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Case Study - Physical therapy of a broken penis for restoring sexual orgasm!
Dear doctor Lin,
I was very happy to find a few case studies of penis fractures on your site when searching the web for information. I'm afraid I have had an accident similar to the ones described in your case studies, and maybe even worse.
First of all let me tell you your site gave me the comfort of knowing that I am not the only man on this earth having had to go through such a horrible experience and let me compliment you with your clear and straight forward explanations and answers to the questions posed. Your site has been a great help already! I still would like to describe the injuries I suffered from my accident and would appreciate your advice on a few matters. I hope you are able to find the time to help me out.
Here we go: While making love to a girlfriend of mine I suddenly heard a snap and experienced an intense pain in my penis. It seems the situation fitted all the ''classic" conditions: the girl was riding on top, I had just ejaculated and was trying to make it last because she seemed so very close to a climax. There was heavy internal and external bleeding. We found ourselves in extreme shock and terror, both covered in blood.
To cut a long story short I underwent surgery the next day (after eight hours) in the local hospital. It turned out all three erectile bodies had burst at the base of the penis and the urethra had been broken as well. I was in hospital for a few days and walked round after that with a catheter for four weeks. After x-rays showed my urethra had healed properly, the catheter was taken out and I was referred to a sexuologist by my urologist for further assistance.
The accident is now two months behind me. It has left me emotionally scarred, rendered me virtually impotent, as well as having trouble urinating. All my doctors tell me right now is that time has to heal my wounds and there is no telling when and if things will get better. The sexuologist I see seems set on treating me like I have a psychological problem.
Question time!
I am eager to learn what action I can undertake to improve my physical situation and I wonder in that respect if you could elaborate on the massage techniques you mention in your case studies. I should mention that I do have morning erections, although they are tiny and powerless. The penis seems a bit harder under the area where the fracture occurred. In that same area a hard "ring" is now located as a result of the operation. I try to perform massages as you suggest to soften the scar tissue in this area, but it does not seem to work. I am not sure if I am doing it right ..
The need "to go" presents itself as a slight pain, pain increases as urinating starts, than it fades out and urine keeps flowing a while after I stop urinating. Would you know of any way to remedy my troublesome and painful urinating?
I would also be interested to learn if you know of any colleague who has experience with cases like mine, cause my doctors don't and they are not able to come up with very much information. I live in the Netherlands, but I am prepared to go anywhere in western Europe to see anyone that can help me.
Kind regards, and thanks ahead.
Keep up the good work!

Dr. Lin: 4/13/1999>
Penile Fracture is common when the woman is on the top with a wild ride.
It happens when the male erection is going soft. The wild ride in the post-ejaculation is the most dangerous time. This is because at the moment you ejaculate, your penis expands and your hot semen jet strikes her Epicenter so that she would like to continue the deep sensation inside her body. As a result, she will work very hard, including twisting motion to achieve orgasm.
The lovemaking couple must keep the pubic bones tight together and avoid long stroke to prevent it from happening.
Now, you are in the healing process. You have to re-boost your erection and massage the penile shaft. The best physical therapy is to use my Natural Penile Enlargement (Ballooning) Method as shown in Enlarge.jpg. You have to burn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and use the Ballooning Method to push DHT into your glans to force the penile shaft to elongate. In this way, the penile tissue will get enough hormones to heal itself. You have to take herbal supplements such as ViaGrowth products and Ginseng to stimulate your Human Growth Hormone (HGH), DHEA, testosterone and estrogen produce to promote the tissue and cell renewal in the penis. Vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and Folic Acid will also help the penis to repair the damage. 
There is scar around your urethra tube that causes pain when the urethra is going to expand. The scar will shrink as time goes. Try to promote the blood circulation by ballooning the penis 5-10 times a day. The healing process requires a lot of hormones. You must aware that young people's healing process are faster than the old folks'. The reason: Young people secret more hormones to power the healing process, in particular, the level of HGH.

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