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Case Study - How to enlighten Level-7 Sexual Orgasm with female ejaculation.
Reader: 7/18/1999>
Hi Dr Lin,
Can you please enlighten me on this issues?
I make it a point to arouse my woman every we have sex. On almost all occasions, she will orgasm when I have foreplayed and fondled her clitoris (and occasional fingering of the upper pubic wall) for 20-40 minutes. When she orgasm, she would have the following signs: very heavy breathing, very hot body, convulsion of her body, arching her back up and down, grabbing of my arms/back, groan/screaming ('ao,ha,he,uo' sound), forceful uncontrollable contraction of her lower body, twisting of her head violently. Her face will be in "agony/crying" look, and for as long as I finger her clitoris/vagina, she would continue that until she finally "let go" and fall back in exhuastion.
In fact, she will be so weak that she is not able to talk, walk or hold on to me or lean on me properly and need to lie down in bed for at least 10 minutes. After that, she would fall asleep (still in her return phase of orgasm). Typically, she would have more than 20 cycles of spasms. After a session like this she would remain a little weaker for the whole day (less stamina than non-orgasm days).
She shared with me that she could "see" orange/white lights in her mind, and it feel like being shot out of the world in blast that she cannot even register/describe in her mind when she orgasm. She will also feel a little numbness in her limbs for a little while. Her appetite would also increase significantly for the next meal.
What level of orgasm is she experiencing? Will such an orgasmic session might harm her body in the long run? How many times can I perform this on her per week? Does she need to drink any Heat-Tea? Also, could our this part of our sexual life be improved upon? I noticed that she did not have ejaculation (no oozing out of liquid). How can I help her achieve that?
I need your answer, please. Thank you very much!!!
Dr. Lin: 7/20/1999>

No doubt! she experineced Level-7 orgasms. You performed 3-point excitation on her- simultaneously stimulating her clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter. Either her vagina is shallow or your finger is long enough to allow you stimulate her Epicenter. Both G-spot and Epicenter are located on the upper wall (ceiling) of the vagina.
Her body is testosterone-dominated. She can ejaculate if her estrogen level goes up.
Level-7 orgasm is the most power endocrine stimulator, but it can temporarily disable the brain conscious controller for 3-5 minutes. It is the highest sexual pleasure for her.
Right after Level-7 orgasm, she has become very soft and exhausted. AND, you should hug her tightly for 3-5 minutes.
Level-7 orgasm can help improve her health and slow down her aging. She will continue her high-level orgasm in her life, like my wife does. Level-7 orgasm burns a lot of fat! My wife has been skinny and never taken any medication drugs or birth control pill. I believe there is some relationship between high-level orgasms and health.
We use Level-7 orgasm to meter the testosterone and DHEA levels in contractile muscle in the pelvic cavity, an indicator of the body age and the uterine and bladder ligament strength that affects women's urination continence. Insufficient testosterone and DHEA in muscles or joints will result in pain, spasm and cramp upon muscle contraction or expansion.
We are able to clock the testosterone and DHEA level with women's menstrual cycle and to predict orgasmic response in the aging or aged body. Thus, we formulates Heat Tea and ViaGrowth-III to reverse the aging body and rejuvenate the aged body for high-level orgasms, particularly, Level_7 - the ultimate sexual orgasm.
Since she can achieve Level-7 Orgasm, she don't need Heat Tea, but she can take one tablets of ViaGrowth-III (60-tablets) a day. Her body and pelvic muscle will become more toned for Level-7 orgasm any times, having 3-5 times a week to burn out all the fat in her body! More sexual orgasm, better body shape up.
ViaGrowth-III contains fully-balanced spectrum hormones to help men and women out. It will help her to have female-ejaculation orgasm.
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