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Case Study - Masturbation, good or bad, why? and sexual orgasm!
Reader: 6/29/1999>
i guess i say excellent because I imagine i just would be.. I am sorry for entering if I am not supposed tobut. I mean I am not offended by any of this stuff... and I DEFINATLY do NOT over do it. I hate it actually..... a lack of affection (like a g/f) for 17 years has taken its toll on me emotionally but at anyrate. How is masturbating so often, bad? and what is importence EXACTLY?
Dr. Lin: 6/30/1999>
Masturbation is neither bad or good, depending on how often you can afford without affecting the function of other organs.
Orgasm or ejaculation discharges the bioelectric energy (bioenergy) stored by the parasympathetic nervous subsystem via the sympathetic nervous action. It is supposed to discharge the bioenergy stored in the sex organs. When the sex organs are insufficiently charged, the sympathetic system will draw the energy from other organs, resulting in deactivating the associated organs and slowing down the response of the Central Nervous System (CNS) which is the commander of the endocrine and nervous function.
Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation drains out Human Growth Hormone, DHEA and testosterone which are used for the recharge of the CNS and the parasympathetic (bioenergy restoring) function of each organs. As a result, the endocrine-associated organs slow down hormone production, the eyes becomes very sensitive to sun due to the deficiency of the bioenergy in the visual nerves (
the erectile drug V?ag?a (trade-marked name not allowed here)produces the similar side effect - blue version); the ears buzz due to the deficiency of the bioenergy in the hearing nerves; the heart irregularly beat due to insufficient bioenergy in the autorhythmic and contractile fibers; the blood pressure goes too high or too low due to the insufficient bioenergy in the kidneys to regulate the kidney renin-release mechanism; the patient becomes easily to sweat and get tired due to the insufficient bioenergy in the adrenal cortexes which produce DHEA to pacify the sympathetic nervous function; the patient also experiences pains and spasmic cramps in the muscles and joints, in particular, in the low back area, due to the lack of DHEA and testosterone to feed the local cells and neurons, and his waist becomes very weak, unable to bend down for lifting weights up from the ground. The erectile drug produces these side effects for the patients too!
However, optimal masturbation can help discharge the excessive bioenergy built-up in the organs and prevent the endocrine system to get a negative feedback signal from the CNS to slow down its hormone production.
Excessive testosterone in the bloodstream or excessive bioenergy in certain organs will feedback negative signals to the brain to temporarily disable the hormone bursting ability during a sexual encounter.
If a man has never had sex or discharged for a long time (sometimes 6-10 days are long enough), he will temporarily lose his ability to power his penis to an extreme. There is an endocrine cycle in the body, which allows you to discharge bioenergy/semen/sperm to promote the endocrine function and to repower your body, instead of damaging your body.
You have to find out your endocrine cycle. The endocrine cycling depends on age, diet or dietary supplements.
We are able to shorten the endocrine cycle, that is, increase the intercourse frequency, and use sex to repower the body at the same time for middle agers and seniors with our supplements. However, we are discouraging young men to do so, because sex is very addicted. Hence, our supplements are formulated to rescue these unfortunate persons who have suffered from sexual dysfunction due to over-ejaculation or over-masturbation in their adolescence or youth. Sexual dysfunction problems usually result from the long-term practice of multiple ejaculation in one love session or in one day.
When the CNS bioelectrically runs low, the endocrine function can not produce sufficient HGH, DHEA and testosterone to charge the parasympathetic, sexual nerve which is responsible for powering the erection and keeping the ejaculation control valve tight. This will result in weak erection and premature ejaculation. In particular, during a sexual encounter, it can produce a burst of DHEA/testosterone and 5-alpha reductase enzyme to power the erection for long enough to finish the sexual intercourse. If a man can not erect by any means, he is impotent. If he can erect with hand jobs or oral sex, he has a weak erection and will experience premature ejaculation. That is why Porn stars in the adult movies can not make the porn actresses achieve orgasm.

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