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Case Study - Solutions for pain, cramp, sexual dysfunction in aged/aging bodies for sexual orgasm.
Reader: 8/13/1999>
I have not been able to get a errections for about 10 years now. About 3 years ago I started to get sharp pains in my lower abdomen and my groin area(between by legs) And also, I get sharp pains in my hips. The pain in my hip is alot stronger than the pain in my lower abdomen.
Most of the time the sharp pain is on the right side of my hip. It seems like I feel the pain when I am sitting down, I dont really notice it that much when I am working.
(I do yard work) Most of the time, like right now, I feel a sharp pain on my right hip.I went to Doctor Care about the pains in my groin area and lower abdomen. And he said it probably was semen and gave me some pills that didnt seem to help much.I was reading about your Vacuum-cupping Massage and was wondering if I had a blood congestion.
I also have pain in my lower back. Right above the butt.
I feel the lower back pain when I am sitting or bending over for awhile. But when I get up and stretch and start moving the pain goes away.
I saw a second doctor about this, and he tried to give me the same pills as the other. Please help Thanks
Dr. Lin: 8/15/1999>

Your problem is very similar to what I experienced during 1989-1993.
The solutions are Vacuum-Cupping Massage and ViaPal-hGH-D (the full-spectrum hormone releasers) as listed in
During 1989-1993, my doctor told me that I needed exercise (I couldn't walk! what a joke was!). Acupuncture won't work! This motivated me to invent this powerful massage method to effectively increase the blood circulation in the suffered areas and release the blood congestion that compressed my nerves all the time. The blood circulation supplies oxygen and hormone to feed the local tissues, neurons and bone/marrow, and removes the metabolic waste that forms the blood congestion pocket. After I resolved the pain/cramp, I could walk and do everything, but one thing bothering me is that my joints respond to weather change, that is, arthritis, rheumatoid, or reheumatoid. I suddenly found myself in the middle life. Then, I started to study the bioelectromagentic interaction between the body and atmosphere. There are several observations I have made since I was a kid:
1. In the tropic and substropic areas, dragonflies fly all over the sky before the weather starts to change.
2. When weather starts to change, carpenter ants fly into shelters (rooms).
3. My grandma joints could predict the weather change more precious than the weathermen do.
When I analyzed these natural phenomena, I have concluded the atmospherically electromagnetic variation due to the change of the Ionosphere inteferences with weak bioelectric objects. Insects are very responsive to the atmospherically electromagnetic storm because their bioelectric fields are weak.
The same principle applies to the weak spots ( joints or ligaments) of the human body.
Then, I started to explore how to elevate the bioelectric level in these weak spots. Vacuum-cupping massage can produce the piezoelectricity in the bone to promote healing power in the parasympathetic nervous division, in addition to the enhancement of the local blood circulation. As I found out later, when I increased my DHEA level in the bloodstream, my joints become more flexible and elastic because the enhanced blood circulation bring the additional hormones (DHEA and its downstream products - testosterone and estrogen) into the joints. My joints are no longer responding to weather change any more.
So, I formulated my ViaGrowth products.
All my middle-aged and senior clients got the same conclusion as I did:
"These treatments not only improve health situation, but also enhance sexual performance and lovemaking frequency without feeling sexual exhaustion. Lovemaking Increases sexual energy and improves health."
I don't know if this is what the old Taoists pursue. But, one thing I break the traditional Toaists' rule is "Eliminating ejaculation is the best for the health." With the ViaGrowth products, optimal ejaculation will energize the body more than the eliminating ejaculation can do. This is not the Traditional Taoism teaching!
Since my intention to resolve pain and cramp in middle agers and seniors, more studies of the ingredients of ViaGrowth-III and ViaGrowth-IV  were also done on the women's body, as well.
My first study was done on my wife. After passing her 40, she had started to experience vaginal dryness, intercourse pain and post-orgasmic pain during the high-temperature period between the post-ovulation and pre-menstruation, as shown in
Years ago, she started to experience cramp/pain during sleeping in her high-temperature period. Her OB/GYN told her that she is healthy and normal, except her uterus was slightly moved downward (prolapsing).
I kept checking the position of her uterus and the length of her vagina. I was very surprised that her vagina becomes shorter and her uterus moves downward more during the high-temperature period. I had tracked this phenomenon associated her intercourse/post-orgasmic pain and middle- night pain/cramp. The post-orgasmic pain/cramps spreads from the low abdomen to the tail bone. The pain and cramp are very similar to the common female pre-menstruation (PMS) pain/cramp, as a result of the uterine contraction.
Finally, I have concluded that if the ligaments/muscles supporting the uterus and vagina become too weak to take the stress/strain, pain and cramp will occur during vaginal penetration, intercourse, post orgasm, and menstruation.
This is the same problem as the common shoulder, back, hip and leg pains/cramps, resulting from the hormone deficiency and the poor blood circulation in the ligaments, muscles and cartilage. Then, I fed her with ViaGrowth-III and ViaGrowth-IV, my full spectrum formula for rejuvenation, anti-shrinkage, and anti-aging. Since then, she has had no more pain and cramp, and easy to get wet with a light touch ! And, her uterus returns to the original position in her 30.
My aged/aging clients, men and women, have gotten the same surprised result.
If you take ViaGrowth-III or ViaGrowth-IV  as your daily supplements and want to enhance the sexual and orgasmic responses for aging or aged bodies, all you need is drinking Fibra and Ginseng Teas hours before sex.

Basically, I can conclude that hormone deficiency in the local ligament, muscles, joints and cartilage will produce pain/cramp locally. The blood congestion and the weakening endocrine function are the contributors of these chronic health problems which are unsolvable with the conventional medicine.  If the cartilage of the joints is worn out, ViaGrowth-IV with Glucosamine and Chondroitin will solve the Osteoarthritis or Arthritis. 

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