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Case Study - menorrhagia (menstrual problems) and sexual orgasm!
Reader: 4/21/1999>
Dr. Lin I am naturally irregular, but I find that everytime I am sexually excited, I have spotting a few days later. And whenever I engage in sexual activity/intercourse, I start to bleed 1 - 2 days later, and this menstrual bleeding lasts for up to 2 weeks sometimes. Why is it that my irregular menstrual cycle occurs each time I have sex? For instance, if my menstrual bleeding has ceased and a week later, I have sex, then the next day, the bleeding starts again, sometimes for one to two weeks. I have not seen a doctor about this. I heard birth control pills might help. Any suggestions?

Dr. Lin: 4/22/1999>

Your brain/pituitary and neuro-endocrine functions are not right.
Your problem is called menorrhagia. The menstruation is too heavy, flows too fast, or persists for too long.
Mid-cycle Spotting may occur.
The causes of this problem are:
1. Hormone unbalance - Estrogen dominance, weak progesterone secretion, or weak liver functions to expel excessive estrogen. Too-much estrogen stimulates too much new cell growth in the uterus and too-less progesterone helps contain it. A sexual stimulation on the uterus will force new cells to collapse as the menstrual bleeding. If the new cells regenerated can not be held in place, your fertilized egg would be settled down in your uterus, that means, you lose the ability to bear a baby.
The causes of hormone unbalance are endocrine disorder, birth control pills or injection, estrogen-mimicking environmental chemicals, liver dysfunction due to the environmental toxicity, alcohol, or medication drugs.
Dietary or supplements help: Soy products or plants estrogen, Zinc, selenium, Mg, Ca, Vitamins B6/B12/C/E, Seeds/Nuts/Grains, deep-color vegetables and fruits, herbal supplements that stimulates the endocrine functions ( particularily, the pituitary-liver-adrenal functions) such as our prospective new products MoodMax or ViaGrowth-IV which is supposed to be released in Year 2000. You have to power your brain's acetylcholine an dopamine nervous system to drive the brain/pituitary-adrenal and ovarian function.  Adding L-Dopa to MoodMax or ViaGrowth-IV will solve your problem. We will introduce a new product called DopaFibra in year 2001.
2. Endometriosis - displaced endometrial cells resulting in bleeding. Causes:
Estrogen dominance - have supplements or foods high in plant estrogen and zinc progesterone deficiency - get a progesterone supplement or cream.
magnesium deficiency - take Mg supplement.
Fatty Acid deficiency - need diet high in seeds/nuts/grains.
high-fat diet, too much red meat and diary - change to pro-vegetable diet. excess stress - change a life style.
excess caffeine, too much coffee, cola or soda - drink water or juices. excess alcohol - stop drinking.
3. Fibroids - benign nodules growing out of the uterine smooth fibers.
lack or ovulation - the pituitary disorder that fails to maintains a rhythm of FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormones) and LH (Luteinizing Hormones).
inappropriate diet
Vitamin K deficiency
excessive salt in the diet
high-fat diet
excessive aspirin
excessive caffeine
calcium (Ca)deficiency.
Solutions: take K and Ca supplements, and see the solutions in Items (1) and (2) above.
4. Ovarian cysts - the overgrowth of the follicle by excess FSH or too less LH.
The key is to restore the brain/pituitary and neuro-endocrine functions.
The General solutions are the same as Items (1) and (2).
5. Other causes: poor blood circulation in the sex organ; cervical cancer; thyroid dysfunction; smoking; vaginal adenosis; birth control device such as IUDs.
Note: Blood Congestion in the sex organ requires pressure massage to resolve the problem. Massaging the groins, low abdomen, pubis, perineum, and thighs will stimulate hormone rebalancing and can adjust the menstrual cycling. The outer thighs and legs (and blow the ankles) are the reflection zone of the uterus (men's prostate.) Acupuncture Points B-25 of the Bladder Vessel, just above the sacro-iliac joints and 1" bilateral to the 5th lumbar are also the reflection zone of uterine and prostate dysfunctions. Massaging the reflexion zones will disclose some tender and painful spots that reflect the problems of the uterine (Men's prostate) dysfunctions.
Let your OBY/GYN to check if you have Endometriosis, Fibroids or Ovarian cysts. If not, it is likely caused by hormone unbalance. Herbal and nutrient therapies can solve the problems including endometriosis, fibroids, cysts and other uterine dysfunctions.

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