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Case Study - How to overcome the tilted uterus for sexual orgasm!
Reader: 7/1/1999>
Dr. Lin,
I am a young woman in my twenties and I have been sexually active for a few years now. I have also had different partners. I absolutely love sex and I have a very high sex drive, which sometimes even provides a problem for my partners. But the greatest problem is that I have never been able to achieve orgasm. I don't masturbate because it does not give me pleasure at all and therefore have not achieved climax that way. But also, I have been unable to achieve climax through any form of sex, oral or vaginal. It is very frustrating for me, and for my partner as well. I know that it is much more difficult for a woamn to orgasm vaginally, so I have tried oral sex and clitoral stimulation, but it does not work. I like oral sex but clitoral stimulation seems uncomfortable to me. I am unable to relax becasue it is an uncomfortable feeling. At first I thought that is was my parner that was the problem, but then the same happened with all my latter partners. I really feel like this is a problem in the sex life and I even feel guilty sometimes because I know that my partner tries and there is just no orgasm. I feel like there is something wrong with me. Could that be possible, or do I just have to try harder? I don't know how relevant that is, but I also have great discomfort and dismenorhea during menstruation. My uterus is also slightly tilted to the right. It is possible that I am just not capapble of it? I would really appreciate your advice and professional opinion. Thank you for your time.
Dr. Lin: 7/4/1999>
Your tilted uterus to the right indicates your autorhythmic fibers (Orgasmic Pacemaker) has been shifted to the right. In the normal condition the energy "pipe" (a branch of the Conception Vessel of the acupuncture network, running from the clitoris to the uterus/ovaries) and the sexual nervous axis (terminals) formed by the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter are located at about the 1-o'clock position on the ceiling of the vaginal wall, that is about 15-30 degrees tilting to your left groin.
This orgasmic axis is what my Finger Pliers Method is supposed to stimulate for sexual orgasm. he attached pictures in Fig3-10.jpg show you I applied my Finger Pliers to stimulating this orgasmic axis, resulting in a Level-6 orgasm (about 8-12 uterine contractions) in less than 1 minutes (150 stimulation cycles) at a rate of 2.5 cycles per second. The Finger Pliers can reach the Epicenter when the uterus temporarily and slightly prolapses as a result of the testosterone deficiency in the high-temperature state of the body as shown in
In your case, the orgasmic axis is "twisted" from the 1-o'clok position at your vagina orifice to the 10 or 11-o'clock position at the end of your vagina. Therefore, you must be stimulated at the 10-11 o'clock position. You can ask him to use his left hand to stimulate you with my Finger Pliers Method.
I think you can achieve orgasm according to what you described, if he hits the right spots. You can ask him to test your sex organs with this method. To bring you up to orgasm, it requires a high-speed and high-pressure stimulation on the orgasmic axis.
The best lovemaking position in the final stage to trigger sexual orgasm is my 3-point Excitation Position. You must combine the back-and-forth swing motion with a side-way twisting motion. Apply a heavier twisting force toward your right when you swing upward and downward like you drawing an arc curve with your butts.
Note: for the normal uterus, the twisting force should be toward the left in order to stimulate the orgasmic axis.
Updated 3/5/2000: ViaGrowth-IV can help upright the tilted uterus.

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