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Case Study - Existence of the G-spot Orgasm and more sexual orgasm
Reader: 6/18/1999>
Hello. You have a great webite. But I do have a problem here... My girlfriend recently heard about the phenomenon of the female G-spot. She is kind of scared, considering that she might "urinate" a fluid all over the place, but I know she's curious and I want to take her to that next level of sexual excitement.
She agreed to let me spend a lot of time on her sexually. I take my time, and try to get her to have this awesome orgasm, but I don't seem to be producing any out-of-the-ordinary ones for her
I came across your site for some rough guidelines on how to make her have a g-spot orgasm. I haven't tried them on her yet (I can't wait though) but I have to ask you if it's every woman who has these?
What should I expect? If I can't get her there should I tell her that not everybody gets them? Or if I do, will she start crying and getting violent? I've heard women get very emotional, and some don't want to continue with it.
I just want to please her!
Dr.Lin 6/18/1999>
Thank you very much for your encouragement.
The G-spot Orgasm is very enjoyable, but not all the orgasmic women are expected to wet the bed sheet. It seems she assumes "G-spot orgasm = Female Ejaculation."
Orgasm results from the contraction of the contractile fibers surrounding the urine and vaginal walls, paced by the autorhythmic fibers (Orgasmic Pacemaker) in the Epicenter between the cervix and the bladder. The major contraction occurs in the uterine contractile fibers. To produce the so-called Female Ejaculation, the porosities in the contractile fibers must store sufficient fluid. When the orgasmic contraction occurs, the fluid is squeezed out as ejaculation.
Orgasm can be directly triggered by stimulating the Epicenter. The Epicenter orgasm is very violent in terms of contraction magnitude (power) and cycling. The G-spot orgasm is the indirect triggering of the Orgasmic Pacemaker at or around the G-spot. The G-spot orgasm is less intensive than the Epicenter Orgasm. But, the G-spot orgasm can still make her involuntarily cry out. The vocal cry-out synchronizes with the orgasmic waves at the period of 0.8 second interval. It is very easy to justify if she achieves orgasm. The cry-out or moaning with heavy breathing is very periodical. When she achieves orgasm, her moaning or crying is at the 0.8-second interval which is the period of the uterine contraction. However, the low level orgasm with less than 2 contraction cycles is not easy to be detected by her sexual partner. But, she can feel the uterine contraction and a sequence of heat flow running up to her head along her central line of the front body, ie. the Conception Vessel of the acupuncture network.
The classification of sexual orgasm is given in
The existence of the G-spot depends on if the local cells and neurons (nervous cells) around the G-spot have enough bioelectricity. It requires hormone-enriched blood flowing into the area to allow testosterone to be burned locally for charging the local bioelectric cells and neurons and for swelling the urethral spongy tissues into the vaginal ceiling (click here for the picture). That is, the sensitivity (existence) of the G-spot depends on the testosterone burning. If the bioelectric level in the G-spot cells and neurons is too low, the G-spot does not exist nervously.
If she has enough testosterone in her body, you can produce her G-spot orgasm with my Finger Pliers Method as shown the attached pictures of Fig3-10.jpg. Read it carefully. There is a little trick of this method as shown in the pictures, particularly the stimulation orientations of the G-spot and clitoral base shown in the Vaginal Clock. If you follow the illustrations carefully, she will experience a high-level G-spot orgasm at least, without feeling peeing or overstimulation of her glans clitoris. This is an important trick! Ejaculation or not depends on how much fluid she can retain in her contractile fibers.
The most violent orgasm, Level-7, resulting from the simultaneous stimulation or triggering of the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter, likely produces either female ejaculation or post-orgasmic pain, depending on the retaining of fluid and the flexibility and elasticity of the contractile fibers and the uterine-support ligaments. The power of the orgasmic waves can black out the brain and numb the face and the body parts for few minutes.
Testosterone powers orgasm; Estrogen helps retain the fluid for ejaculation. The retained fluid in the contractile fibers also serve as a baffle or medium for orgasmic waves to pass through. Orgasmic waves are compressible waves, like sound (acoustic) waves; When the wave crests pass the contractile fibers, the fluid in the local porosities of the contractile fibers is ejaculated. This is the mechanism of female ejaculation.
Deficiency of testosterone causes no orgasm; Deficiency of Estrogen results in vaginal dryness and no ejaculation. Orgasm can occur with a lack of lubrication or ejaculation, as long as a lubricant is applied to the sex organ to avoid frictional pain. This type of orgasm with a lack of natural lubrication is called dry orgasm. The dry orgasm can induce post-orgasmic pain and cramp when orgasm is too violent.
Orgasm is the bioelectric discharge process of the autorhythmic and contractile fibers, like the heart beating, via the sympathetic sexual nerve. The testosterone burning with an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase produces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that stimulates the expansion of the porosities for trapping fluid, and generates bioenergy to charge the autorhythmic an contractile fibers and the parasympathetic and sympathetic sexual nerves for supporting the engorgement of sex organ, including the expansion of the porosities. The female ejaculation capacity highly depends on the expansion of the porosities (the testosterone effect) and the retaining volume of fluid (the estrogen effect.)

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