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Case Study - Dr. Lin's sexual techniques help him completely control ejaculation for better sexual orgasm
Reader: 6/14/1999>
I am in receipt of the CD-book. Thanks very much! The secret of forcing air against the bladder is fantastic! I am now in complete control thanks to your technique. My previous experimentation with pranayama and bhandas helped me to understand how to apply the technique. Sometimes I run out of air, so for me it is an exercise in pranayama and bhandas.
Before learning your breathing technique, I relied on "Pau Yuen Tong" or "Old Chinese (Balm)" for control. Ever heard of it? Do you know what's in it? The stuff works great.
It is admirable that you have deduced theories of sexology from scientific experimentation and published them. We all know there is a connection between things, but you have out your finger on it. Thanks for sharing. I have also studied to the best of my abilities. Here are some books which may interest you:
"Stalking The Wild Pendulum" by Itzhak Bentov
"The Third Ear" by Joachim-Ernst Berendt
"The Myth Of Invariance" by Ernst G. McClain
"Music And The Power Of Sound" by Alain Danielou
So I have learned the secret of conquering the most passionate and beautiful lady and pleasing her, but I am ashamed to say that I am all alone. Yes it's true, I'm a skilled warrior with no sheath for his sword. Ok ok laugh, but it is a real problem for me!
I have always been very self-conscious and insecure and never had much luck with women. Sure I've had some nice girlfriends when I was a teenager, but they are gone now. So I have been trying everything possible to find a girlfriend. I have a good job, dress well, stay clean, etc. I've taken martial arts to become more manly(had to quit because of bad foot). I've been to therapy, read books on the subject, bought videos, joined dating clubs, tried personals ads, and worked very hard to make myself a decent attractive man. I am studying yoga to stay in shape, and learn how to be a decent respectful person. I have meditated, tried hypnosis, self-help tapes, everything...but I'm still very lonely.
I have no trouble talking to women, they seem to like me, but it seems like there is an invisible barrier that is keeping people away from me. I have no real friends, just casual acquaintances. I am very friendly and talk easily, but I am also very guarded and don't seem to open-up to people. In his book "Music" Sufi Inayat Khan says people like me just have bad vibrations and the only cure is to sing. So I am taking singing lessons from a yoga master. My Chinese zodiac sign is the Goat, which is supposed to be unlucky? I don't believe in astrology but I am completely out of ideas!
So anyway I was hoping you might have some ideas. If not, thanks anyway for listening.
Please keep me posted about any future additions to your book, etc.
Dr. Lin: 6/15/1999>
Glad to hear from you about your success with my ejaculation control method. You won't run out of "air." It is the internal force applying to your bladder exerted by your pelvic cavity. The reason I use the term "air" or "Chi" is for instructional purposes for trainees such as
In fact, this is the Optical or Radar Interference Techniques as described in the book. Once you understand the principle, you can fool your sexual sensory nerve and the sympathetic, sexual motor nerve to control your sexual response without having breathing or pumping air in.
On the other hand, as long as you can direct the dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-enriched blood up to your gland penis and penile shaft from the prostate area to balloon your penis, you can hold your erection and have sex for 2 hours without a leak. This is called the Penile Power-up (Ballooning) Method, as described in the blood or listed in
You should practice this method during intercourse too. When mastering these two techniques, you will perform like this guy in
To prolong intercourse for 2 hours, all you need are these two methods plus a power brain-adrenal-testicular function for a burst of testosterone, 5-alpha reductase and DHEA to support your erection and to continuously charge your parasympathetic nervous division for preventing the sympathetic function that can trigger your ejaculation or withdraw your erection. In fact, our new ViaGrowth-II/III products with Paragon, or ViaGrowth-IV  and its associated packages ViaPal-hGH-D/-X,  can fully support this extremely physical activity, without worrying about running out of bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous division. My approaches are not only for sex, but also for health and well being. I use sexual orgasm to improve health and enhance well being, rather than ruin the life.
"Pau Yen Tong" or "Old Chinese" Balms are used to relax and to interfere sensory nerves. We use it to release pain.
Thank you very much for your sharing with these books you have suggested.
I have a suggestion for you about dating ladies. It seems you are a nice gentleman who is afraid of expressing your sexual interest toward women. You should be a little bit "aggression" toward the lady in whom you are interested. If the lady is also interested in you, she will be responsive to you in the similar way. The human dating and mating games are similar to the animals'. If you have a chance to watch the animal dating and mating, you should be careful to observe how they start the intimacy. When the male expresses sexual interesting, the female will respond positively or negatively. If you get a positive signal, you can start to develop a relationship, starting from friendship to lovership. So, you should give the lady a verbal hint about your interesting in developing a love relationship with her. There is nothing wrong to seduce the woman you love. A loving couple constantly seduces each other. You have to learn the seduction technique which stimulates the female sexual interest without embarrassing. You have to take this course!

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