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Case Study - Why men do not seem to have completely firm erections for women's sexual orgasm!
Dr. Lin: I have bought products from you and would like to know why men do not seem to have completely firm erections even when they are young. I am sensual and they want to make love with me but I am disappointed that I cannot seem to make them passionate enough so that the penis points at 2:00 as you said. Many men think that they know how to kiss and make love but they really don't. They cannot abandon themselves to the act.
Their orgasms do not seem to be very strong to make them cry out and at least sigh. I have been trying to exercise my PC muscles and they seem to be helping. Do you think if a woman did these exercises for weeks she could prolong or step up her orgasm. Perhaps being in love helps a woman to be more excited. I find that if a kiss is not exciting usually the act itself will not be. Why do men seem to think only tongue kissing is exciting. They do not seem to like to lock lips and have deep passionate kissing in that manner. You need not answer everything but you seem to know much and I would appreciate your comments.

Dr. Lin: 4/11/1999>

It seems you are very disappointed with the men you are with.
Most of the problems during intercourse are from men; women have less problems unless they overdose the body with birth control estrogen or medication complexities.
Men have too much masturbation in their adolescences. They start to masturbate at age 8-12 because the artificial Growth Hormone in the beef and dairy products overdose their bodies. By their 20, the endocrine system is gone, malfunctioning. This opening society also expose teenagers to too-much sexual materials without giving them the right concept of sex. I grew in the old Taoism society with a heavy soy and vegetable diet. Masturbation was considered as an evil, but I still could not control myself to start masturbating at my 18. However, I managed to reduce my masturbation frequency down to once every 2 or 3 days in my college years with a proper diet and outdoor exercise. In the military boot camp, I was able to completely eliminate masturbation.
When I fell in love with my wife (my 2nd girl friend), I ejaculated 3 times in one love session for 6 months. I experienced weak erection and sexual exhaustion. I knew how much damage the over-ejaculation can do on the male body. Luckily, I took the LoveLonger-type folk medicine to restore my body. After that, I have started my long journey to study sexual problems and sexual orgasm from which I can benefit.
Today, young men are encouraged to masturbate to obtain self satisfaction. The problem is that masturbation is very additive. Once you are hooked, you can not find ways out until you are sexual exhausted. Also, adult movies teach men and women that it is ok to have a soft erection during intercourse. You can see the porn actresses suck so hard to wake up the penis. Gradually, the porn movies set a lovemaking standard with no orgasm for the society. So, young men just want to get off as possible as they can and leave their partners unsatisfied. My wife has hinted me that if I don't have a hard erection without oral sex, she won't make love with me. She said: Only a hard erection can give women orgasm. Well, she is absolutely right. In the final stage of lovemaking, she usually use her fingers to compress my penis to test How Hard my penis is, and bend my penis to test the bouncing force. In this way, she will know what degree of sexual orgasm she will get from my penis. That is why I have formulated LoveLonger, LastLonger, Endura and our new products - ViaGrowth-I,-II and -III, to help men to regain natural erection by the mind, visual or auditory stimulations, without oral sex.
When young men are sexually exhausted, erotic kissing won't power the penis up, because there is no much left in their bodies. There is insufficient bioelectricity to trigger the brain (pituitary function) to send out the hormone messengers down to the adrenal cortexes and testes for a testosterone burst and burning.
The tongue tip and underwedge are the part of the Conception Vessel, the major bioelectric channel for sexual potential. Kissing with these spots help sexual excitement. Lips do nothing and can not fire up a bioelectric signal to stimulate sex organs.
You can not accumulate the sexual excitement from different intercourses for one sexual orgasm, because too-frequent sexual stimulation will numb the sensory nerves. Also, sexual orgasm relies on the instant burst and burning of testosterone in the Epicenter. That means, you must charge the orgasmic pacemaker with testosterone. That is why I formulated Heat Tea. Prolonging sexual exercise without the testosterone burst and burning can not help achieve orgasm at all.

Reader: 4/12/1999>
Dr Lin - your ideas on the subject seem to indicate that men do not seem to have enough testosterone. I have not had that many men but out of 6 men I have noticed that only 1 had a rock hard penis but he seemed to love masturbation so he obviously was a queer duck I guess.
I have tried to strengthen my PC muscles and they seem to like it and say I have good muscle control but I have noticed that it is hard to hold on to the penis during intercourse that would seem to be the reason men need the woman on top as much as the women need to be on top. I think being on the bottom is more of a turn on but a man cannot seem to thrust because the penis is not rock hard - and even young men have this problem. I waited many years before starting a sex life and I have so much passion in me and emotion and loving and I am so disappointed to find that men have such a problem. I have taken your heat tea and penisos and it fires me up but still its not enough.
Of course what I said about not being in love and being sexually excited are true., Sometimes you can look at a man and what to orgasm - so you can understand that if you were with him it would be much better. So that is the reason men use the tongue so much is because it gives them more of an erection. You told me - but say again - why does a man not become rock hard. Are you saying it is because he masturbates too much? The men are very passionate about me and they would be very disappointed if they thought I had not liked them but I know for a man to stimulate a woman his penis must strike out and penetrate the vagina with passion and power. Still- if I kept up the PC muscle exercises do you think that would help me - if men aren't going to be completely hard then a woman must rely on herself more. Thank you for your efforts in responding.
Dr. Lin: 4/12/1999>
In addition to testosterone, the endocrine system must be able to secret an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which burns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to produce bioelectric power to charge the parasympathetic system in supporting erection/engorgement. DHT will stimulate the sex organs (prostate, penis, clitoris, Labia Majores/Minores, G-spot, Epicenter) to inflate and drive lovemaking couples to have a hot intercourse.
DHT makes G-spot and Epicenter become very itchy, and the glans penis inflate like a rock, but enlarge the prostate for ejaculating if he does know how to channel the sexual energy. Too much DHT in the prostate must be redirected upto the Glans Penis with my Penile Power-up Method (Ballooning Effect); otherwise it causes pain in the prostate to trigger premature ejaculation.
is my Penile Enlargement Method driven by DHT.
tells men how to overcome the excessive DHT in the prostate in a two(2)-hour lovemaking. In the final stage of lovemaking, the penis must become rock and solid, when the excessive DHT is pushed upto the glans penis. My wife knows the best on this phenomenon. The penis starts from a natural erection and continuously expand with the burst and burning of testosterone in my prostate with a high impact stimulation on the glans. And I continue to push the DHT upto the glans whenever I pull my penis out of her vagina. I call it the Hard-drive stage. Up to this point, the penis usually pop out an extra section of 2 inches out of my body. The penis becomes numb. Once the penis re-plug into her again, she will feel a power surge in her Epicenter and moans immediately. So the entire lovemaking procedures are to expand women's vagina and power-up the Epicenter and the penis. After the Hard-drive stage, it only take less than 60 seconds to trigger her orgasm. If you catch the point, you can know when you will have orgasm during lovemaking. All you need is to observe the penile power up process. If the penis is expanding, you will have chances to experience orgasm.
Men need more love education than women. When the male body is heated up, the man will tries to release it as soon as possible like a masturbation. This tendency was trained by masturbation during the adolescence. The worst part of the masturbation is this self-destructive sexual release, leading to premature ejaculation. Men must realize that sex intercourse is the bioelectric coupling between two bodies and souls. That is why I list my lovemaking procedures to teach men how to make love with the bioelectric interaction in
The best way to couple two bioelectric systems is to let the Glans Penis "Lock" into the Epicenter. It requires a Hard Penis with a deep penetration. If the woman on the top, she knows which point inside her will be pressurized by the a hot and hard penis. When the man is on the top, it requires a high attack angle for the penis to approach the Epicenter.
why does a man not become rock hard?
Chemically, Men need testosterone and 5-alpha reductase to power the penis. To properly secret 5-alpha reductase, it requires Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and DHEA. Overloading the body with testosterone without promoting HGH and DHEA can not erect the penis. Over-secretion of 5 alpha reductase will overheat the prostate to promote ejaculation. Men need plant estrogen, zinc and Saw Palmetto to cool down and shrink the prostate. Over-Masturbation drains too much these hormones and the bioelectricity in the Central Nerves System and Autonomic Nervous System, that requires to produce an optimal amount of testosterone and 5-alpha reductase. I know this problem so that I formulate anti-aging herbal supplements such as ViaGrowth-I, II, and -III to rejuvenate the body.
Women may experience the deficiency of testosterone and 5-alpha reductase too if the body overload with medication drugs or birth control estrogen. The result is frigidity.
Heat Tea and PeniSOS are formulated for enhancing the production of testosterone and 5-alpha reductase. It works for men too, but men needs extra DHEA to produce the testosterone burst during the sexual encounter.

Reader: 4/13/1999>
dr. Lin - tell me - I put a cushion under my hips and that seems to help the man hit the 2:00 position even though they are not rock hard. Would you agree this is what is happening. I can take most any kind of desire but its the g-spot that seems to need the most stimulation - why would this be apparent in some women and no in others. Thank you for your knowledge.
Dr. Lin: 4/14/1999>
Yes! A cushion or pillow can raise your butts so that your G-spot can get more stimulation. The vagina can have more contraction power too. Because the stimulation between his glans and your G-spot increases, he can have more erection. But, if he don't know how to channel the sexual energy imposed on his glans, he will come more quickly.
The G-spot is not the only one for women's pleasure. Also the G-spot is not always at the same location, sometime deeper, othertime shallower. For the women who have a very thick vaginal liner due to too much estrogen in the bloodstream, the G-spot may not emerge until their menopause. This usually happens for those who start to take the estrogen-base birth control pills or device in the adolescence. The thicker the vaginal liner, the less chance the women will get the vaginal orgasms from the G-spot and Epicenter. That is why a lot young women can not experience vaginal orgasms.
The saddest story is: the men are doing downhill while the women's sexual desire is peaking up. As a result, the women miss the most wonderful experience - Sexual Orgasm, in their life. This is why the sex-liberated society with a lot of birth control pills have more unsatisfied sexual relationship than the old one.
When the estrogen level ebbs, the G-spot emerges. As long as you have enough testosterone in your sex organ, you will want more G-spot stimulation. Obviously, Heat Tea gives you a lift in your G-spot and Epicenter. Testosterone plays a trick for women's body.
You can ask him to try my Finger Pliers Method to make you come, as shown in fgplier.jpg. Then, he will understand how to give you a proper stimulation to trigger your G-spot orgasm.
Then, go deeper to get your Epicenter stimulated.
By the way, Don't forget he must have a proper tool to finish the job for you. Perhaps, he needs Endura to help him out.

Reader: 4/14/1999>
Dr. Lin, thank you for your information. When I was a teenager - I could have vaginal orgasms by myself - did not realize I was giving myself the kind of stimulation on the g-spot to accomplish. Because I waited so long to have sexual activity I never took birth control pills so I suppose that the reason my g-spot is so sensitive. Even more so then the clitoris. Yes, it would seem that men are having trouble at any age. I am unhappy but I will try to help them. I am at the 40 point in my life and my sex drive certainly has become like a floodgate opening.
You have answered so many questions for me and I am very grateful. The finger plier method I know of from having ordered your CD Rom disc but sometimes I'm not sure how it works. You need not write back and try to explain - I wil try to figure it out. All the best Dr. Lin.
Dr. Lin: 4/15/1999>
The sex organ system is for species propagation. This system does nothing with life support of the body itself, but it reflects how much extra power can the body supply for sexual activities. We, human beings, elevate ourselves with sexual pleasure that helps a loving couple stay together and raise offsprings.
However, if you don't use it, you will lose it. This is particularly true when the bioelectric system ages.
Certain spots require constant massage to get the brain's attention so that the communication channel between the brain and sexual motor nerves can work properly. We have found that the communication channel has a period of 3 or 4 days cycles after passing midlife. To keep the system work properly, a loving couple should have sex at least twice a week, but the man must regulate the ejaculation frequency so that after ejaculation he still have enough testosterone to continuously support his physical activities for another 4 hours without exhaustion.
So, when your man can not have a hard erection, try my suggestions:
1. Having sex with the screwing technique and letting him practice a special Soft-drive position which is in Chapter 2, softdrv.jpg. For your convenience, I added a brief description in the picture for you to help him do the sexual exercise. This is a sexual therapy for re-linking the communication between the brain and the sex organs for both sexes. Do it every morning for 10-15 minutes every and both of you will think each other all day long. This morning sexual exercise will help the man to have a better erection and the woman get a better response when they really want to have sex for orgasm.
2. Shortening foreplay - as long as his penis can get into your vagina, use your vagina to help him make the penis hard. Contract your vagina while he thrusts. The penis erection can be initiated by (A) massage the penile base and footing, and the scrotum, or (B) 5-10 minute Visual and auditory stimulations of porn movies.
3. Replenishing his body with sea foods or herbal supplements.
Finally, regarding with the Finger Pliers Method, he has to apply one finger to your G-spot and the other finger to your clitoris; these two fingers form a plier to "squeeze" and massage your clitoral and G-spot nerves at the same time. It will take you less than 1 minutes to come when you have been peaked yourself up by other stimulations. My readers got a lot of benefits from this special method, that includes "emergency rescue for her". Her are some comments:
I wish I can give you a private lesson!

Reader: 4/14/1999>
Dr. Lin, I hate to bother you again. One last thing. I have been strengthening my PC muscles and have been using a device to try and completely isolate the muscle. I had good control anyway but was always having to go to the bathroom at too frequent an interval. This seems to be helping my control though. I noticed that if I have a full bladder an orgasm is almost impossible. Is that the way it is or is it just me. I have never asked another woman so am not sure. A man told me that my vaginal muscles were very strong and it was almost scary. But I thought that it gave a man more pleasure to grip his penis. Some men like it but it seems this man didn't. I wondered. Did he think I had too much control over his penis. Was only doing it because I wanted him to have as much pleasure as possible. Thank you for being patient with me.
Dr. LIN: 4/15/1999>
1. I think your vagina is good enough for sexual orgasm. Vaginal muscle exercise, like the prostate muscle exercise, will stimulate the urethral nerve. In fact, any stimulations on the sex organs will affect the urethra and bladder nerves. To have a best response for you, you should retain the 1/2 - 3/4 full of the bladder, so that you can get an optimal stimulation by the urine hydraulic pressure against your Epicenter when he thrusts you.
When the bladder is too full, your nerve goes off for peeing, and you will be unable to contract your vaginal muscle.
2. Your man has to learn how to interact with your powerful vaginal muscle. If he want to prolong intercourse with you, he must learn my Tai-Chi Yin-Kong to channel his sexual energy produced by the contraction of your vagina. Be honest to you, I really enjoy the powerful vaginal muscle. The best one is: a flexible vaginal orifice with a powerful muscle.
The "Flexible" vaginal orifice (some men may complain it is too loose!) allows the penis to use the high-attack angle to stimulate the G-spot and Epicenter; the "powerful" muscle will make the Epicenter to suck the Glans penis. The suction force deep inside the vagina is more powerful than oral sex, yet without interference of teeth. I always enjoy the powerful force on my Glans.
It seems you have a good will and tool for him. I think you are a perfect lover: Love, Passion, Good tool and everything ready to go for it.
Does he try to do the same thing for you? It seems there is something missing.

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