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Case Study - The fully engorged clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter, with a hard penis, are essential for sexual orgasm and pleasure.
Reader: 8/11/1999>
I have never had an orgasm with just intercourse. Is this possible or do you have to use other methods? Please help.
Dr. Lin: 8/12/1999>

In the routine intercourse, all women requires a simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris and G-spot to achieve orgasm, unless the clitoris and G-spot/Epicenter are fully swollen, as shown in the attached picture Lovetool.jpg (click here for pictures). If you have an engorged G-spot, you have a great chance to achieve orgasm by intercourse. With an engorged G-spot and a hard penis, having multiple orgasm is like eating a piece of cake. In this picture, you can also see a full swollen clitoris. This picture is extracted from our 1988's outdoor lovemaking which results in 2 sequences of multiple orgasms. The first run produces 20-cycle multiple orgasms; after a 3-minute break, the 2nd come produces 10-cycle multiple orgasms. The engorgement of the sex organs (the Clitoris, G-spot, and Epicenter) indicates how much bioelectric energy has been charged into the contractile and autorhythmic fibers ( Orgasmic Pacemaker in the Epicenter). If the G-spot is fully engorged, it extrudes out like a upside-down ridge hanging over the vaginal ceiling. He can use the index finger to check your G-spot condition as shown in this picture.
Watching an adult movie while making love can help women engorges the sex organs in a short time and produces a better orgasm, but it will cause premature ejaculation for the men who don't know how to practice the sexual ChiKong breathing in channeling sexual energy from the prostate back to the brain via the tailbone/spinal cord and the Governing Vessel (GV) of the Acupuncture Network.
The Next Condition is the man must have a hard erection as shown in Lovetool.jpg.
Our testing results and suggestions are given in
Otherwise, it requires a hybrid method - alternating the Finger Plier Method and the 3_point Excitation Method to help women to achieve orgasm, as described in
Caution: Using the 3-point Excitation position requires a full erected penis; Check his erection before having a wild ride, as shown in
My wife always check my penile hardness (qualification!) before the execution of her multiple sexual orgasms in any love positions.
All woman-driven positions requires a fully erected penis; otherwise the female wild ride will break the penis!

By the way, if you can not engorge your G-spot/Epicenter and urethral spongy tissues on the vaginal ceiling as shown in the LoveTool.jpg or he can not have a hard penis, our products Endura (3-006) and ViaPal-hGH-D or -X (3-012 or -009) can help you out! Developing the testosterone receptor site along the urethral spongy tissue is essential for vaginal orgasm.

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