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Case Study - Thank Dr. Lin for making him last longer for sexual orgasm! How about the Penile Enlargement Methods?
Reader: 4/21/1999>
Thank you for the information about your case studies so that I can last longer, in my lovemaking.
I plan on ordering your CDROM as I think that will show me in more detail how to last longer.
Also My Penis does not keep its rigidity and I have seen stuff about increasing your penis size and rigidity with a penis pump. But I also have read that it can damage the tissue in the penis and cause it to lose sensitivity. There are also web sites talking about weights in which is proven to increases size and girth. That the African tribes have used for years.
I don't know How large a man should be to give maximum pleasure some say it does not matter and others say that its a combination of size and endurance. There is so much false information out there please help me to understand what the truth is and what do i need to be a better lover to my girlfriend for some reason i get more pleasure out of seeing her enjoy her self then any pleasure that could be given to me.
Dr. Lin: 4/22/1999>

Don't expect penile pumping or weight lifting can help you.
The penile tissue is not a muscle which you can destroy and rebuild by workout nutrients. Once you damage the elastic tissue, your penile erection power and expandability are gone forever. It may also produce a curved penis.
I tried the penile pump in an attempt to pull out extra inches from my body in 1993. I can get a temporary pullout right after pumping. After minutes, it is gone and becomes unerectile and the penile is looked like being beaten up. I had tested it for more than one month and I got nothing. Instead, I had discovered the maximum size by the penile pumping is about the same size as my Penile Power-up (Ballooning) Method as described in
I have used this method to have 90-minute continuous thrusting without ejaculation, excluding foreplay and soft-drive stimulation, since I was young. I have originally developed this method for prolonging intercourse, but my wife has discovered it elongates my penis upto 140% (2 extra inches.) She took a measure. on it.
My readers have aslo confirmed this method in
The principles of this Natural Penile Method are
1. Stimulating the upper (superior) side of the penile shaft as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/fig6-17b.jpg  .
2. Handling ejaculation back several (3-5) times once you are about to ejaculate - when the penis experiences a maximum erection.  You have to practice Sexual ChiKong Breathing or Anal Breathing to channel your sexual energy from your prostate back to your brain via your tail bone and spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the Acupuncture Network.
3. After holding ejaculation back each time, massaging the pubis/groins/scrotum to induce the piezoelectric power generation for a supercharge of the parasympathetic sexual nerve and the Conception Vessel of the acupuncture network 
4. Squeezing dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a powerful hormone resulting from the burning of testosterone by an enzyme 5-alpha reductase, from the prostate area upto the glans and penile shaft to stimulate the penile expansion and to pop 1-2 inches out of the body.

Note: An accumulation of DHT in the prostate will temporary inflate the gland to make you come more quickly and feel pain down there. A long-term accumulation of DHT in the prostate will enlarge the prostate. Here, instead of inflating the prostate, I use DHT to power-up or enlarge (inflate) the penis, like pumping a blood balloon with an internal pressure chamber developed in my pelvic cavity during sexual encounter. In order to keep the prostate cool and calm for prolonging intercourse, you also need a lot of plant hormones including Isoflavones (plant estrogen) to free testosterone and DHT from the hormonal receptors in the prostate. Your body is hot but your prostate is cool and calm. In this way, it allows more hormones/nutrients/oxygen with the penile blood circulation to feed the penile tissue and cells. At the same time, the nervous transmission will be intercepted by the high blood pressure developed inside the penile cylinders. At an extreme, the penis becomes numb!

Men after middle age will start to experience the penile shrinking symptom when the endocrine system is slowing down. This means, the penile size is affected by the internal sexual power - the burning mechanism of testosterone-to-DHT with 5-alpha reductase, which is driven by DHEA, Human Growth Hormone and other endocrine functions. the body must also be able to synthesize L-arginine for the production of erectile mediator Nitric Oxide (NO) which produces spontaneous erection. Please go to /mail/herbform.htm

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