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Case Study - Vacuum-Cupping Massage improved sexual function for sexual orgasm - progress
Reader: 6/4/1999>
I wrote to you last week regarding vacuum cupping, and a day after (before you replied) I did my butt and tail bone area and pulled out a LOT of black spots from my butt. I also found many black spots on the bottom of my thigs, right at the butt. I'm surprised I haven't found these areas before. I noticed that some areas can be cupped for 2 or even 3 times without showing any signs of congestion. After I massaged these areas I got a huge boost in my sexual functions within about 6 hours. Even tho it lasted about till next morning, I think I'm starting to get some major progress. I've also noticed that the numbess in my legs still happenes, but it isn't nearly as strong as it used to be. I also noticed that only the lower half of my penis head is colder, as compared to the whole head a while ago.
You mentioned an old lady getting yellow liquid out of the spots by using a needle. Did she pinch through the skin and drain it out? I noticed that when I cupped my back, the red area turned yellow, and went back to normal after a few days.
You asked me if I use Bengay as a lubricant--no, I use natural oil that's made of olive oil with St. Johns herbs "drenched" in it. We use it for all kinds of problems from wounds, zits, diegestion problems, twisted joints, ear infections, it's amazing what it can be used for.
I really hope that all this can be considered as progress and that my numbness and sexual problems will be completely treated.
I only have two questions. Since my sexual boost lasted only till the next morning, is that a result of morning errection, or can it be cosidered progress, cause I had recurring errections that morning for about 2 hours.
I would also like know if the penis ever goes cold after urinating or ejactulation, or at all, on a person who doesn't have congestion problems--let's say you? It's very difficult for me to find out these kind of private things since I don't live with any men.
I'll keep you posted on my progress, thank you very much for your time.
Dr. Lin: 6/6/1999>
1. You have a lot to vacuum until all the black spot are gone. It will take your 2-3 months for vacuum it 4-6 times.
2. Your sexual function will be improved after each vacuum-cupping massage.
3. Your pain, cramp and numbness will be gone eventually. The problem will be improved step by step. You can not "Microwave" the result!
4. Yes, the lady who reported to me by phone on 6/4/1999 asked me what was the yellowish fluid drained from the black spots. I toll her it's the metabolism waste trapped as a pocket under layers of muscle, that compressed her nervous fibers and blocked the blood circulation in the capillary net between the arteries and veins. She told me she has solved her numbness in her fingers and wrists in one shot after she massaged her back and drained out the yellowish fluid. You got the same congestion that blocks the bioelectricity of the nervous system and the blood circulation into your sex organs. When you remove the blockage, your sex organs get fresh blood with testosterone, DHEA and 5-alpha reductase that power your sexual nerves, heat up your sex organs, and stimulate your erection. Since the blockage in your body is very heavy in many layers, you need 4-6 treatments to solve the problem.
You are in the right direction.
5. Obviously, she used a needle to break the black spots for draining the waste out. This is the old Chinese method to get a quick result. I had this experience when I was a middle school student. 6. Urinating or ejaculation drains the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves in the prostate and bladder. This will "Cold" down the penis a little bit.
7. Then, you can take our products to enhance your sexual performance

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