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Case Study - Reversing Over-matursbation and blood congestion that kill his body, for sexual orgasm!
Reader: 7/4/1999>
I have read your amazing web site. Please can you help me.
I will be very grateful.

My Problems :
1. No Sex Drive.
2. Soft Erections.
3. Premature Ejaculation.
4. Lower Abdominal Pain upon ejaculation.
5. Thin Semen.
My history is as follows :
I am 28 years old. Had a healthy and active childhood with very few periods of illness. At 15 I started masturbating everyday. At this stage I was perfectly normal with a very high sex drive, a strong erection, and no hint of premature ejaculation. My semen was also copious and thick. I continued my daily schedule. I did not feel tired, or exhausted, and thought that this was a normal ejaculation frequency. At 17, I got interested in heavy weight training, and would go to the gym regularly 3 or 4 times a week and lift heavy weights. I continued weight training and daily ejaculation until I was 19 years old. By the time I was 19, my semen was thin, and not volumous, and I had quite severe premature ejaculation. However, I felt that I was young and as soon as I gave up masturbation my body would go back to normal very quickly. I was also now having erections practically all night long. One day when I was 20, I realised that I was having erection problems. I cut down my ejaculation to about 3 or 4 times a week. But 6 months later, I started having severe burning sensations (only after ejaculation) in my lower abdomen, around the area of my seminal vesicles, approximately four inches below on both sides aprox 3 inches to the left and right of my belly button. After this point, I stopped ejaculating completely, the only time I would ejaculate would be in a wet dream. This happened approximately once every 1 or 2 weeks. Each time this would happen, I would not feel pleasure or sensation at the time, but I would wake up with wet clothing, and a severe burning sensation in my lower abdomen.
By the time I was 21 I was looking tired, my hair was falling out, and my skin was very dry, I had also developed acne which was strange, as I had never had acne before in my life, and I had no sex urge. I was ageing prematurely, and I was told that I looked about 25/26. I then went to a conventional doctor, thinking that he would be able to help me. He could not understand what the problem was and thought that maybe I had picked up a disease. I told him that I had not had any contact with a woman, he became very confused and could not help me as he thought that ejaculation frequency made no difference.
I then abandoned all conventional doctors, as I was convinced that the frequency was the problem, and so started studying different medical philosophies, and chose Chinese Medicine. I went to a Chinese therapist, who seemed to understand my problem and prescribed me some herbs. Unfortunately these were too Yang for my body, and I developed an unquenchable thirst. At this point I was drinking 6 litres of water a day. I gave up these herbs and went back to him where he gave me some other herbs, I took these for about 3 months, but these proved of little benefit.
At 24, I went to another Chinese Herbalist and took his medicine for about 6 months, but the problem was that these would often cause weekly emissions, after the emissions, I would get worse with lower abdominal burning sensation. After I was given some herbs to specifically reduce the swelling in this area, large spots appeared on my face, due to this reason, I had to discontinue this particular formula about 2 weeks after starting them. I was convinced that I had to find a way to stop these night emissions, as this was more important than taking herbs. And so stopped taking these after 6 months.
For the next 3 years, I did not take any herbs or treatment, and though I was physically fit in every other way, ate well, tried to remain as stress free as possible the problem remained, but my nightly emissions were now only fortnightly so I started feeling a little stronger.
Last year, I had started reading about long-term fasting and how it was often used as a cure for conditions that were often difficult to cure (like arthritis etc) as it gave the body a chance to clean and repair itself, and harnessed the innate power of the human body to attain equilibrium and hence cure itself. So last August I undertook a professionally supervised, over 20 day fast where I only took distilled water and absolutely nothing else, in the hope that my body would be able to find the solution. After 23 days, I had naturally lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately, it seems as though the fast was unable to help cure me and I am still suffering from the same problem (a low sex drive, weak erection, and thin semen with burning sensation upon discharge) although I have improved much physically in terms of endurance, energy, muscle tone and general physical conditioning.
Questions :
1. Do you think that someone as weak as myself can be cured? 2. Do you know why I get lower abdominal pain after ejaculation ? 3. Can you suggest a course of treatment that will help cure me ? 4. Do you know how long the treatment takes to produce a good result/significant improvement ? 5. Can you please be kind enough to help me ?
Dr. Lin: 7/51999>
You questions and my answers:

1. Do you think that someone as weak as myself can be cured?
a). deficiency of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), DHEA and testosterone due to overmaturbation in adolescence, and burning out the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine.  You have to burn DHEA and testosterone properly to recharge the parasympathetic nervous system. Insufficient acetylcholine in the nervous synapses will make the nervous system have a proper recharge.  You don't have much left in your bioelectric charge system - the parasympathetic nervous subsystem and its associated organs are low in bioelectricity or "Yin Chi" in the Conception, Liver, Kidney and Heart Vessels is empty. You have a hyperactivated sympathetic nervous function (including sex), or too much Yang Chi, due to the deficiency of DHEA that also triggers the kidneys's renin-release mechanism.  The HGH and DHEA levels are also associated with the synthesis of the arterial dilation neurotransmitters Nitric Oxide (NO) and dilator cGMP.  NO and cGMP can help lower blood pressure.
b). blood congestion in the pubic, groins and low back/tail bone due to overloading the inflexible and inelastic muscles/joints under deficiency of HGH, DHEA and testosterone in the local tissue and nerves.

2. Do you know why I get lower abdominal pain after ejaculation ?
Deficiency of DHEA and testosterone in the contractile fibers/muscles/joints of the pelvic cavity resulting from
a). poor local blood circulation - blood congestion
b). underactivated endocrine functions.

3. Can you suggest a course of treatment that will help cure me ? Yes! a). Do Vacuum-cupping Massage on your Governing Vessel (along the spinal cord, from the low neck line to the tail bone) and Bladder Vessel (both side of the spinal cord), your pubis (Acupuncture points CV-2,3,4 of Conception Vessel), groins (to activate Kidney and Liver Vessels), and perineum (CV-1). You will get a lot of black and dark red spots as described in http://www.linplaza.com/love/massage.htm  But don't massage the Conception Vessel above CV-4! b). Take HGH releasers  Paragon + ViaGrowth-III (or the prospective new product ViaGrowth-IV)  to jump start your Central Nervous System and re-activate your endocrine system. Take a low dosage (1 tablet each) daily. Each bottle will give you 2 month supply! Paragon and ViaGrowth-III (or ViaGrowth-IV alone) will give you enough B-12 to prevent your liver from catching "fire",a n unquenchable thirst! You also have to eat a lot of Vitamin C (How about our Florida Orange Juice!) and E. 

4. Do you know how long the treatment takes to produce a good result/significant improvement ? You should be able to see your result in 1-2 weeks with Paragon and ViaGrowth-III. When you see the signal of recovery, add ViaGrowth-I to strengthen up your Liver, Adrenal Cortexes, prostate and testes. ViaGrowth-I is a combination of Male Power + Estroven + a part of PeniSOS. When It is taken with Fibra, it can power the brain-liver-adrenal-testicular function to an extreme. When you take these products, your finger/toe/penis tips will become very warm, sometimes too hot! Vacuum-cupping massage on the along the spinal cord will generate a lot of bioelectric energy, the healing power, in the spinal cord. You will feel soooo good and warm!!! 

5. Can you please be kind enough to help me ? Yes! We do it step by step.

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