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Case Study - Intercourse is a bioelectric charge-discharge process, but not a hydraulic process, for sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/16/1999>
You and many others i have read speak of ejaculation control. Many, including you, claim that it is a good think to hold it back. However, I have also heard that holding back ejaculation is bad for the prostate. I, myself, get pains from my prostate if I hold my ejaculation back to prolong intercourse. I can feel the pain the next day and it all goes away once I stop thrying to hold back my ejaculation whenever I have sex and just let it go. However, I would rather hold it back to prolong intercourse. So is ejaculation control harmful to the prostate and are my pains due to ejaculation control? Thanks
Dr. Lin: 8/17/1999>

It seems you want multiple ejaculations, but we want multiple orgasms in one shot (ejaculation).
You consider the intercourse is a hydraulic process, similar to the discharging of the flood flow from a reservior. Once your reserviors - seminal vesicles, build up the hydraulic pressure against your prostate ejaculation control valve, you wants to release as sooner as possible.
We consider the intercourse is a bioelectric charge-discharge process. We wants the bioelectric level in the Orgasmic Pacemakers (the men's prostate and the women's Epicenter) to elevate over -40 mV to trigger the self contraction of the autorhythmic/contractile fibers in the pelvic cavity, like the heart beating.
To achieve the multiple-orgasms self excitation, you must hold the ejaculation back and let the burning of testosterone with enzyme 5-alpla reductase, to bioelectrically supercharge your Orgasmic Pacemaker and its surrounding contractile fibers, and to use dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the product of testosterone burning, to stimulate the expansion of the contractile fibers or sexual muscles and the penile tissues/shaft.
Your problem is your prostate muscle has trapped too much DHT.
Our trick is to use DHT to expand the penis to an extreme (about 120-140% of a natural erectile size) so that it can block the nervous transmission of the sexual stimulation applied to the glans penis, and at the same time, to channel the excessive bioelectric energy back to the brain via the tail bone, spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the acupuncture network to recharge the Central Nervous System for the pituitary to continuouly power the burst of testosterone and enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which produce the bioelectric energy to actuate and hold the extreme erection. You should massage your lower penile shaft/footing/base, pubis, groins and perineum to increase the local blood circulation to prevent the accumulation of DHT in the prostate during and after intercourse. This is our second trick.
Note: The prostate pain during and after intercourse is a result of a temporary prostate enlargement due to excessive DHT trapped in the prostate and its surrounding muscle. You must disperse the excessive DHT back to the main bloodstream so that your body becomes warm and energitic after lovemaking.

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