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Case Study - Multiple ejaculations, super male sexual orgasm, female ejaculation, and kosher sex for more sexual orgasm
Reader: 6/18/1999>
Hi! I wanted to thank you for making your website. I'm 19 and I had maintained abstinence until just recently (in March I lost my virginity) since I feel I have met the right man. We practice a monogomous relationship and while he has had past sexual experiences, I, of course, have not. So I am now curious as to how to fullfill his needs as well as understand what's going on in my own body.
He constantly concerns himself in knowing if I was satisfied but until now, I was never sure and couldn't really answer. I didn't know what I should be feeling nor what sensations I should feel if/when I reach orgasm. After reading your site for several hours and trying to understanding certain terms you use, I believe I can answer him honestly and I now know that I was satisfied in the past, especially since this is something I'm new to. Because of your site, I learned ways to help improve our love making which I also wanted to thank you for. Also, I learned of another reason why I should quit smoking *smile*
I do have a few questions(dealing with both of male and female anatomys), mostly just for reference, that I didn't find answers to in your site.
1. Whening you were talking about 2nd ejactulation and it's dangers, I didn't fully understand what 2nd ejactulation was. Is it when a man ejactulates once and a few moments later comes again? Or is it when a man comes and then again an hour later? I guess I'm asking if it's time-related and if there are immediate experiences afterwards to tell you if he "came" too soon, too often or what. Also is age a factor? I've known young men who have stated to masterbate frequently in one day and never mentioned any problems. Is that unsafe, in the long term or short term, however the case may be?
2. I've heard of men getting "blue ball" (That is that a man's testicles turn blue or purple after intercourse). What does this mean? What happened (how did it occur) and how can it be prevented?
3. You focus alot on how to satisfy a woman (me, being a heterosexual woman, that only makes me more aware of myself) and so I am left curious on how I can better satisfy him. Are there certain postions, or techniques, so that he will feel maximum satisfaction during oral sex as well as during intercourse? For example, are there correct ways to give a blow job(any particular postioning, is it better using a hand or the mouth, what are the correct ways for me to give him a blow job using my hand, how do you keep the penis lubricated without the help of jellies or other oils)?
4. Also (I noticed another woman asked something similiar but it didn't fully answer my question) my boyfriend wants me to orgasm or more precisely come on him. My question is that when a woman orgasms does she come alot or does it depend on the woman? Is it possible for a woman to come more during one orgasm than another?
5. Are all women's breasts sensitive? I don't believe mine are because wwhen he plays with them it doesn't really excite me. Does this mean there is something wrong with me or is it normal for some women to be this way?
6. Also I noticed that in most of your explanations you don't make reference to safe sex, or the use of a condom, in any of your articles and I was wondering if any of your techniques or any experinces(orgasms, etc..) differ for those that use condoms. I understand how birth control pills and medications can cause difficulties but does anything change specifically with condoms? These were the only questions I had after reading your site and would very much appreciate explanations for them.
I want to thank for you for taking your time to answer these questions(I know there are a lot and each on their on subject). I don't plan on running out and trying everything but I would like to know these for future reference and safety. If you wouldn't mind supplying 1 or 2 pictures for the more complicated matters, I would appreciate it since I understand long explantaions better when they are accompanied by visuals(I tend to get lost in the text). Thanks you very much.
Dr. Lin: 6/21/1999>
Glad you learn something new from my website. Here are the answers for you.
1. Multiple Ejaculations and multiple orgasms: It depends on his brain-testicular function. The time for re-arming his penis is called Refraction Time (RT). The brain-testicular function determines the RT, although age affects the RT. It ranges from minutes for young men to days for seniors. Young men have less skill but more testosterone so that they will ejaculate as many times as possible in one love session or one day until they lose erection. The 2nd ejaculation in one day is less harmful than that in one love session, with minutes apart. However, as long as the multiple ejaculations eat up their Human Growth Hormone, DHEA and testosterone, they will experience weak erection or impotency. All our supplements can shorten the RT for men, but I have to discourage people abusing my formulas for unlimited sex. My formulas are to strengthen the nervous function for improve life quality, naturally including sexual orgasm. Don't set sexual orgasm be equal to unlimited sex.
Men with the bad habit of multiple ejaculations in one love session can hardly make their sexual partner come. Thus, I have to teach them how to hold or eliminate their ejaculation, but at the same time make their ladies come multiple times. I call it "One shot for multiple orgasms, not multiple shots for one orgasm."
2. Blue ball: The blue ball results from the trapping of blood in the scrotum or testes. Sexual exciting elevates the scrotum and trap a lot of blood there, making the scrotum/testes very firm. The hormone-enriched blood should be dispersed into the blood circulation system after sex. The blue ball phenomenon indicates there is a poor blood circulation in the return veins. Hernia can cause this problem too. Generally speaking, if the veins in that area are blocked by other components, blue ball will result. If the problem results from hernia, it requires herniotomy. otherwise, frequent massage of the groin and perineum can solve or prevent the problem.
3. Pleasing him with super Male orgasm (the ultimate male sexual pleasure): The most powerful male orgasm comes after a powerful female orgasm when the uterine contraction periodically sucks his glans penis tapping her Epicenter in the gap between her bladder and cervix. In addition to the suction force, she discharges her bioelectric current partially running into his prostate to strengthen up his prostate contraction (increase the contraction magnitude and cycle). When the man makes her come the first time in that love session, his penis reaches the extreme with an explosive pressure built-up from his glans to his prostate. If he ejaculates when he make her come the 2nd time, he will feel his entire penis exploding and his tail bone will receive multiple contraction of pleasure pulses running along his spinal cord to the brain. Yet, she still release enough bioelectric current from her Epicenter to enhance his orgasmic response in her 2nd sequence of sexual orgasm. Psychologically, he feels himself as a superior sexual conqueror. So, If he ejaculates following your orgasm, he will experience highly orgasmic response. That is his ultimate sexual pleasure. Oral sex or hand jobs can not make it like that. However, you can give him a super male orgasm by directly massaging his prostate through his rectum/anus. But, I tend to discourage a loving couple to do so, except a special case that the man demands more sex than the woman can provide. 4. Women "come a lot"? Don't equal the female orgasm to female ejaculation. Not all the very orgasmic women ejaculates every time when they come. The burning of testosterone powers sexual orgasm, but female ejaculation requires sufficient estrogen to help the porosities in the uterine and vaginal walls to store a lot of fluid for ejaculation. Insufficient estrogen in the uterine and vaginal tissue will result in no ejaculation upon orgasm. Even the same woman won't ejaculate every time. If she has a long time never had sex, she may ejaculate when she achieves orgasm. Or the most possible time is about 1-2 days before her ovulation.
5. The breast sensitivity depends on individual and occasion. Not all the women have the same sensitivity. Even the same woman does not have the same sensitivity all the time. Aging will decrease the breast sensitivity. There is nothing to worry about that.
6. My advice is only for loving couples, in particular, married couples. If a man and woman really loves each other, they should not have "Sexual Safety" concern. I am not dealing with "Social" sex, such as one-night stand or prostitute sex. Here I assume sex is within love. It is very difficult for a woman to experience sexual orgasm with a stranger, because the nervous function will make him come very quickly or lose erection power. Without a powerful erection, there will be no sexual orgasm for the woman and man. To support the hard erection for sexual orgasm, it requires a powerful brain function to promote the parasympathetic sexual function. Generally speaking, the man must be very calm and energetic, not excited. He can not promote his parasympathetic nervous function to power his erection for sex with a female stranger. When the mind is loaded, he can not perform. He can ejaculate but can not orgasm. Therefore, "safe" sex is one of the pre-requirement for a "loving" couple to produce sexual orgasm for each other. They know each other very well before having sex.
Condom can prevent disease propagation, and block the bioelectric conduction between the vagina and the penis. This is the main reason that condom can delay ejaculation and reduce erection power. So, I also teach loving couples how to track the female ovulation and clock the menstrual cycle and how to use the spermicidal jelly for the "safe" period outside the ovulation period. One of the reason women should track their menstrual cycle is that the menstruation indicates the female endocrine function. Women should record their menstrual cycle so that they can track their health conditions. Birth control pills give women sexual freedom at the expense of health. Condom gives men and women free of "Safety Concern" so that they can practice promiscuity. It is good for sexual release use, but not for real sexual orgasm which is the oneness of both parties, including the bodies and souls.
If you want to enjoy sexual orgasm every time you have sex, you have to practice Kosher Sex because it will take a while to learn sexual response from each other and both of you must be free of "sexual safety" concern.
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