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Case Study - Dr. Lin's Finger Plier Method gives her many sexual orgasm, but what is the Mechanism of Sexual Orgasm.
Reader: 7/18/1999>
I am failry new to phycical activity and still a virgin. I have always been concerned with being able to please a woman, which is what brought me to this web site. I have been able to bring my partner to orgasm (even multiple) on many occasions using different techniques (oral, finger, and pelvic thrusts through clothing). Over all using my finger and advice from your finger plier method has achieved the best result, causing her to buck and cry out uncontrollably while her vagina strongly contracted around my finger. Could you inform me more on what exactly happens or causes these vaginal contractions, it would be greatly appreciated. While I know that I have stimulted both her clitoris and G-spot I am still becoming familar with her anatomy. I would appreciate any advice you can give on loacating the g-spot and the relationship between it and the clitoris (placement of both). My confidence is building from the results so far, but I still aspire to give my partner as much pleasure as I can and I also strive to understand the female body completely.
Thank you for your help,
Dr. Lin: 7/19/1999>

Glad my Finger Pliers Method gives her too many orgasm.
OK! Here is the mechanism of sexual orgasm!
Sexual orgasm is an Emulation of the Heart's Natural Contraction in sex organs. Both the sex organs and the heart share the type of contraction mechanism. The only difference is: The only difference is that the heart's contractile and autorhythmic fibers are constantly charged by the parasympathetic function and stored in the parasympathetic heart nerve, while the contractile and autorhythmic fibers in the sex organs get charged only when they receive the hormone messenger from the pituitary ( the brain action or the mind) or get sexual stimulation from five senses. The autorhythmic fibers in the sex organs, termed as the Orgasmic Pacemaker are located in the Epicenter, as shown in.
Sexual stimulation on the Cliotris (base) and G-spot produces elastic strain energy in form of elastic waves which are continuosly trapped around the Epicenter via the acupuncture engery loop, a branch of the Conception Vessel from the Earth Gate (the base of the upper-left corner of the clitoris), passing the G-spot, to the Epicenter where the energy path is branched out to the ovaries across the uterus.
Any the stimulation energy becomes sexual energy (the bioelectric energy) that charges the contractile fibers around the uterus and vagin wall, and the autorhythmic fibers ( Orgasmic Pacemaker).
When the Orgasmic Pacemaker's bioelectric level is elevated over -40 mV DC (Direct-Current Potential), the autorhythmic fibers become self-excited and converted the stored DC potential into the pulse DC (AC signals + DC potential) signals that pace the contraction of the contractile fibers around the uterine and vgainal walls. The contraction converts the sexual energy (bioelectric potential) stored in the contractile and autorhytmic fibers into elastic strain waves resonated in the pelvic cavity, radiated out through the energy window - the Earth Gate where the elastic waves are coupled into the Conception Vessel along the central line of the front body, running upto the heart and forehead. This phenomenon is called sexual orgasm.
The sexual energy trapping mechanism in the Epicenter is the same as that of the coastal edge-wave energy trapping phenomenon, as described in
You can directly stimulate her Epicenter, instead of the Clitoral base and G-spot, as long as her vagina is fully expanded. If her sex organs are not swollen yet, stimulating the Epicenter will cause pain; heavy stimulation on the G-spot will result in intercourse pain too. The existence of the G-spot and Epicenter depends on the testosterone burning in the local tissues/cells and neurons.

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