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Case Title:  How to benefit from sexual orgasm: the difference between Masturbation and Lovemaking.
Reader: 5/4/1999>
Hellow Dr.
Thank you very much doctor for your support.
1. Let me know please, what is the different between Masturbation and making love, I mean if a non married man masturbate alone and if he makes the same with a woman, he will get a speam in both cases.
2. Why is Masturbation is dangerous for men.
3. Get me some pictures on making love in the right way.
4. Is your books are available in Kuwait.
Thank you
Dr. Lin: 5/9/1999>
Masturbation: One way out to discharge the bioelectricity in the Central Nervous System (CNS) and its subdivision - the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS). The CNS directly controls the pituitary function - the master of the endocrine system. The Parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions of the ANS connects to internal organs where they interfaces with the Acupuncture Vessels in the the local bioelectric cells. Over-masturbation not only drain out the key hormones, such as Human Growth Hormone(HGH), DHEA, Testosterone and estrogen, that support (feed) the activities of cells, joints, bones and muscles and power the activities of internal organs. When the bioelectricity in the CNS is low as a result of over-masturbation and over-ejaculation, the pituitary slows down the production of HGH that is essential to the cell renewal, the hormone and chemical production chains, and the vitality of all internal organs. At the same time, the parasympathetic functions of the ANS will slow down as well, resulting dysfunctions of the internal organs. Therefore, the Heart beating becomes weaker and speedy; the liver fails to remove toxins (wastes) and excessive estrogen; adrenal cortexes forget to produce DHEA; the testes won't produce sperm and testosterones; the Renal activity of the Kideneys makes the blood pressure become abnormal - too low or too high; the eyes become too sensitive to the sun lights and the ears buzz; the immune system becomes weak, easy to catch cold; the patients become depressed and absent-minded; men experience weak erection or impotence; the muscles and joints experiences pain or cramp and very responsible to weather change, particularly, in the neck/should, low back, and legs/foots; the patients feel dizziness and tiredness.
Lovemaking: Bioelectrically, lovemaking is an interaction between two bioelectric circuits (vagus and S2-S4 parasympathetic nerves) in the penis and vagina, or between two bodies when the couple performs erotic kissing. It is the only way to neutralize the bipolar forces between the male and female bodies, but also stimulate the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin, in turn, stimulates the endocrine and immune systems for both sexes, provided that the male can regulate the ejaculation frequency.  The oxytocinergic nervous system is very effective in stimulating the entire body.  Please note, over-ejaculation or excessive orgasm can dump too much prolactin and epinephrine into the bloodstream for creating health problems.
Biologically, the man's erecting penis can absorb the woman's ejaculation chemicals and his ejaculation after she achieves orgasm. If the man can retain 30-50% of the full volume of the semen in the seminal vesicles after ejaculating, the rest of the semen in the seminal vesicles can help him maintain the normal function of his body. In this way, lovemaking does not overdischarge his bioelectricity in the CNS and ANS. Instead, Lovemaking can stimulate the brain (pituitary) - testicular function for more hormone productions to power the body through the interaction of the two bodies. After ejaculating, he won't fall into sleep and he can continue to work without feeling tired. The bodies are energetic! My own experience is: when I make love in the morning, I usually continue to work until midnight without taking a nap.
The keys of obtaining the benefit from the lovemaking are
1). regulating the ejaculation frequency so that after lovemaking the seminal vesicles still have 30-50% semen;
2). extracting the woman's energy (prostaglandin E-1) during lovemaking;
3). making the woman come and ejaculate at least one time, but no more than twice (your penis will absorb her ejaculation!);
4). Retaining and powering up your erection to an extreme for more than 30 minutes to help the penis absorb her sexual energy and secretion/ejaculation (only an extreme hard penis can do it.);
5). maintaining a peace of mind during intercourse to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to be fully charged by the bioelectrical interaction between the two bodies.
To get the maximum benefits, you must follow the lovemaking procedures as described in
OK! Give you pictures of our Sexual ChiKong Intercourse which represents a sequence of the final lovemaking for her first orgasm. You can see the two bodies are hyper-interactive. You must understand that it will take me 20-30 minutes to prepare my penis and her vagina for this one-minute moment to bring her to an orgasmic eruption.
I can send the CD_ROM version to anywhere without problem. To the Middle East countries, the CD_ROM will be mailed in a flat photo envelope and the CD_ROM case will be sent in a yellow foamed envelope. So far, we have never encountered any problem to the Middle East countires.
The CD_ROM contains video and audio clips (files) of the actual intercourse to orgasms.
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