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Case Study - Why does the clitoral orgasm make clitoris so sensitive for no more stimulation or touching? A local sexual orgasm problem.
I am 66 and have just remarried. I am totally impotent from diabetis so must love my wife orally,which I enjoy very much.However as she begins her orgasm she asks me to stop as she says it is so intense she can't stand it. How can it be so intense if I do not complete her orgasm with her. How could it be so intense she can't stand it if she hasn't let me go all the way to completion? Thank you very much

Dr. Lin: 2/27/1999>
The clitoris orgasm makes her clitoris become too sensitive to touch.
That is why she wants you to stop.
At this point, if you can penetrate her to continue her orgasm, her orgasm will become vaginal and eruptive. Clitoral orgasm is like a dampening pulse produced by an electric switch since the clitoral base is the energy gate. Your stimulation opens this sexual energy gate to discharge her bioenergy. Once the gate is suddenly open, a local dampening pulse is generated. The clitoral orgasm does not produce orgasmic wave radiation out of the clitoris. Thus, the bioelectricity (the Direct-Current Voltage) in the clitoral nervous terminal is elevated accordingly, so that the clitoris becomes too sensitive. Thus, the clitoral orgasm is not intensive and of no contraction, but only makes the clitoris become supper sensitive.
The clitoral orgasm is local, not of the full body. Its effect is limited, but concentrated on the clitoral nervous terminal.
However, if you use my Finger Plier Method to stimulate her, the stimulating energy at her clitoris and G-spot will charge her autorhythmic fibers at her Epicenter as shown in
Once the bioelectric energy in the Epicenter (the female degenerated prostate) reaches the orgasmic threshold (-40 mV), the autorhythmic fibers will pace the contraction of the contractile fibers around the uterus and then, the bioelectric energy becomes Orgasmic Waves (Alternating-Current Voltage) to radiate into her Conception Vessel (CV) of the acupuncture network at the clitoral base, the acupuncture point CV-2. The orgasmic wave energy will partially run up to her forehead and become heat waves, and partially get into the heart to create hydraulic shock waves that temporarily disables her brain's conscious control center to produce involutarily orgasmic cryout and moans.
If you can stimulate her Epicenter directly, her orgasm becomes more intensive and of multiple cycles.
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