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Case Study - Quantum Mechanics of sexual Orgasm - the Deep-water and Shallow-water Soliton-type multiple orgasms.
Special note on "Soliton" - Soliton is a pulselike nonlinear wave (solitary wave), as defined in"The Soliton: A New Concept in Applied Science", by A.C. Scott, et. al. published in PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE, October, 1973, PP. 1443-1482. Sexual orgasm discharges the pluselike action voltage into the Conception Vessel (CV) of the acupuncture network - the wave guide along the central front body. Each soliton traveling along the CV to the forehead repensents one orgasm. Please Click here to bring up the graphic illustration - http://www.actiontao.com/image/soliton.jpg.
Reader: 7/26/1999>
Not a problem but a question. How can I tell if I have had a multiple orgasm? What I had was an orgasm where I kept coming and coming and coming and finally reached ultimate climax..... is that a multiple?
Dr. Lin: 7/27/1999>

Yes! It is a type of multiple orgasms!
You brain is pounded by a sequence of the orgasmic group waves.
I call this type of orgasms "Deep-Water-Soliton-Type" multiple orgasms, which are like a sequence of nonlinear deep-water wave groups governed by the Quantum Mechanics' nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Here, the pelvic cavity is behaved as a quantum well to resonate the contractions of the uterus paced by the autorhythmic fibers in the Epicenter; the upper-left corner of the clitoris, the CV-2 of the acupuncture point in the Conception Vessel, is the wave-energy radiation window (click here for the illustrated picture). This type of multiple orgasms is deep inside the center of the pelvic cavity. The trigger point of the "Deep-Water-Soliton-Type" multiple orgasms is mainly at the Epicenter or G-spot forced by a continuous stimulation of the penis or finger(s) there (In the vibration theory, it is called the forced oscillation.). The typical example of the Deep-Water-Soliton-Type multiple orgasms is shown in
where the orgasmic vocal response to the uterine contraction is an actual video-taped record of our lovemaking. The orgasmic waves are the envelope function extracted from the orgasmic vocal response.
The Multiple orgasmic waves generated by the uterine contraction can have a constant magnitude or intensity if the pressure stimulation on the G-spot or Epicenter is constant in magnitude with a synchronous stimulation rate of the uterine contraction at 1.25 cycles per second. The illustration in
shows you the multiple orgasms with a constant intensity. Of course, it is impossible to have a constant intensity in multiple orgasms in the real lovemaking because you can not keep the stimulation pressure and rate so constant. Therefore, the orgasmic waves are group-by-group pleasure waves with various magnitudes.

After you experience the multiple orgasms, you fully discharge your sexual energy and your body becomes very soft. You won't want to have another round of intercourse, no more at all!
There is another type of multiple orgasms, resulting from a collection of a lot of small, weak orgasms, each of which produces a solitary orgasmic pleasure (termed a long orgasm in http://www.actiontao.com/image/long-o.jpg ), by repeating intercourse after each solitary orgasm. The most typical example is that a woman achieves the weak orgasms multiple times in one love session; each orgasm dissipates a little sexual energy so that she can still have another intercourse and orgasm, again and again. Each orgasm is very shallow, where the orgasmic contraction occurs near the surface of the external sex organ, like a Shallow-Water Solitary Wave governed by the Quantum Mechanics' nonlinear Korteweg-de Vries equation. I call this type of orgasms "Shallow-Water-Soliton-Type" multiple orgasms. The trigger point of this type orgasm is located near the vaginal orifice or at the clitoral base/footing. The orgasm does not extend to the pelvic cavity. Generally speaking, the first orgasm will make the clitoris become extremely sensitive, therefore the stimulation should focus on the clitoral base (Your upper left corner of your clitoris), so that you can get repetitive orgasms without offending your glans clitoris.

PS: Other Quantum Wave Phenomena -
[1] Resonant Wave Trapping Mechanism of the pelvic cavity: Some women have continuously experienced spontaneously spasmic orgasm for several minutes or hours after the original stimulation by the penis or the finger(s) is removed. This type of multiple orgasms results from the so-called resonant trapping mechanism in the pelvic cavity, like seiches (standing waves) in a lake, swimming pool, harbor or bay.
[2] Bragg Scattering (Resonant Reflection) by the sterna of the chest: The specially periodic sterna can reflect periodically orgasmic waves when the orgasmic wavelength is the half of the two-consecutive-bone spacing in sterna, like a X-ray wave train is reflected by a crystal. The orgasmic wave energy can be reflected back to the perineum area, the tail bone, and the legs via the energy coupling of the Conception Vessel (CV) to the Governing, Kidney and Liver Vessels of the acupuncture network. If this happens, it may produce spasmic orgasms in the perineum area or lightly spasmic cramps in the low abdomen, tail bone or legs. If there is a DHEA and testosterone deficiency in these areas, it will produce orgasmic pains/cramps for hours.
If a large amount of the reflected orgasmic wave energy is coupled into the Heart at the acupuncture point CV-17, between the center point of two nipples, the orgasmic waves may drive the heart to produce over-loaded hydraulic shock waves in the arteries to black out the brain's Conscious Control Center, resulting in orgasmic seizure. Note that the hydraulic shock waves in the arteries generated by the Level-7 orgasmic waves can disable the brain's Conscious Center for several minutes, resulting in numbing the whole body or the face, in addition to producing involuntary moaning/crying/heavy-breathing that synchronize the orgasmic waves (the uterine contraction).

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