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Case Study - Sexual Orgasm is the little death, but how do you know if she fakes sexual orgasm!
Reader: 6/22/1999>
With in the 45 minutes of direct intercourse i have with my girl friendshe usually always cums 3 to 4 times. Every once in a while she willl have an extrodinary orgasm that lets me feel the contractions around my penis. this is the kind of orgasm i am used when im with a woman. What are the chances that all these so called small multiple orgasms are just being faked by her.....
p.s....i have confronted her on faking orgasms and she tells me that there is no reason for her to fake them.
Dr.Lin 6/24/1999>
She can not fake orgasm if you are an experienced man.
It is very simple to justify if she fakes it.
Her orgasmic responses, such as involuntary moaning, crying, heavy breathing, or uterine contraction, must have the common cycling rate, 0.8 second per cycle or 1.25 cycles per second, the same rate as the peaceful heart beat. If her moaning or crying is not in response to the uterine contraction rate, she fakes it. The porn movie stars show you this in every adult film. In fact, she can not say anything, but heavily periodical breathing and "silent" moaning (no screaming or yelling) with the closed eyes once she is entering the orgasmic transition state, and then she suddenly cries out with heavier breathing. The vocal response to the orgasmic transition and the ultimately uterine contraction is given in
If you can not count the response rate, then watch the response of her head. Her head will spastically arch or bend backward (that is, stretching her Conception Channel along the central line of the front body, as shown in the header picture of this web page) in response to each orgasmic energy front (powerfully orgasmic wave) running up to the forehead form her low abdomen or pelvic area, and eventually her body becomes very soft once a large part of her sexual energy is discharged. This is her natural response when her uterus contracts to discharge her sexual energy stored in her Epicenter. This is why people call the female sexual orgasm "The Little Death."
Of course, in the heavy contraction of her uterine, your penis can feel the uterus contracting if your penis is locked into the Epicenter, the gap between the bladder and cervix. Your penis feels nothing about her weak orgasm, but the orgasmic responses of crying and breathing are very periodical.

Reader: 6/24/1999>
Thank you for such a quick response. When you say that in her weak orgasm my penis feels nothing , but the orgasmic responses of crying and breathing are there...is this still a real orgasm??? And she also told me that when she has a big orgasm, when i can feel the contractions, that she doesnt really like it because it takes too much out of her and sometimes the intense feeling is too much for her to handle...uncontrolable and if it takes too long before she has it , she also says it almost burns her body up???? Can this all be true?
Dr. Lin:6/26/1999>
Yes, the most visual response is heaving breathing. Other responses include instantaneous dilation of her pupils and widely opening of her eyes at the instant when her visual nerves are stricken by the first orgasmic wave front. Involuntary crying is usually produced by Level-3 or higher Orgasm.
Level 5-7 Orgasms are produced by heavy uterine contractions, that sometimes numb her face or other body parts such as legs or hands and black out the brain conscious control center. Women can sometimes feel ejaculation from the uterus or like childbirth labor with pleasure if her contractile muscles in the pelvic cavity or the uterus supports or ligaments are flexible and elastic enough to take the orgasmic shock waves, that is, containing sufficient DHEA and testosterone. She will feel orgasmic pain or cramp if her contractile muscles do not have sufficient DHEA or testosterone. This problem occurs more often as women age. Some women start to experience this problem in their late 20's. But, most of them encounter this problem after their 30 or 35. It is a warning sign of weak uterine ligaments for uterine prolapsing. You may wonder why I formulate Heat Tea and ViaGrowth products for. These products are intended to help elevate the DHEA and testosterone levels in the contractile muscle. They are not only for sexual orgasm, but also for improving the strength of the sexual and bladder muscles associated with the female urine continence in the late life.
I believe what she said. And, I can see she has weak uterine ligaments. She should have more sexual exercises.

Reader: 6/27/1999>
thanks again for your response...you are correct about age because she is in her late 30's and her last child birth, she told me, she had to have her uteris placed back up inside her or something like that....when i talked af crying during orgasm....it wasnt really tears crying ....it was moaning crying.....can this possibly only be the lower level orgasm....like the 2 ???
Dr. Lin: 6/27/1999>
She has had a "moderate" uterine prolapsing. Her uterine ligaments can not fully support her uterine, in particular, in childbearing. You may frequently strike her cervix during intercourse if you don't use a high attack angle to approach her vaginal ceiling and get into the gap (the Epicenter) between the bladder and cervix. She may frequently experience post-orgasm pain or cramp in her low abdomen and tail bone muscles where the ligaments are linked, when the orgasm reaches Level-3 and beyond.
We have done a lot of studies on this issue. When you told me about her orgasmic problem, I have already known she has had the uterine prolapsing. We have found the degree of the uterine prolapsing are associated with the strength of the contractile fibers surrounding the uterus. In a lack of DHEA and testosterone in the contractile muscles, the uterine ligaments will lose their strength, flexibility and elasticity. So, we formulate our supplements to provide more DHEA and testosterone for the uterine ligaments and the contractile fibers, so that women can enjoy high-level orgasms without intercourse/orgasmic pains and spasmic cramps. These supplements are Heat Tea, ViaGrowth III or ViaGrowth-IV. Generally speaking, these products also resolve chronic pain and spasmic cramp in any part of the body for both sexes, and increase orgasmic response.
Orgasmic crying is moaning crying with heavy breathing, but no tear. Low-level orgasms will have around 1-3 moaning cries with heavy breathing. However, after crying, the heavy breathing will involuntarily and continuously last for 10-60 seconds until the uterine contraction completely damps out. Remember, the heavy breathing will have the same rate as the uterine contraction at a rate of about 1.25 cycles per second.

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