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Case Study - Reader used Dr. Lin's methods to make her achieve sexual orgasm and enjoys Dr. Lin's CD_ROM.
Reader: 5/14/1999>
Please don't mention my name, if you publish my question.
Question: I have read and used your different methods to have my girlfriend achieve orgasm. She drinks the Heat Tea and I use the finger plier method and she becomes very wet and moans a little bit. After a while couple minutes she says that she can't take it anymore and wants to have intercourse. She says she is orgasm at that time, but she is not heavily breathing or screaming. Question: When a woman has an orgasm like you describe it, can she still be in control? Or is that impossible Or is that impossible and the moment she breaks the orgasmic barrier she is out of control. 2nd Question: How can I get her to ejaculate (meaning not just being wet, but gushing out)?
P.S. I really like your CD and website.

Dr. Lin: 5/13/1999>
Yes, She achieved orgasm. The trigger point was the clitoris or near the vaginal orifice.
This is a Level-1 or 2 orgasm. That is ok. Her clitoris became extremely sensitive after achieving sexual orgasm. Don't touch the clitoris after that. When this energy gate was fully opened, naturally, she wanted a deep penetration after the Level 1 or 2 orgasm. You have to stimulate her Epicenter to produce screaming orgasms with your hard penis.
The screaming orgasm with heavy breathing is a Level-5, 6, or 7 orgasm under which the uterus contracts heavily in triggering the heart to generate a sequence of hydraulic shock waves in the arteries. The shock waves produce heavy breathing in the lungs and knock down the brain's conscience control center to produce involuntary moaning.
Women with Level- 1 or 2 orgasm are still very conscious because the orgasmic waves are weak and short in cycling. She feels 1-3 heat waves run up from her sex organs, but no uterine contraction. Continuing this practice for 1- or 2 months will increase the blood circulation (carrying more testosterone and 5-alpha reductase) into the G-spot and Epicenter areas, and thus, she will be transformed to experience the G-spot and Epicenter Orgasms. The orgasms in 3 video files and 5 audio files of my CD-ROM are of Level- 6 and 7 orgasms. Each stimulation pulse produces one orgasmic moaning with heaving breathing. The lady's brain was totally controlled by the stimulation pulses which synchronously generated the uterus contractions and orgasmic waves until she run out of sexual energy at the Epicenter. She was totally out of control for more and more moaning. The triggering point(s) is mainly at the Epicenter between her cervix and bladder.
By the way, your lady has to practice sexual ChiKong as shown in the video clips.
To make her ejaculate, it is required the porosities of her vagina and uterine walls to store enough fluid and a sequence of heavy uterine contractions during orgasm. This requires estrogen which help her vagina and uterine tissue to store fluid, and testosterone and 5-alpha reductase which help charge and expand the contractile fibers around the uterus and in the vaginal walls. Testotterone and 5-alpha reductase produces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that stimulate the entire sex organs (internal and external) to swell for trapping more fluid, and increasing the sensitivity of the G-spot and Epicenter. Then, trigger her orgasm at the G-spot and Epicenter at the same time with my 3-point Excitation Position.
The best supplements for female ejaculation are a combination of ViaGrowth-I and Heat Tea. ViaGrowth-I powers the brain and endocrine system for a balance hormone production. Please check the availability of ViaGrowth products in /mail/herbform.htm This CD_ROM is very enjoyable. I play these orgasmic files very often to keep my brain "alive!"
By the way, I will be out of the USA for 2 weeks from 5/17/1999.

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