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Case Study - Football player wants a homerun in the bedroom and more Sexual Orgasm for his wife!
Reader: 7/18/1999>
My wife has always gone wild with clitoris stim (licking)and G-spot stim (finger). In fact, last time was probably a minute. It's really a beautiful thing making your woman orgasm. Being a baseball player however, I need to hit a homerun for ultimate satisfaction. We're 40. I still have an extremely hard 12:00 erection. We started screwing and I didn't ejaculate (Dr. it's hard to hold back). I think I slept all night with a woody! Anyway, two problems I'm encountering. I'm working on the breathing and ballooning but how can I tell I'm contracting my tailbone muscle vs the prostate? The other is thrusting. We have always had gentle intercourse because when I go deep in the preacher position I guess I hit her cervix which really hurts her, so should I attack the horizontal vagina vertically keeping the strokes to the top of wall and how hard do you know to push up to get the appropriate pressure on the G-spot and Epicenter? By the way, we've used intercourse as a way for me to orgasm after she has. So we usually rush it, which has effected my lasting power. What herbs would you recommend for us if we decide to go that route?
Dr. Lin: 7/22/1999>

If you want to have a homerun in your bedroom, you have to make your bat harder and more endurable! You can apply the principle of wining football games to win the sexual games!
OK! Here are my suggestions to your questions:
1. The tailbone muscle vs. the prostate muscle: These muscles are separated by the anus. It is very straightforward to practice the contraction of the prostate muscle to stop urinating. This piece of muscle is under the prostate, between the anus and scrotum. When you do that, you will feel your prostate being stimulated. Contraction of this muscle will move the scrotum.
When you contract the tail bone muscle, your tail bone and low back will be subjected a squeezing force. If you stand up, squeeze your butts together, you will feel a pressure against your tail bone. If you adopt a squatting, horse-rider posture to perform love thrusting, your tail bone muscle is under natural contractions. Particularly, if you attempt to hold your upper body steady, your thrusting will produce a lot of compressing pressure against the tail bone while you feel your prostate muscle being relaxed or free of pressure. Prolonging intercourse requires a relaxation of the prostate and its adjacent muscle. Any attempt in contracting the prostate, like the so-called Kegel Exercise, will trigger ejaculation in the short time, particularly, when the erection is weak.
2. Any love positions which can help the prostate to relax will prolong intercourse and hold the ejaculation for a long way. The preacher (missionary) position is not a good position for prolonging intercourse. The best way to apply a high pressure to the G-spot and Epicenter is let your low body and her low body form a 60-100 degrees angle so that the penile shaft and the vagina axis form 30-60 degrees angle before penetration. In this way, she won't get intercourse pain, but experiences more stimulation pressure against her G-spot and Epicenter.
Her sexual response is the indicator of your stimulation pressure. She must moan or cry with a closed eyes and opening mouth in response to each stroke if the stimulation pressure gets into her G-spot and Epicenter nerves.
At you age, you are rushing to thrust because you are afraid of losing your erection! I know your problem. It is very common for middle-age and senior men. When you have a holding-erection problem, you will rush and contract your prostate muscle in an attempt to assist your erection. Once you are entering this physical (very panic and sympathetic) state, you cannot hold your ejaculation any more. Your mind is panic. You may start to sweat. The brain will turn on your sympathetic nervous system to execute "Fight or Flight" - "Ejaculation or Erection Withdrawal" command.
No problem! We can solve your problem by making your erection become solid, so that you will have a peace of mind to practice my Sexual ChiKong Breathing for a long lovemaking.
ViaGrowth-III and Paragon will help you out!
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