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Case Study - Dr. Lin's CD-ROM help her solve problems! expecting a better sexual orgasm.
Reader: 3/20/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin,
Your advices always very helpful! Today, I solved one of my problem-- about ginseng, in your CD. He made me come twice last night with a combination of your finger pliers method and 3-point love position. It seems I found my trigger point. I feel so happy! Your CD is really very instructive. Here I have some other questions.
In your CD(2.7), you said " only the woman knows where is her trigger point, and only she can synchronize her sexual response to the pressure stimulation. Hence, the woman should be in the driving (or free) position to control the love action for the final stimulation that leads herself to achieve orgasm. Synchronization of her sexual response to the external stimulation, which will assist her to break her orgasmic barrier in a short time, is the key for her to achieve orgasm."
I don't have much sex experience, and never achieve orgasm. I am not sure what is the feeling of orgasm, and how to bring myself to that point. Does this mean I don't know my trigger point, and don't know how to synchronize sexual response? When you say "synchronize sexual response", do you mean the thrust rate?
You also said (2.2)"female should hold the urine for intercourse as long as she can". I wonder what if the female want to release urine during the sex? I feel that's very embarrass....
In your CD(2.2): "If a woman can contract her vagina/anus area with a full bladder,..." What do you mean "a full bladder"? Is that a bladder contain urine? Also seems it's very important for woman to know how to contract her vagina/anus muscle, am I right here?
Also in your "Training the vagina muscle" picture, I can see the vagina muscle moving, while I can hardly try myself. I wonder who should do this vagina muscle exercises? Is there anything wrong that I can not move it now? Is this exercises the same as "Kegel exercises"? It was recommended for pregnant woman to do this kegel exercise, right?
Last, according to my understanding, pain is not good for woman to reach orgasm, whild itching is normal feeling toward orgasm, am I right? Seems to me that for a woman to reach orgasm, she must be trained to know how to contract her muscle, or the male need to be very experienced, right?
According to your sexual ChiKong, is it very important for the man and woman to reach orgasm simultaneously so that they can exchange Chi?
Looking forward to your reply!
Dr. Lin: 3/22/1999>
When you have sex, in the hard drive stage when the Vagina is fully expanded, you will develop a very itchy point in the anterio wall of the vagina about 0.5-2 inches deep. You will like that point to be continuously stimulated to orgasm. Women before midlife will has this tendency to have this point.
After midlife, due to the prolapsing or slightly prolapsed uterus/cervix, women will have a shorter vagina. At the same age, men get a shrinking penis with a weak erection. As long as men can still hold 90% of the power-up size so that the penis can still reach and stimulate the Epicenter, women can still achieve orgasm by directly triggering the Epicenter. In this regard, women would not develop a very itchy point due to the weak penis and the vaginal lubrication problem. That means, to develop this point, it requires a lot of engorgement which is like an inflated bread on the Labia Majores. When I see my wife's inflated Labia Majores, I know where she is. But once the women sexual hormone runs low, the labia majores won't get inflated. Therefore, don't expect a itchy point will develop near the G-spot. In this case, the man has to change the strategy to go deeper into the Epicenter and directly triggers orgasm there, as long as she won't feel pain. Therefore, women can still get orgasm without developing the itchy point. However, if the orgasm is too powerful, she will experience the post-orgasmic pain and cramp in the low abdomen and tail bone, like the childbirth labor.
"synchronize sexual response" means: the female orgasmic response has the same rate and phase as the heart beating, so that the orgasmic wave reaching the heart will give the heart a harmonic stimulation. In fact, that is, how sexual orgasm strengthen women's heart. Naturally, the orgasmic response is controlled by the thrust rate and phase. Hence, the stimulation rate should be the same as the heart rate after she breaks her orgasmic barrier.
Holding the urine for intercourse will increase the sensitivity of the the G-pot and Epicenter due to the awake of the nerve in the wall between the urethral and vagina, and the gravitational lowering of the Epicenter.
Usually, having sex 1 or 3 hours after urinating will get the bladder a good charge to improve your sexual response. A Too-full bladder may create an embarrassed situation.
Women should constantly contract the vaginal muscle all the time during thrusting to focus the mind into the vagina and to increase the interaction pressure against the G-spot and Epicenter.
The "Training the vagina muscle" video was taken, when the lovemaking couple was in end of the hard drive stage in which she was about to come. When he pulled out his penis out of her vagina, her vagina became widely open in front of the camcorder. She periodically contracted the vaginal muscle to show the contraction power. That is why you can see the contraction of the vaginal muscle. That was how the video clip was shot. This video clip tells the loving couples that the "size" of the vaginal orifice is not important. The Contraction Power is the key for better sexual orgasm. That is why I introduced my Tai-Chi Yang-Kong to women. Her Tai-Chi Yang-Kong sexual exercise was driven by the abdomen and pelvic-cavity muscle, not the Kiegel exercise which is a local vaginal muscle contraction. Pregnant women should not practice Tai-Chi Yang-Kong. Kiegel exercise is ok.
The Itchy Point is the spot inside your vagina, you feel sooo good under the stimulation.
Sexual ChiKong is designed to make the woman come first. Then, the man can use a deep penetration position to trigger her 2nd orgasm and to ejaculate at the time. In this way, the man can still hold about 70-80% erection to exchange the sexual energy with her via the glans penis and re-absorb the ejaculation mixture back to his penile shaft from her vagina. If the penis goes limp immediately, the blood circulation and the nervous transmission in the penile shaft will not work properly to achieve the exchange of the sexual hormone and bioenergy. If he does it correctly, he won't feel tired after ejaculating. If a couple does it correctly, their faces will become very resemblant, as shown in
Seeing is believing.

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