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Case Study: Hysterectomy for no orgasm; Hormonal Replacement Therapy for growing labia minora
Reader: 5/2/1999>
I have experienced two physical problems after a complete hysterectomy. After recovery, I have been given Hormonal Replacement Therapy. Since then, I have completely lost my ability to achieve orgasm no matter how hard my partner works on me, and my labia minora (inner lips) have grown unevenly.
My parnter and I are health professionals too. Do you know what is going on in my body after hysterectomy. Thank you!
Dr. Lin:5/5/1999> Sex organs riches in hormonal receptors. If there is excessive estrogen bound to the hormonal receptors in one side of  the labia minora, the inner lip will grow and become fatty. Breasts, labia, vaginal lining, and uterus are full of hormonal receptors in the tissues. Excessive estrogen will stimulate growth of estrogen receptor sites and duplication of cells (including tumorous and cancerous  growth). Testosterone builds the muscle and makes tissues firmer and elastic while estrogen make tissues saggy and fatty. Increasing the density of testosterone receptors in vaginal lining will  enhancer sexual and orgasmic  responses.
A complete hysterectomy will result in
1. Endorcine disorder - the Hypothalamus/Pituitary-ovarian function is disturbed and the ovarian cycling is fully destroyed. This will cause estrogen and testosterone deficiency. That is why your doctor prescribed you the Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) containing artificial hormones to replace the natural hormones produced by the ovarian function. HRT can produce unusual side effects when you get overdosed. Some simple signs can tell you: growth of breast or labia tissues (become very tender and fatty due to estrogen overdosing), loss of frontal and crown head hair, intolerance of contact lenses, grey-brown blotches on skin, and tiredness (estrogen overdosing.) The post-hysterectomy syndrome includes headche, tension, dizziness and confusion as a result of missing the menstrual cycle which consumes the FSH and LH released to the ovaries by the anterior pituitary.
Since the breast or labia tissues contains uneven number of estrogen receptors, excess estrogen from HRT will feed the tissues unevenly, resulting in uneven growth.
2. Orgasmic disorder - Removal of the ovaries costs more than estrogen and testosterone. It also affects the production of enzymes that burn hormones into sexual power to drive libido and orgasm. Removal of the uterus destroys the orgasmic wave maker; while destruction of the autorhythmic fibers in the Epicenter removes the Orgasmic Pacemaker pacing the uterine contraction.
Hysterectomy destroys the blood circulation and nervous communication systems in the pelvic area. There will be deficiency of hormones, enzymes, oxygen and nutrition supply in the sex organs thereafter. Thus, the G-spot nerve will shrink, so does the vaginal muscle. And, the Epicenter (orgasmic Pacemaker) nerve may be removed or destroyed!
If you are lucky, your clitoral nerve (without shrinking) may still function properly for you to have clitoral orgasm. When I had my teeth extracted, my local gum shrank. When you have some nerves destroyed in a spot, the local muscle will shrink. Hysterectomy results in shrinking the vaginal muscles inside and outside, so does the PC muscle. Estrogen therapy will make them tender and fatty. When I was a kid, my father sprayed a kind of hormone to stimulate the pineapple fruit to grow bigger. The result: The fruit becomes watery and fatty, of course, bigger but unsweetened. I think HRT has a similar effect on the vaginal and labia tissues which are full of hormonal receptors to bind excessive estrogen. It will also thicken the vaginal lining with the fatty and watery tissues, resulting in dampening the sensitivity of the G-spot nerve.
Note: Birth Control Pill (containing artificial hormones) has the similar effects on the women's body. Artificial-growth-hormone polluted red meat and dairy products also do the same things on the body. Once the artificial hormones are accumulated enough in the body and attached to hormone receptors in certain areas of the body, the body shape or parts become deformed. That is why there are so many women suffering from uterine/ovarian/breast cancers and tumors and men having prostate enlargement, tumors or cancers. The sex organs and breasts have a very high density of sexual-hormone receptors. They are the hot spots for cancerous and tumorous cells to develop. The hips and abdomens also contain a lot of estrogen receptors. Thus, liposuction, breast reduction, tumor/cancer surgeries, and weight-loss industries become so popular in this high-tech society. Only plant-based hormones can help expel the unwanted and artificial hormones out of these hot spots to keep the cells healthy, that is, suppress the cancerous or tumerous cell developments..
In addition, HRT will overload the liver which is the chemical factory for sexual power and libido. Overdose of estrogen or testosterone will force the Negative Feedback Controller in the endocrine system to slow or shut down the adrenal/ovarian (testicular) function that is responsible for estrogen and testosterone production. Since you doesn't have the ovaries any more, the impact of HRT will focus on your adrenal glands. You may also experience the deficiency of DHEA and testosterone due to the adrenal disorder and the overloading of your liver with HRT drug..
You should take a natural substitute of HRT..

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