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Case Study - He uses Dr. Lin technqiues for 3-hour sex and give her Level-7 sexual orgasm, but want to learn more for consistent performance.
Reader: 7/21/1999>
I am writing you to thank you for the information on the site. It is indeed very powerful. You have really assisted me in my relationship. I have been waiting for your book for sometime now, and I can not wait til it is out. Is there going to be a Mac version of the CD ROM? I hope so. I really hope so.
I need help Mr. Lin. I really need your help. I have tried a majority of the techniques on the site, and they definitely do work. It is just that I must not be doing something right because I am not consistent.
1. Out of all the techniques, the best that worked for me was drinking the wine. I was able to go all night, and did not even ejaculate. I really do not want to be dependent on alcohol though, and I do not like having that in my system when coupling with my wife. One messed up thing with that is, that my penis was not fully hard the whole night. I am 24 years old, and I have come along way. The only way I could have sex when I was younger was if I had alcohol in my system, because if I did not have alcohol in my system I would immediately ejaculate. With your techniques, I was able to go for the longest I have ever gone for. I went from 1 min. to 3 hours. I feel that the reason why I ejaculate fast at times was the way I masterbated when I was younger. I did masterbate like 4 times a week, and it would not take me long to ejaculate. It got to the point where I could just stroke a couple of times and then my ejaculation would be out. I was always in a rush to get it out.
2.Another way I am successful is when I Hold the base of my Penis real real tight and stroke in and out of her. This Can last a while. But then after a while I want to ejaculate because of the pressure of my hand at the base. I like doing this at times, but try not to do it often because I want our energy to unite in the pelvic region, and I feel my hand being at the base, I am blocking some kind of flow.
3. If I have sex in a position whereas my penis is bent in a crazy way, then I can go for a long time as well. It is just that that is not comfortable for me, and it somewhat hurts at times.
4.And lastly, when I have sex after eating a big plate of Spicy Rice I can go for hours. It is weird. I feel full, but yet I can go for a long time a majority of the time.
When I am coupling with my wife, she says she enjoys it. I sometime feels she does, and sometime feels she does not. She does have orgasms thanx to your techniques. I can honestly say I have had my wife have all levels of orgasm. EVEN THE 7. But that was only once. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR THE TECHNIQUES. I just have to worry about the ejaculation part.
Because half of the times I ejaculate to fast. I do not know what it is. It is like my whole stomach area is real sensitive. There can be times when I grab my penis real light around the middle, and then I can feel my penis convulse as if I were already about to ejaculate. Just from Grabing and pushing hard on my Penis!!! If there was any kind of hard pressure on the center of penis I would ejaculate. I sit behind a computer about 7 hours a day, and I do make sure that I stretch everyday, as well as walk 2 miles a day.
The Most difficult position for me to do is doggy style because I feel that my wifes behind puts alot of pressure on my stomach, and I just want to ejaculate after a couple of strokes. I am tired of telling her to slow down. I want her to go for hers
It seems as if at times it is TOO SENSITIVE. And then other times where i can be fine for alot of strokes, but then I have to tell her to slow down, or stay still. I want to be able to go rounds in all positions as well as couple in a comfortable position for me. I know you have written alot of about pre-mature ejaculation, and I read a majority of the e-mails, but can you specifically design a plan that I can go by so that I can be more consistent. I am 24, a vegetarian, I work out often, no drugs, and I am trying not to release any more sperm. I want to work toward the internal ejaculation and fully understand that as well as ballooning. Sometimes after I have sex, I feel like I have to go pee, and it will take like 10 min. of sitting in front of the toilet until drips come out. I hope that my plumbing is okay, and that I am holding back my sperm correctly. Because after sex when I urinate, it comes out real slow, in spurts, and it takes a long time. You have helped me so much already, and I know you are a very busy man.
IF you can consult me on this I will be very greatful. I will even pay for a plan that you design for me. I have read alot of books on the subject from Masters and Johnsons to Mantak Chia. Both nice sources, yet your information is gold. THANK YOU AGAIN>Your Knowldge is Definitely Powerful and I hope to hear from you soon.
Dr. Lin: 7/22/1999>

The current CD_ROM book is in IBM/PC format. I have to find a way to change into MaC Format.
The hardcopy, colorful book is in print! Sorry for your long waiting. It will be released soon!
Your sexual inconsistency may result from the fluctuation of your mind. Mind is the action of the brain which is influenced the hormone level in your bloodstream, the bioelectric level of the nervous system, and the mutual interaction between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous divisions. When your hormone or bioelectric level is low, you can not have a hard erection. When your sympathetic nervous division is dominant, you can not hold ejaculation for too long. When you are panic, stressful, or sexually overexcited due to visual stimulation of pornography (her wet labia or engorged clitoris) or sexual fantasy, you can not hold ejaculation back for a long time.
1. Alcohol numbs your central nervous system. a small amount of alcohol can help relax your sympathetic nerves. Relax you mind and body first before sex when your nerves are very sympathetic. Taking a walk or having a love talk can help switch the nervous channel. According to what said you need some self disciplines. You may be able to improve your perform as your mind becomes more mature. Yes, you can do it as long as you have a willing power to kick out your masturbation ghost out of your mind. You will heal your mind with my teaching and the love from your lady. Women's real love can help men improve sexual performance and self confidence. One of the problems which can mess you up is weak erection. This is something you have to be aware. It is very critical. Over-ejaculation or poor sexual nutrition can produce weak erection for young men too.
2. Practice Anal Breathing Method whenever you relax. You have to transform yourself to practice Sexual ChiKong Intercourse.
3. You created Pain to interfere with your sexual response. It is a very common method to reduce sexual response. Some men have to beat up their penises to prolong intercourse. I use the penis shaft to massage the clitoris and allow the glans penis to get friction from the female pubic hair. In this way, men can mitigate sexual excitement without slowing down the female sexual response and stimulation. For women, it is an alternate stimulation between the clitoris and G-spot/Epicenter; for men, it is a stimulation break! One stone kills two birds.
4. You shift your sympathetic nervous attention by eating spicy foods and having sex with a full stomach. It is not healthy way to handle the problem.
It seems you are in the half way to fully control your ejaculation. It will take a while, 3-6 months, to fully understand my teaching. But, you are on the right track. The trick is how to switch the nervous function from sympathetic to parasympathetic. You should try to experience how to do it. In the weekend morning, after waking up, go naked together on the bed, pet each other and screw each other with various love position, but don't pump. You will find out you can have sex for 2-3 hours without ejaculation. Once you pump harder, you will likely to ejaculate soon. This is the mind switching effect for orgasmic control. Can you learn something from this practice? My theory is: The male love thrusting is to power up the penis and to expand the vagina to an extreme; then let the woman takes control for a wild ride or a crazy love action in order to tune in her sympathetic sexual nerve to trigger her orgasm while the man should relax himself to eliminate ejaculation. That is, you should drive her wild and let her finish her orgasm herself while you take a break with your Power-Up Penis inside her. In other words, you relax yourself into a parasympathetic mind state and bring her up to the sympathetic state. This is my secret for letting women achieve orgasm multiple times in one love session without male ejaculation.
You can use doggy style to stroke her for a long time. You should adopt the horse-rider posture that is a 90-degree rotation of my 3-point Excitation position. This posture is a united defense-offence posture. All the pictures in my books show you this posture in different love positions. This posture will overcome your ejaculation urgency. The posture itself is a relaxing Tai-Chi Horse Stance. You must incorporate my Anal Breathing Method in your doggy style too.
Sitting too long will block the blood circulation in the perineum area and become sexual hazard, in particular when the brain is overheated due to working pressure.
Since you are a vegetarian, you have to take vitamin complex to increase your endurance. Your urinating difficulty after ejaculation is due to overstimulation of your prostate during sex. Generally speaking, using mechanical methods in an attempt to stop ejaculation will result in overstimulation of the prostate's ejaculation control valve. When you use your fingers to press the so-called Million-Dollar Point in an attempt to suppress the contraction of the prostate, the prostate's control valve will fatigue and the sensory nerve will become too sensitive. The blocked semen flow will produce hydraulic shock waves, the so-called hydraulic hammer in the Hydraulic Engineering, against the prostate. Some leaked semen will squeeze into the bladder, resulting in alerting the sympathetic, bladder nerve. I believe the combination of these phenomena causes your problem. You can overcome your problem by changing your ejaculation control method without mechanical forces. My Anal Breathing and Tai-Chi Yin-Kong Breathing Methods use mind switching or modulation and the destructive, sexual response interference principles to prolonging intercourse.

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