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Case Study - What cause sexual orgasm to disappear! You work too hard for no sexual orgasm.
Reader 8/3/1999>
My girlfriend and I got together about 4 months ago. When we first started to have sex she would orgasm every time but lately she has been having trouble. I dont know if it is me. please help!!!!!
Dr. Lin: 8/5/1999>
Has she been on the pill?

Reader: 8/6/1999>
No she is not on the pill! I dont know if I need more experience our what do you have any suggestions.
Dr. Lin: 8/6/1999>
OK, No pill, no medication drugs!
If her endocrine system is not efficient enough to replenish her body with testosterone, frequent sex will numb her clitoris and G-spot, resulting in temporarily losing her orgasmic capacity.
Taking couple-day sexual break will allow her slow endocrine function to recharge her sexual nerves.
Note: Persistent use of a vibrator will produce the same result - numbing the sex organs.
On the other hand, over-ejaculation will result in a weak erection under which she won't feel your penis inside her.
So, How often do you have sex with her?
And, How often did you ejaculate in each love session?

Reader: 8/6/1999>
We have sex everyday at least twice a day and we each orgasm once during intercourse. The things you told me in your previos e-mail make alot of sense because we do have sex alot.
Dr. Lin: 8/6/1999>
Over-stimulation has drained out her bioelectric energy in her sexual nerves, sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic, resulting in numbness, irritation and irresponsiveness of her clitoris and G-spot.
Let her take a few day sexual break. or Recharge her body with Heat Tea and ViaGrowth-III.
On the other hand, you don't have a good erection either, because you ejaculate more than twice a day. Your penis will not raise above 3 o'clock. She won't feel your penis inside her.
What is your lovemaking for if she can not feel you inside her?
You should save your load and let your penis get reboosted.
If you continue this practice, you are heading for impotence in a few months!
You have to take herbal supplements such as LoveLonger or ViaGrowth-I and LastLonger to restore your erection. At the same you must take a sexual break too.
Young man, you work too hard for no sexual orgasm. Take a break!

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