few weeks I found no improvement. There was a slight feeling of discomfort in the area of the testicles/based of the penis, and what worried me most was that the amount of 'jelly' in my semen was zero. Previously my semen had contained quite a large amount of jelly. Without the jelly, the feeling at ejaculation was quite different, very unfulfilling. Also, the semen did not go very far (weak ejaculation). I felt very low libido, partly because of poor ejaculation, partly because of worry.
Back in China in December, I sought the advice of the doctor who I had originally seen about my prostate problem. He introduced me to a young Chinese doctor at the clinic with some experience (although not necessarily great expertise) in urology, and also warned me that because of differences between Chinese and Western culture, I would be best seeing a doctor in my own country about this problem. After a semen test, the young Chinese doctor told me that the amount of semen was about 2cc (I think) and that liquefaction was very slow. He couldn't help me any further. I decided to go to another clinic, where the doctor, a Chinese who is expert in urological problems. The doctor spent a lot of time trying to reassure me that there is no 'normal' amount of ejaculate; any amount is normal depending on the person, timing, and other factors. He was worried about my lack of libido and prescribed a month's supply of testosterone in small amounts. He suggested sitting in hot baths.
There was no improvement in the following months. In April, however, I tried sitting in a very hot bath and was highly surprised when that evening there was a large amount of almost pure jelly. I tried an even hotter bath the next morning, but it may have been too hot; the jelly went into small 'dots'. After that I found some improvement, with more jelly in the semen. I felt quite encouraged. In May I had a chance to have sexual intercourse with a woman with whom I had an affair several years previously. During the affair sex had been very good, but when I went to bed with her I felt curiously 'flat' (unexcited). She told me that my semen was much thinner that it had been previously. However, the strength of ejaculation was much improved - back to normal, in fact. Nevertheless, I continued to feel very slight discomfort in the genitals, an extremely slight feeling a little like nausea after ejaculation. My jelly levels went down again. One other thing: in the past I often masturbated to induce sleep. Now I find that masturbation doesn't induce the same feeling of drowsiness, and in fact, I always wake up very early the morning after masturbation, now matter how desperate for sleep I may have been.
I discussed this with my previous girlfriend, who suggested that I should only masturbate when I really felt like it. After withholding for a week, I found large amounts of jelly in the ejaculate. Sexual desire also built up very slowly over the period of about a week into a level that I woud have described in the past as 'weak to moderate'.
This situation has continued until the present. There was a time when the prospect of sex with a very sexy girl in our office made me quite aroused (fortunately or unfortunately it never actually happened), and I felt I might be back to normal. But I recently started seeing a young woman who is quite 'hot' and appears quite in love with me. Unfortunately, even though I can feel how attractive she is, I find my sexual feelings very flat, with no desire for sexual intercourse. Despite very pleasant kissing and caressing, I have a weak to non-existent erection. Later, I find the amount of ejaculate quite small considering the prolonged activities that in the past would have given me extremely strong sexual arousal and copious amounts of semen.
I am very worried about this situation. I can think of lots of factors that might be relevant (Do I love the girl? Am I putting psychological pressure on myself? Am I simply getting old?), but the fact is, I have had a great drop in libido and ejaculatory satisfaction since my illness in September last year. Please tell me what is wrong and what I can do to bring back my former sexual vigour and happiness.
Thank you for your time and attention.
Dr. Lin: 8/17/1999>

What you described is the prostate shrinking symptom, but you did not tell me your erected penis is shrinking too.
You have two problems:
1. Your endocrine system produces insufficient HGH, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen to keep your sex organs, including your prostate, from shrinking and becoming inelastic, and to retain your immunity. Your prostatitis/epidymitis due to infection is one of the results of your weakening immunity.
You have other symptoms associated with the weakening endocrine function, such as easy to catch cold, night sweating, thin semen, fatigue, weak erection, low libido, depression, low-back pain, and so on.
Male Menopause produces these symptoms! You need ViaPal-hGH-P to repower the nervous and endocrine systems.
2. You have a poor blood circulation in your perineum/prostate area. If the hot bath could do the trick, you have a very serious blood congestion problem down there. Hot bath generally slows down the testicular function for the testosterone production. But, the Hot bath promotes your blood circulation down there and help your testicles to get more HGH and DHEA to synthesize testosterone. This means you have a very serious blood congestion in the prostate area. The blood congestion also shut down the local blood circulation that provides the DHEA and HGH to feed your penile tissue and the prostate.
You need Vacuum-Cupping Massage down there.
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