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Case Study - Use the Finger Plier Method to initiate her sexual orgasm!
Reader: 7/14/1999>
My girlfriend and I are both nineteen years old and had our first sexual experience together about nine months ago. Since then we've been doing it constantly. The sex is very good to the both of us, but the only problem is that during sex she cannot achieve an orgasm. Even during our best sexual encounters which included extended peroids of foreplay, oral sex, and lovemaking, she cannot attain an orgasm. I find this very frustrating in that I put my all into our lovemaking and she will moan and scream in ecxasty, yet no luck. My question is whetther or not there is anythng I can do to change this? What can I do to make her achieve orgasm(s)?, could there be anything preventing her from reaching climax?, and is it possible that she is simply physically incapable of reaching an orgasm? I hope that you can be of some help and offer some good advice. Sincerely,
Dr. Lin: 7/14/1999>
Shorten the foreplay. A long-time (over 10-20 minutes) foreplay will numb her sexual nerves.
She needs a high-speed and high-pressure stimulation on her G-spot and Clitoral base at the same time.
Try my Finger Pliers Method first. You must put a lot of pressure against these two points at a rate 2.5 cycles per second to break her orgasmic barrier for her first time orgasm in her life. This will activate her sexual nerve in her G-spot.

Her G-spot and urethral spongy tissues along her vaginal ceiling must be able to popped out like an erecting penis embedded on the vaginal ceiling. The engorgement of the femal urethral tissues, clitoris and G-spot is the same as the penile erection in the power-up state,  a measure of how much bioelectric energy in the local parasympathetic nerves and contractile fibers for sexual orgasm.  If she can not make it, she needs Heat Tea to help her out!

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