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Case Study - Vacuum-cupping Massage solves chronic pain/numbness for sexual Orgasm
Dear Dr. Lin
I received the vacuum-cupping toolkit, and used it on most of my body. I'll tell you about my progress and then ask questions, so it will be easier for you to keep track of them throughout my letter.
I started off with cupping my legs. I used massage oil and started off with 2 pumps then moving around. Not much appeard, just a few very small black and red spots. It's mostly gone after 6 days.
Then I did my lower abdomen and perenium area, also not much appeard, hardley anything. A lot more appeared after I did my hips -- several big deep black spots appeard, after that my numbness in my arms is less, tho it happens more frequently.
The party began after I did my back. It felt sooooo good, I was warm all over, and several black patches appeard, not spots. My posture has been better -- my back in more straight. I still get numbness on my upper plates, but I think it's not as strong as before. The interesting thing is I had a few spontaneous errections and that nice warm feeling in my penis the next day, after that nothing.
Here are my questions (some might be very basic, I can't view the NTSC tape you sent me here in Europe)
1. When I move the cup around, does it have to slide on the skin, or do I move the cup around along with the skin? I can slide it only on my back but nowhere else on my body. If I pump twice or more I can move the cup around with the skin, but no way can I slide it -- it won't slide more that maybe 3 milimeters.
2. I have a lump on the top of my penis shaft right at the head. Can I cup my penis shaft and groin area? Can I use the cupping device to get rid of the lump or can I damage my shaft with it? I noticed a warning that I shouldn't apply cupping on my scrotum, but in some cases you talk about applying cupping th groin area. I'm siglthy confused regarding which is which.
3. For the past month I can't get a spontaneous errection, I need stimulation. Can my impotence be a result of congestion only on my back, since there aren't any marks on my legs, or lower abdomen?
4. As I said before I had spontaneous errections for about a day after cupping my back, none ever since. Is that a sign of improvement?
5. My nipples get itchy sometimes, does that have anything to do with my hormones?
6. My numbness happens more frequenlty but not as strong as before. Is that normal?
7. Considering pressure massages after cupping, do I do it only after cupping, or also the next days till the bruises go away.
8. How often do I do them during the day, and how much pressure do I apply?
9. Is the pain while cupping always present at my acu points, even if there is no blood congestion? Does it become less painfull, and does the pain while cupping go away when I'm treated?
Thank you very much, I hope I'm not being to demanding. I like to understand what I'm doing to myself. If you wish I can keep a diary of my treatment and mail it so you can post it on the web for other users?
Thank you very much, best regards.
Dr. Lin: 3/9/1999>
Sorry for being late!
You are heading for the right direction -recovery. All of your body responses are correct.
Unfortunately, you can not watch the 90-minute video which is not in PAL (European) format. I will solve this problem for my European readers.
What you observed are:
1. The worst blood congestion areas or spots show blue or Dark Brown color. These area requires 5-6 treatments with 3 pumping pressure.
2. The bad congestion areas or spots become Red or dark Red. These area requires 4-6 treatments with 2-3 pumping pressure.
3. The good muscle without blood congestion shows in pink color on the skin. It disappears in 1-2 days.

After you vacuumed your body, all the cells got new oxygen, nutrients and hormones; at the same times a part of the body wastes in the joints or muscles were removed to become urine. So, your body becomes "fresher", like a baby's. I rejuvenated my body this way, resulting in free pain, numbness and cramps, and in better erection and lasting longer.
Since some areas, like your butts and shoulder/back, have very thick muscles or hidden spots under the bones or in the joints, it requires multiple treatments to rejuvenate your body. I rejuvenates my body with for 4-5 treatments, "Layer by Layer" going to deep muscles and hidden spots. Vacuum-Cupping Massage has completely solve my numbness and cramps in my legs, feet, hands and fingers, and pain in my neck, shoulders, groins and back.
The most significant response was the pain or numb relieve and the erection after the vacuum-cupping massage was applied to the tail bone area. I discovered this method when I tried to remove the pressure against my prostate to fully regain ejaculation control in 1993. That blood congestion pressure against my prostate beat up my Tai-Chi Yin-Kong practice during an intercourse session in one night. My wife and myself were very surprised at what happened in my body. I just felt the prostate pressure being so high that I must ejaculate. In the next morning, I applied my first cupping massage to my perineum, the first acupuncture point of the Conception Vessel. After I got a dark spot in one treatment, the pressure on the prostate was immediately released and I fully regained my ejaculation control for 1-2 hour lovemaking and erection. After my discovery, I started to vacuum my body all over, like a complete tune up of an old engine. It totally took me 3-4 months to complete the job. During that times, I repeated vacuuming those susppious areas every week. Every time, the color of the treated area become lighter and lighter, until the skin color turns to pink.
Before the treatments, my western doctor and acupuncture doctor failed to solve my chronic pain and numb problems during 1989-1993. The feeling was so depressed when the weather started to change. After I got recovered by this tool kit, I have become a young man again.
During that period, I had also discovered the relationship among the Autonomic Nervous System, the Endocrine system and the acupuncture network. Thus, I have proposed the Bioelectric System to integrate the effects of these three systems on the body as a unit, because they are "interfacing one another." The Endocrine System is a electrochemical charge; The Parasympathetic Nerves are the Charge Cables to the bioelectric cells of the organs; the Sympathetic Nerves are the discharge cables; The acupuncture network is the piezoelectric circuit for the bioelectric cells of the organs to interface with the natural environments. The acupuncture network is formed by strips of bioelectric cells.
If you catch the principle, you will understand the effect of Vacuum-cupping Massage on this bioelectric system. What the vacuum-cupping massage can do on your body are:
1. removing blood congestion that has compressed your sensory nerves to cause pain and numbness, and that block the bioelectric circulation in your acupuncture network.
2. allowing your cells to get more oxygen, nutrients and hormones to fuel up the bioenergy for your activities, via the blood circulation system.
3. activating the blood circulation to allow the hormones and their messengers released by the endocrine system to reach the targeted organs.

The blood congestion in the low-abdomen, pubic groin and tail-bone areas can interrupt the hormones and their messengers to the sex organs. Once it was partially removed, you experienced erection. That proves the effectiveness of the Vacuum-Cupping Massage. No wonder, you feel sooooo good in your back too. It indicates that your Governing Vessel of the acupuncture network has been reactivated.

Now, answers for your questions:
1. In the "open" area, you can pump 3 times and slide the suction cup on the skin. You can slide on your back, butts, legs, shoulders, or even elbows. You may have to use a small (1") cup in the legs, elbows. In the restrictive or narrow areas, you must move the cup around with the kin or let the suction cup stay for 5-10 minutes.
2. Don't apply it to your penis. The lump is the damaged tissue. Only surgery can remove it. You can apply to the groins, but you must avoid the scrotum or you will pass out!
3. The impotence can be caused by the blood congestion in the groin and tail-bone areas. The vacuum massage activates the blood circulation, Chi (bioelectric) flow, and the parasympathetic, sexual nerves to solve the impotent problem.
4. Yes, it is one-step forward improvement. You must remove the blood congestion in the deep layer of your muscle.
5. No. Nipple itch is a nervous response. But, your nervous system gets a supercharge from the vacuum-cupping massage.
6. It is normal. The deep-layer congestion is moving to the shallower muscle.
7. You can apply pressure massage to these areas anytime you want. It is helpful too.
8. At least twice a day.
9. The degree of the cupping pain depends on how concentrated the nervous fibers on the underlay skin. When the blood congestion is sucked up to the skin subsurface, you will feel muscle-split pain at that moment. After that, you will feel pressure release and soooo good.
Ok, I like your experience too.

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