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Case Study - Causes and solutions of dysneorrhea, masturbation and Sexual Orgasm.
Reader: 4/24/1999>
Im a female 32 years of age married one child. I masturbate a lot. I love it. and when it comes to menstruation , I have bad cramps called dysmenorrhea too. My question is, Is masturbate good for the cramps? I tried it and it did not work. Please help , Im exhausted if I masturbate a lot.
Dr. Lin: 4/25/1999>
The primary dysmenorrhea (PMS / menstrual pain) is caused by the contraction of the uterine muscles and its support ligaments (including the ovarian ligament) in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, when the DHEA and testosterone levels in the tissues and nervous fibers are too low and the progesterone level is high. The uterine contraction produces stress on the contractile muscles and ligaments and their nerves, resulting in pains and cramps when the uterine-support ligaments or the contractile muscles (and nerves) are not charged with testosterone/DHEA. The flexibility and elasticity of the local nerves and tissues become very poor when the testosterone and DHEA levels drops. This phenomenon is similar to the orgasmic pain when the contractile fibers or ligaments (and nerves) surrounding the uterus are not charged with testosterone and DHEA. We can trigger the orgasmic pacemaker without charging the contractile fibers (that is why you must engorge your urethral spongy tissues and tent your uterus up before achieving orgasm, in order to avoid orgasmic pains or cramps). The result is Post-orgasmic pain and cramp in the pelvic cavity, extending to the low abdomen, low back, perineum and legs, depending on which portions of the contractile fibers/nerves and muscles/joints lack of testosterone and DHEA.
Dysmenorrhea shows the same symptom and result.
Secondary dysmenorrhea is the menstrual pain resulting from endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or a congenital deformity.
Women in their teens to twenties likely experience sharp, viselike pains as a result of a constriction and tightening of the uterine muscle. Poor blood circulation in the pelvic cavity can worsen the problem due to the lack of the hormones/nutrients/oxygen supplies to the uterine muscle and the accumulation of metabolism wastes.
Women in their 30's -40's likely have a dull aching in the low back and pelvic cavity, with bloating, weight gain, breast tenderness, headaches and irritability, all of which are the symptoms of the weak endocrine function, and estrogen dominance.
Causes of dysmenorrhea can be further sub-classified as follows:
1. Excess production of prostaglandins or prolactin.
2. Hormone Imbalance - resulting from the brain/pituitary, liver and neuro-endocrine functions that produce insufficient DHEA and testosterone, but maybe too much estrogen or progesterone. This requires the brain's acetylcholine and dopamine nervous systems to drive the hypothalamus - pituitary - adrenal -ovarian axis .
3. Fluid retention.
4. Eating or Drinking.
5. Weak Liver/adrenal functions - producing less enzymes for syntheses of neurotransmitters, DHEA and testosterone.
6. Poor blood circulation ( no blood circulation to carry sufficient DHEA, testosterone and oxygen to feed the tissues and nerves in the ligaments and contractile fibers!)
7. Stress (too much dopamine being converted to adrenalin, resulting in sufficient dopamine in powering the brain/pituitary - adrenal- ovarian functions!).
8. Vaginal infection.
9. Estrogen Dominance which forces the liver to produce too much SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin) protein that frees testosterone up - resulting in less free testosterone for the uterine-support ligaments and contractile fibers around the uterus!).
Solutions for dysmenorrhea include:
1. Massage for improving blood circulation and stimulating the vital acupuncture points.
2. Acupuncture.
3. Herbal and dietary therapies to promote the liver/adrenal functions and blood circulation.
4. Detoxification the liver.
Masturbation can stimulate the acupuncture point CV-2 of the Conception Vessel, near the clitoris. But, you still have many points in the low abdomen, groins, low back, sacrum (tail bone), outer thighs and legs to stimulate. If you massage these areas, you will find a lot of tender and soft spots that reflect your uterine dysfunction. You should ask your man give you a 10-20 minute massage in each love session. When necessary, take herbal supplements, like our prospective new product ViaGrowth -IV or MoodMax. They will be listed in
These two products are to power the brain/ pituitary liver, and neuro-endocrine  functions and to detoxify the liver, uterus and prostate. They are mainly to power the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous system (the Chinese Yin Chi system) for the liver and adrenal functions.  We will have another product called DopaFibra which power the brain's dopamine system that control the the brain/pituitary function to release the LH and FSH for the ovarian/testicular function. A combination of ViaGrowth-IV or MoodMax with DopaFibra becomes a perfect solution for middle aged/senior women or young ladies who have experience what you got.
Over-masturbation will discharge the bioenergy in your contractile fibers, that means too much testosterone being burned off. Too many sexual orgasms can exhaust a woman too. You can understand why I advise a loving couple should not let her experience the 3rd orgasm in one love session.
Either too much and too less sexual orgasms are not good.
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