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Case Study - How to use advanced sexual techniques to achieve sexual orgasm with Hysterectomy
Reader: 8/6/1999>
After reading your site I was very impressed with your knowledge of the Sexual respones in people. My question is dealing with women having a hysterectomy, I had one before I was sexually active, I had endometresois very extensively and went through all the medicines and surgeries then finally had to have the hysterectomy. Now that I am sexually active I can't seem to reach orgasm no matter what I or my partner tries. Does this have anything to do with the surgery of lack of hormones? I do take a suppliment for hormone replacement but I get very aroused but can't seem to climax. This is so frustrating and the few times I did climax I actually had pain. I have no idea what to do or where to turn but I enjoy sex so much just do not climax as I would like. Is there a suppliment to help in this problem? Thank you for your response.
Dr. Lin: 8/6/1999>
Hysterectomy has produced two basic effects on your sexual orgasm capacity:
a). decreasing your testosterone level due to the interruption of the blood circulation and the removal or disturbance of your ovaries,
b). destructing the autorhythmic and contractile fibers responsible for orgasmic initiation and generation.
Now, you still can have Level-1 or 2 orgasm, (see /cases/case1200.htm - 7 Levels of sexual orgasms) resulting from the contraction of the shallow contractile fibers surrounding the clitoris and vaginal orifice. The clitoral footing is the energy gate or window for the sexual energy to run out of the pelvic area. When intensified sexual stimulation opens this gate, you will get a orgasmic pulse, like a solitary wave in the shallow water, which is called the shallow water soliton, as shown in
When the contraction is extended deep into your vagina, the hysterectomy scar - the discontinuity of your contractile fibers, will generate pain for you, instead of pleasure.
So, I have two suggestions:
1. Focus the stimulation on the shallow areas from the clitoral shaft to the G-spot. Don't attempt to have a deep stimulation when you are about to come if you are lucky! The attached pictures (see the attached file: stroke.jpg) show you how to massage and stroke your clitoral shaft, base and glans. You can see the enormous engorgement (about 5 times) of the Labia and the Clitoris. Then, You should ask him to use my Finger Pliers Method to perform a shallow, simultaneous massage on your clitoral shaft and G-spot. The attached pictures (Fgpliers.jpg) show you the screwing (spiral) Finger Pliers Stimulation which includes linear and screwing motion to stimulate both sides of your G-spot. But, he has to shorten the in-and-out stimulation and enhance the rotational stimulation against the G-spot. Don't deeply stimulate the Epicenter as shown in
In our testing, the Screwing Finger Pliers Method produces two extreme orgasms - either Level-1 and -2 (lowest) or Level-7 (highest) orgasm. The trick is use the Clitoral Massage and Stroke methods or the Visual Stimulation with a porn movies to engorge the Clitoris-Vaginal contractile fibers, followed by the Screwing Finger Pliers Method.
If you want to achieve orgasm by intercourse, you have to use my 3_point Excitation Position as shown in
Instead of a deep penetration, adjust your position to let his glans penis pressurize your G-spot instead of your Epicenter. Then swing back and forth to allow your clitoris to move against his pubic bone with a twisting motion. Instead of a long stroke, Use a short stroke and twist your low body to let the upper-left corner of your clitoris get more pressure stimulation. That is, you use your clitoris to draw an ellipse over his pubic bone. When I analyzed our lovemaking videos, I have found her low body perform the elliptic motion as shown in the 2nd picture of http://www.actiontao.com/image/timing.jpg
It is a very powerful stimulation to break the orgasmic barrier in the orgasmic stage of lovemaking.
2. You have to supercharge your clitoral and G-spot contractile fibers with Heat Tea and ViaGrowth-III (or ViaGrowth-IV - the full-spectrum  natural hormone replacement formula, to be released soon!). We use these products to fuel the post-menopause or in-menopause women's sex orgasm for increasing lubrication, sensitivity and response of the sex orgasm and for eliminating post-orgasmic pain and cramp. These products feed the contractile and autorhythmic fibers with DHEA, Plant Estrogen and testosterone. They make lovemaking more funs without pain or cramp for middle aged and senior women.
These Products are listed in

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