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Case Study - How to test your orgasm capacity and how to achieve sexual orgasm.
Reader: 5/13/1999>
Why can't I reach an orgasm through intercourse. Could there be a medical reason why? I have been married for nearly 16 years and my husband is my thrid lover. Yet I have never had a orgasm.
Dr. Lin: 5/13/1999>
Medical reason? ?
Let's classify your problem for you. The vital spot for vaginal orgasm is the G-spot (the indirect trigger point) and Epicenter (the direct trigger point). The sensitivity (existence) of these two points depends on the testosterone and 5-alpha reductase (an enzyme to burn the testosterone) levels in the tissues or fibers. Testosterone must be burned by 5-alpha reductase locally to charge the sexual nerves and to engorge the G-spot and Epicenter fibers. If your G-spot and Epicenter fibers don't have sufficient testosterone and 5-alpha reductase, you won't feel the existence of the G-spot and Epicenter. Your vagina may be well-lubricated due to the sufficiency of estrogen in your bloodstream, but you won't get orgasm. Excessive estrogen in the bloodstream kills sexual orgasm even that you are very wet. Testosterone burning into bioenergy to charge the parasympathetic sexual nerve along the urethral spongy tissue from the Epicenter/G-spot to the clitoris will swell the entire urethra tissue like erecting a penis. Also, the supper-potent hormone DHT produced by the testosterone-burning will stimulate dilatation of the urethral tissue to trap more hormone-enriched blood.  The urethral spongy tissue, the G-spot and Epicenter will be swollen out of the vaginal ceiling like an upside-down ridge that narrows down the vagina and make the G-spot/Epicenter become extremely sensitive. It is like a penile shaft embedded in the vaginal ceiling!  This is the pre-requirement for vaginal orgasm.
Orgasm is the contraction of the contractile fibers about the uterus, pacemaker by the autorhythmic fibers in the Epicenter (the Orgasm Pacemaker). The Fibers must be fully charged and expanded by the burning of the testosterone in the local tissue. The testosterone burning produces an extreme potent hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which stimulate the G-spot and Epicenter fibers to expand, make them become very itchy, and produce sexual urgency for women. DHT also drives the male prostate crazy for ejaculation. I use DHT for Natural Penile Enlargement (the Penile Power-Up Method) as described in
Now, to solve your problem (if it is your problem, not his problem), you have to ask him to massage your clitoris and G-spot at the same time by my Finger Pliers Method as described in
The G-spot and Epicenter are the internal acupuncture point in the Conception Vessel. Massaging the G-spot will induce the blood flow carrying hormones and chemicals to fuel the contractile and autorhythmic fibers.
If your testosterone or 5-alpha reductase is too low, you have to drink my Heat Tea to boost the endocrine system.
Once the testosterone is burning there, your G-spot will become very itchy. Then, the Finger Pliers will bring you to orgasm in a minute. You need a high-speed (2.5 cycle per second, twice the heart rate) and high-pressure (a maximum pressure the Finger Pliers can provide) stimulation. Use the twisting Finger Pliers can provide more than 6 pounds-per-square-inch pressure. Try this methods 3-5 times. If you can not come with this method, you need Heat Tea, as listed in Item 3-001 of
Heat Tea can also overcome the orgasmic dysfunction caused by medication, drugs and birth control pill or injection.

The next problem is the technique problem on how to make love correctly.
This is a very critical problem for loving couples.
Please read
This article will tell you how prepare your vagina and his penis for orgasm. Keep in mind that you must polish your and his instruments to play this chapter of music. A long-term foreplay may eventually numb the sexual nerves. He must use a high attack angle to stimulate your G-spot and Epicenter. as shown in
This is just an example of how to make the sexual stimulation more effective.
The best position to trigger your orgasm is my 3-point Excitation Position as describe in
The trigger point can be the G-spot or Epicenter.
Finally, it may be his erectile problem. You won't feel his penis inside you when the penis is soft. A weak erection can could provide a high pressure stimulation on the G-spot and epicenter, If you need a hard erection. Naturally, you won't have orgasm. In this regard, he should take Endura.

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