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Case Study - Post-ejaculation pain may be caused by the prostate dysfunction for no sexual orgasm. Vacuum-cupping massage can disclose the problem.
Reader: 5/4/1999>
After sex, (especially intercourse), and ejaculation I have:
1.ache and puffiness in the penis
2.ache in the groin area, perineum area, sometimes balls
This can continue for hours. It is not a sharp ache. It is a dull ache. Especially bad after long session(45 Minutes) of sex. What can I purchase? So far I have used Real Dhea (1month), Male Power (1 month) plus other herbs (Oats and Muara Puama extract etc. I am ordering Endura as you suggested. I would like to have sex without pain afterwards. If you use this e-mail . No names please! Thank you.
Dr. Lin:5/5/1999>
You should temporaily stop taking Real DHEA.
You have a bad blood congestion in these areas. You have to massage these spots every day.
This problem may be induced by the prostate dysfunction.
The best solution is to use Vacuum-cupping Massage to troubleshoot the problem.
If it is caused by the prostate dysfunction, you will get the reflection in your outer thighs and legs as shown in Reflexn.jpg.
If the reflection zones show you tender and soft spots, this is a prostate dysfunction. The most common problem is the "temporary" prostate enlargement, as a result of overproduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) due to the burning of testosterone by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. The excessive DHT trapped in the prostate and its surround muscle, as a result of a poor local blood circulation and an overburst of testosterone or 5-alpha reductase in a sexual encounter, will cause erection or post-orgasmic pain for men.
The solutions are
1. Maintain a good blood circulation down there by constant pressure massage twice a day or during sex, or Vacuum-cupping Massage.
2. Take ViaGrowth-I to regulate the endocrine system to prevent over-secretion of 5-alpha reductase and the overburning of testosterone, and to protect the prostate with the ingredients: zinc, Selenium,B6, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Deer Antler, Black Cohosh, Boron, Isoflavones, Soy protein, and Extract of Young Anminal Adrenal gland, Heart, Testicle, Pituitary and Liver.
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