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Case Study - Solutions for prolonging intercourse and her sexual orgasm.
Reader: 5/2/1999>
I'm about 29 years old and married with one child. I work as an accountant & sit most of the time.
I think from what I read and observe I have this prematur ejaculation problem. Its happen before I get married. My wife always complain because she not satisfy.
My erection can stand for about 20 to 30 minutes when we made love regular & ejaculate fast when we seldom say during menstruate.
At worst of it I even ejaculate without inserting my penis. Its happen when I over excited, make rough sex act etc... Please help.
Dr. Lin:5/3/1999>You can improve yourself by Sexual ChiKong Breathing. You said you can stand 20-30 minutes when you have sex regularly and ejaculate fast after her menstruating. Theoretically, you are a normal young man. Your body has established a rhythmical hormone cycle for sex.
If you can last for 20-30 minutes, you can prolong intercourse to 40-60 minutes without a problem. At your age, your wife can achieve orgasm in 20-30 minutes if you do it right. I can see you have a technical problem, rather than a premature ejaculation problem.
To make your wife achieve orgasm, you have to
1. initiate her sex organ with my Finger Plier Method. Originally, I invented the Finger Plier Method to massage my girl friends' vagina and clitoris at the same time when I fell in love 25-27 years ago. I had never thought this method triggering their orgasms in each date in the wild area without removing their underwear. Once, the sex organ is initiated, the blood circulation and the sexual nerves in the vaginal wall become very active. It is a very useful method for aging women who may experience post-orgasmic pain/cramping in the their post-ovulation period. The Finger Plier indirectly induces orgasm through G-spot while a 6-7", Hard Penis directly trigger orgasm at the Orgasmic Pacemaker in the Epicenter. The orgasm generated by the hard penis is more powerful, but can trigger post-orgasmic pain and cramping in the pelvic cavity, extended to the low abdomen, groins, low back and legs/toes, for the women who have testosterone/DHEA hormone deficiencies.  If she experiences intercourse/orgasmic pain, Heat Tea can help her relax her vaginal muscular flexibility by increasing her testosterone/DHEA level in the local tissues.  
2. learn and practice sexual ChiKong (Tai-Ch Yin-Kong) Breathing during intercourse.
Initially, you have to practice this breathing like case2res.htm. After you get used to it, you will do breathing like
3. apply my penile Ballooning Method to expand your penis to an extreme that creates a high blood pressure inside the penile shaft to block the nervous transmission of the the sexual stimulation on the glans.
The Ballooning Method is given in
and the attached picture, Enlarge.jpg.
This is a very effective method to prolong intercourse. Even myself I still use it to initiate my erection to power my penis to a 2-o'clock position before penetrating, and power it up to the 1-o'clock position or better during the Hard-drive stage. Apply pressure massage to the penile footing/base, groins, pubis and scrotum to power the penis by your or/and her hands, but don't touch the glans and the trigger zone.
If necessary, squeeze the low section of the penile shift, but don't masturbate the shaft! This method will force the hidden section (about 2") pop out of your body when your testosterone is burned by 5-alpha reductase.
Some readers' reports on their achievement with this method are listed in
After her menstruating, your body has excessive testosterone and 5-alpha reductase, that produce too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the prostate to make you ejaculate quickly. To solve this problem, you must use Ballooning Method described above to squeeze the excessive DHT upto the glans and penile shaft to induce the penile expansion before you penetrating her. In this way, your glans will be semi-numbed and your prostate will calm down a little bit.
I don't think you need herbal supplements. All you need is eating more vegetables/fruits and seeds/nuts, but avoiding red meats/shrimps/lobsters during her menstruation period. Practice my Anal Breathing whenever your experience sexual urgency during that period: Inhale half way by expanding the belly => Contract the anus while continuing inhaling (you will feel a heat flow going into your tail bone and spinal cord) => release the anus while exhaling (and contracting the belly).
4. follow the lovemaking procedures closely as described
5. embed the defense-attack (horse-rider, or horse-stand in Tai-Chi Kung Fu) posture into any love positions.
This posture is derived from my 3-point Excitation Position for any love positions. Almost all my love positions, either the woman-on-the-top or men-on-the-top positions, are the rotation of the my 3-point Excitation Position. . This posture will allow you to perform Anal Breathing or Sexual ChiKong Breathing to Channel your sexual energy from your prostate back to your brain via the tail bone, spinal cord and the Governing Vessels.
6. Trigger her orgasm with my 3-point Excitation Method and let her drive you.
She will locate her itchy point (around the G-spot) inside her vaginal for further stimulation and lock your glans to her Epicenter. As long as you have a good erection or a powerful ejaculation, her sexual orgasm will be initiated by the Orgasmic Pacemaker at her Epicenter in two folds:
A). The heart-synchronizing simulation on her Orgasmic Pacemaker by your glans penis, driven by her swing motion
B). your ejaculation pulses and the glans expanding contraction at the heart rate.
She may feel her itchy point triggering her orgasm when the stimulation on the Epicenter is not predominant.
/love/g-spot.htm By the way, she should periodically contract her vaginal muscle when you trust her. This is an important part of our Sexual ChiKong Intercourse for women after childbearing.

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