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Case Study - Re-link the brain with the sex organ for sexual orgasm.
Reader : 2/18/1999>
Dr Lin,
I am currently a medical student specializing in natural modalities and acupuncture. I wish to conduct my 2 student research projects on the topic of impotence...however, I need peer reviewed research to begin. Do you have any suggestions on where to find such info. especially on acupuncture treatments. Thank you very much for any guidence you can offer.

Dr. Lin: 2/18/1999>
The book "Acupuncture - The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing and How It Works Scientifically " by Felix Mann, M.B., report his result of treating impotence by acupuncture in Page 219, as follows:
Total Number of Patients = 27
Cure or Considerable Improvement = 7
Moderate Improvement = 7
No result or slight improvement = 13.
His statistics tell you the failure rate is about 50%!
Acupuncture can re-align or re-direct the Chi (bioenergy) flow from one organ to other, or slightly adjust or tune the bioenergy level of an organ by the electrode needles with a pulse DC "charger." Its effectiveness totally depends on which cause, the unbalanced Chi flow or the weak endocrine system.
But, once the endocrine system - the electrochemical charger, is too weak, and the charge cable - the parasympathetic nerve, has bad contacts with the source and target, the acupuncture can do a very little effect on the treatment. This is why the Chinese Herbal Medicine has been existing for more than 5000 years. Acupuncture can not replace the herbal medicine. The herbal medicine will stimulate the endocrine system to produce hormones and release the hormone messengers the targeted organ to re-link the parasympathetic nerve. This will allow the Electrochemical Charger to charge the targeted organ when the body is in the resting/sleeping state, via the parasympathetic nervous system.
My bioelectric model of a organ is:

................................. Acupuncture Vessel
................................................. ||
Parasympathetic nerve =>Bioelectric cells => Sympathetic Nerve

The endocrine system is behind the scene!
Most of the chronic health problems are a result of the endocrine/parasympathetic disorder. The undercharge of the bioelectric cells in the organ causes the disorder of the organ itself and its associated organs.
I have used this model to develop the herbal packages in this website. A lot of people are surprised that I use Etrovan to treat male problems and Male Power and PeniSOS to deal with female problems. Our subscribers give me thumb up as described in http://www.linplaza.com/extra/extra.htm
My bioelectric model can explain why the acupuncture success rate is 7 out of 27 cases and my herbal supplements are so successful.
Over all, I have found that Estrovan, Male Power and PeniSOS are natural hormone enhancers, So I combine their ingredients together to form a new product as ViaGrowth which means the Human Growth Hormone enhancer, the forever young promoter.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond back to me. You appear to be quite a successful individual and so I understand the value of your time. I considered your model re:endocrine/parasympth.
I also got hold of a copy of the Felix Mann book you recommended. Thank you again. I will keep you posted as to the finality of any related research projects. I must decide on my final topic soon.
Dr. Lin:2/21/1999>
Please keep in mind that:
1. Chinese Herbal Medicine has dominated Acupuncture in the entire Chinese civilization. You can see my point.
2. I recommend you two more books:
"The Body Electric" by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden, and
"Human Anatomy & Physiology" by Elanine N. Marieb .
My Bioelectric System Model has been established based up upon the bioelectric phenomena described in these two books, my own experiences with electrode acupuncture and Pressure/Vacuum-Cupping Massages, and My grandma "Teaching" on when to take the tonic herbs or drink the tonic herbal teas to replenish the body. I believe my grandma "Teaching" is the traditional Chinese method to take medicine. I has extended this concept to interpret the following facts, based upon the my bioelectric model -
parasympathetic function => bioelectric cells => sympathetic function:
1. why the athletes can improve their performances by taking tonic herbs or steroids which you can find them in animal testicles and adrenal glands too!.
2. Why the Testosterone Replacement Therapy won't work properly.
3. Why men with overloaded testosterone in the body get pains in the prostate and ejaculate much quicker.
4. Why Kava Kava and Estovan work for men.
5. Why drugs affect the body - the sexual functions.
6. why electrode acupuncture, invented by a French doctor who extended the Chinese acupuncture, works better than the original.
7. Why meditation and pray - promoting the parasympathetic function, can help rebuild the immune system and control the kidney renal function to suppress the high-blood pressure without drugs.
And, a lot of "why's" in the orthodox medicine can be explained by my bioelectric model.
I wrote this book " Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms," based upon this theory, and all my herbal formulas follow the same theoretical foundation. My book also tell you where are the sources of the so-called Kidney "Yin Chi" and "Yang Chi" in the Chinese medical theory.
By the way, you need some physics and electric signal backgound to deal with the body bioelectric system. So, get some comprehensive books with a minimum math to read. For wave phenomena, the book "Science & Music" is a good one. Our body is a wave machine! You may also wonder how music and visual color can affect our parasympathetic and sympathetic functions via our auditory and visual nerves, respectively.
There are a lot of interested bioelectric topics waiting for you to explore.

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