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Case Study - The effect of Caesarean section on Hormone Deficiency and sexual orgasm!
Reader: 7/9/1999>
I am a married 27 year old who recently had a baby. My problem is that ever since I had my baby my clitoris has shrunken and my orgasms are nothing worth mentioning. It seems that my orgasms are weaker and weaker until there is nothing worth getting exciting. Can you tell me how to improve my orgasms or at least what the problem is? I have 2 c-sections and my baby is now 4 months old. Please help!
Dr. Lin: 7/9/1999>
Your shrunk clitoris and orgasmic disorder result from the deficiency of hormones (HGH, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen) and oxygen in the sex organs. With a limit of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), cells won't renew. DHEA and testosterone give the tissues/muscle/joints more elastic and flexible, elevate the bioelectric energy in the parasympathetic sexual nerves for engorgement of your sexual organs, and elevate the bioelectric energy in your sympathetic sexual nerve for easy triggering of your sexual orgasm, and charge your contractile and autorhythmic fibers to pace your sexual orgasm. Estrogen helps the local vessel and tissue dilate for trapping more fluids (for female ejaculation and lubrication). In fact, your shrunk clitoris is similar to the shrunk body of aged people, the shrunk penis of middle-aged and senior men, or the shrunk vagina of middle-aged and senior women.
The problem is your horizontal, low abdomen Caesarean (C-) section (lower-segment incision) resulting in a thick scar that interrupts blood flow and 3 major acupuncture (bioenergy) vessels - the Conception, Kidney, and Liver Vessels - circulating into your sex organs. The scar reduces the blood (hormone supply) flowing into the sex organs to cause the starvation of the local tissues, neurons and nervous fibers. That is why your clitoris has shrunk. I wonder your vagina is shrinking too. When the acupuncture vessels were cut, the bioenergy generated by the sexual stimulation down there won't be properly channeled into the autorhythmic and contractile fibers. As a result, your contractile and autorhythmic fibers around the uterus won't get any bioelectric charge from sexual stimulation. That is why you have orgasmic disorder.
To increase your blood circulation down there, you must massage the groins and pubic areas very often. You also have to replenish the local tissues and nerves with the hormones. You can apply testosterone and estrogen creams or patches to the skin of the perineum, pubic, clitoral, labia and groin areas. Note: don't use estrogen cream as a lubricant because it will cause his erectile problem! A suitable amount of hormone replacements will also stimulate the secretion of HGH that helps cells renewing. If the hormone deficiency is caused by the weak liver, adrenal and ovarian functions due to the insufficient blood flow to the ovaries and the cutting of the 3 acupuncture vessels which interconnect the ovaries, adrenal glands and liver, you should take ViaGrowth-III which contains DHEA, Androstenedione (testosterone precursor), and Isoflavones (plant estrogen), as described in
This formula also help release HGH. That is how it was named.
The cutting of the acupuncture vessels results in over-accumulation of the bioelectric energy (Chi) in the liver, adrenal cortexes and ovaries, that overheats this hormone production line. This will cause endocrine disorder. Almost all the surgery in the low abdomen area will cause the same problem for both sexes. The bioelectric energy in these organs is provided the parasympathetic nervous subsystem. The excessive Chi is supposed to flow into contractile and autorhythmic fibers in the pelvic cavity and the ovaries/testes for a hormone burst and also coupled into the Governing Vessel- GV (The master of Yang Chi, in the central line of the back body) from the Conception Vessel-CV(the sea of Yin Chi, in the central line of the front body), via the vessel bridge across the anus from CV-1 (the middle point between the vaginal orifice and the anus) to GV-1 (at the tip of the tail bone), to promote the function of sympathetic nervous subsystem for more activities internally and externally. Note that the parasympathetic function powers the engorgemnet (Charging sex organs) and the sympathetic function induces sexual orgasm (Discharging the sexual energy from the sexual organs).

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