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Case Title:  The Physical Model of Sexual Orgasm - Quantum Mechanics.
Just viewed your site. I don't know whether you have seen my site, particularly the "Female Ejaculation and the G Crest" section www.DoctorG.com/news.htm. I feature the orginal Grafenberg article and discussions of how I think the word "spot" has thrown people off of what is really the case. Please take a look and see what you think.
Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S.
65 Flicker Drive
Novato, CA 94949

415 459-2801-office
415 883-2989-fax

Dr. Lin: 3/15/1999>(WARNING: The materials in this documents are copyrighted by Dr. Newman K. Lin. Written permission is required to use any parts of this document. Website hyperlink to this web page is welcomed. )
There is nothing to argue about the existence of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, both of them highly depending on the testosterone and estrogen level in the local bioelectric cells in the sex organ. I view their existences as a result of the BioElectroChemical effects in the local cells.
The G-spot is a small zone full of bioelectric cells as an interconnection terminal of the sensory nerve and the Acupuncture Vessels - Conception, Kidney and Liver Vessels. It acts as a piezoelectric power generator for both nervous system and acupuncture network. It converts the pressure/strain (stimulation) energy into the pulse Direct-Current (DC) potential that charges the nervous system , the Orgasmic Pacemaker (Epicenter) and the Orgasmic Wave Generator (the contractile fibers around the uterus) via the acupuncture channels. The efficiency of the energy conversion depends on the testosterone level in the cells. Blood congestion in the groins/thighs , pubis and perineum can block the blood circulation in the vaginal muscle, resulting in deficiency of oxygen and testosterone there. When there is a hormone deficiency in the local cells due to the blood congestion or endocrine disorder, a woman won't find her G-spot working properly, or simply dismiss its existence. That is why I advise a loving couple should constantly massage the G-spot and Clitoris base with my Finger Plier Method or my Screwing Technique. Here, the principle is based upon the soil mechanics approach - the liquefaction of a structual foundation, which unpacks the G-spot tissues and neurons to allow the testosterone/DHEA/hGH hormones to "grow" bioelectric cells for improving sexual and orgasmic responses. In fact, I have unlocked the secret of the vaginal orgasm and the powerful penile erection (click here for detail.)
When sex researchers, gynecologists, and sex therapists argue about its existence, I, the sexual engineering scientist, simply tell women how to keep their G-spot functioning properly. If it functions, it exists; if it won't function, it does not exist. So, We have developed Heat Tea and the Finger Pliers Method to make it exist - grow the G-spot and Epicenter, even if the endocrine system is weak. (more in "Use morning intercourse (without ejaculation for growing the penis) or Screwing Finger Plier Method to grow her G-spot and Epicenter for sexual orgasm.") The problem is: If you don't know how to produce sexual orgasm, you don't know what is Sexual Orgasm (Of course, you can be a sexual expert, researcher or therapist !???). Sexual Researchers, therapists, and experts should konw how to produce sexual orgasm and female ejaculation; otherwise, they will always argue the existence of the G-spot and Female Ejaculation. In fact, we have looked beyond the G-spot orgasm - the Level-7, full-body orgasm produced by a simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter. From there, we have discovered the relationship between pains/cramps and the engineering integrity (elasticity and flexibilty) of ligaments and muscles. So, we have developed Vacuum-Cupping/Pressure Massages and spectrum-hormone releasers to supercharge ligaments, muscles, penile tissues/neurons, G-spot/Epicenter's tissues and neurons for both health and sexual orgasm. The principle is the same as that of builders building up the muscles and ligaments in the gym. A loving couple's gym is their bedroom! Loving couples can build up their sexual muscles this way to improve their sexual performance and overall health (urinating continence, for example.) Use lovemaking to repower the brain/pituitary-endocrine functions and bring more testosterone and DHEA into the sex organs to increase the strength of sexual muscles. These aspects are also what the sexual researchers, experts and therapists have missed for a long time. Yet, these concepts are very engineering!
Female ejaculation requires a bioelectric supercharge of the contractile fibers in the pelvis, that can produce large-scale orgasmic contraction. The porosities in the vaginal and uterine walls must be able to retain a large quantity of moisture or fluid. To do so, a woman must have enough estrogen in her bloodstream and the local contractile fibers. Estrogen helps the local cells retain fluid, by dilating the local tissues, porosities, blood vessels, and other fluid-transportation "pipelines" (Fluid Mechanics Problems!) The large-scale contraction of the contractile fibers in the Vaginal and Uterine walls will squeeze out the fluid like a lot of water jets from the vaginal and uterine wall porosities. How do I know this? I got the female ejaculation sprinkling on my face when I performed a Finger Pliers experiment 4 or 5 years ago. It is not urine. Seeing is believing.
Since I started my "adult" life, I have created several methods to perform system identification of the sex organs. In order to analyze the human body response to sexual orgasm, I have recorded and video-taped our lovemaking every year since 1977. My CD_ROM contains many audio and video files of our actual lovemaking to multiple orgasms, in additional our special lovemaking postures and positions that produces multiple orgasms. You can not see sexual orgasms in the adult films or porn movies, because the porn stars don't know how to make love to produce sexual orgasms. They show you a lot of oral sex for the soft penis. Oral Sex violates the EletroMagnetic energy coupling from the Epicenter to the glans penis, that is essential to power up the penis for sexual orgasm. Through many year studies, I have been able to establish a Physical Model for Sexual Orgasm and write my Resonant Excitation Theory of Sexual Orgasms, which help more than 10,000 couples troubleshoot their sexual problems as of 3/15/1999. Obviously, this physical model is correct and works.
In addition, this sexual orgasm theory has been derived from my study of nonlinear water waves in the Hydraulic Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, during 1978-1982. The nonlinear water wave behaviors follow the Quantum Mechanics wave theory. From my experimental study on the excitation of coastal edge waves for my Ph.D. thesis, I have preciously correlated the edgewave excitation to the orgasmic wave excitation in the human body, and have applied it to sex intercourse, resulting in multiple orgasms in every lovemaking so far. The female pelvic cavity is like quantum resonator, the Epicenter is the Orgasmic Pacemaker, and the Uterus is the Orgasmic Wave Generator. (click her for the pictures) The G-spot is the piezoelectric converter to "catch" the stimulation energy to charge the Epicenter which act as a piezoelectric converter and a orgasmic wave generator, depending on the bio-energy level in its auto rhythmic fibers. The Epicenter has the dual characteristics.
I have also discovered the clitoral orgasm behaving like shallow-water solitary waves, termed as shallow water solitons governed by the nonlinear Korteweg-deVris Equation in the Quantum Mechanics, and the G-spot and Epicenter Orgasms like deep-water pocket waves, termed as deep-water solitons governed by the nonlinear Schrodinger Equation. The clitoral orgasm is a shallow, local pulsatory rersponse while the G-spot and Epicenter orgasms are the deep, uterine-contraction responses(click here for illustrations.)
However, I prefer using the 3-point Excitation Method for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter at the same time. That produces full-body multiple-phase orgasms in one shot.
By the way, if you don't mind, I let leave your personal information intact in the post. If you want me to have your website link with this web page, please let me know. Usually, I won't link with other websites, in order to protect the integrity of my website.
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