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Case Study - A 40's lady said the 3-point Excitation Position is the best one. How to solve vaginal dryness and achieve multiple sexual orgasm (s).
Reader: 5/9/1999>
Hi Dr. I am 41 but am very young looking and young feeling for my age. I have experienced an increased desire for sex, but I sometimes take a lot of stimulation to reach orgasm, even when I feel very sexually aroused. I saw the 3 point position and that seems to be the way that I come the easiest because I have done that with my husband. I wasn't even aware of the epicenter phenomenon, but it is true. Those orgasms seem to be the best for me. I want to achieve multiple orgasms. Sometimes my energy seems to escape and I have orgasmic contractions, like I am coming, but it isn't with the intensity of when it builds to an explosive orgasm. I usually have no problem at all in getting wet, but sometimes after about 20 minutes of lovemaking I get dry again. What would you suggest that I do to be able to achieve multiple orgasms? I have never been able to do this and it takes me a long time to come.
Dr. Lin: 5/12/1999>
Yes, the 3-point Excitation Position is the Oneness' position for lovemaking. It locks the glans penis and Epicenter together when the penis is hard.
Your phenomena are the middle agers's common problems: Men can not hold a hard erection too long and Women will dry up too quickly.
For women, the lubrication requires the continuous burst and burning of the estrogen. The main source of estrogen is the Ovaries. After 40, women's ovarian function starts to decline, as a pre-menopause phenomenon. Vaginal dryness is the indicator of the ovarian function. Estrogen burning helps dilate the tissue to trap more fluids and moistures for lubrication and female ejaculation. Without a continuous burst of estrogen during sexual encounter, the vagina will dry up very quickly. You have to enhance the estrogen secretion.
Regarding the sexual energy peaking at the Epicenter for multi-cycle or multiple orgasms, you need a continuous burst and burning of testosterone by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, into bioenergy to charge the contractile and autorhythmic fibers. The testosterone burning product, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), will continue to stimulate the fibers in the G-spot and Epicenter, the clitoris, and the vagina to expand an extreme. The durations of both the testosterone burst and the 5-alpha reductase secretion determine how much sexual energy accumulated in the Epicenter. The bioelectric energy of the contractile fibers around the uterus and Epicenter determines the orgasmic magnitude and cycles. When the Orgasmic Pacemaker (the autorhythmic fibers of the Epicenter) is self-excited via the G-spot (and Clitoris) stimulation, or continuously driven by the penis, the orgasmic contraction will continue to output pleasure waves until the contractile fibers fully discharge the bioenergy. After the bioenergy of the Contractile Fibers is fully discharged, the stimulation must be stopped; otherwise, the continuing orgasm will result in post-orgasm pain.
After middle life, women's sexual function mainly depends on the adrenal cortexes where DHEA, testosterone and estrogen are produced. Adrenal cortexes first secret DHEA and then covert it to testosterone and estrogen, with the presence of other chemicals. If the adrenal function is ok, the testosterone-to-estrogen ratio will sharply increase. That means, midlife women will have more libido, but less lubrication. The Old Chinese said " The 30's women are like the hungry tigers; the 40's women, the hungry wolfs." This reflects the women's biological change and desire.
To solve your problems, you need Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV (new product, natural hormonal replacement formula), Item 3-001 or 1-005, respectively, as listed in /mal/herbform.htm
However, I would like to remind you of the male erection problem. Your man must be able to hold an hard erection for you. It requires a fully powered-up, extremely hard penis to power your multiple orgasms. If he can not make it, you need Endura or ViaPal-hGH products..
If his erection ebbs, you will lose your sexual energy too, because the continuous burst and burning of the sexual hormones requires a continuously hard drive of the penis. I wonder this is your (his) main problem too.
The herbal supplements are listed in /mail/herbform.htm

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