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Case Study - He wants his sexual orgasm too! Solutions for his orgasm.
Reader: 1/15/1999>
My wife and I were having a very powerful time making love. I always have her reach her climax first otherwise I feel terrible if I can't have her orgasm. Ayway she went off in a very powerful way with her on top. We then proceeded to finnish with me on top for me to reach my climax. I was deffinately Pumped up and driving. I could sense my penis enlarging and just about to reach my climax when all of a sudden the preasure died and I had ejaculated but there was no orgasm. I didn't think much of it because we have had wonderful sex several times since then. Do you know what would have caused me to ejaculte and not orgasm?
Dr. Lin: 2/15/1999>
Ejaculation is triggered by the autorhythmic fibers (Orgasmic Pacemaker) in the Ejaculation Control Valve of the prostate. The orgasm is the contraction of the contractile fibers surrounding the prostate , extending from the pubic bone to the tail bone. In electrical engineering term, the Orgasmic Pacemaker is the DC-AC converter, translating the DC bio-potential voltage into the alternating voltage or pulses, while the contractile fibers are the amplifier to magnify the orgasmic pulses.
Obviously, your contractile fibers don't store enough bioenergy to amplify the pleasure waves generated by the Orgasmic Pacemaker.
Apparently, your wife is a very orgasmic lady, and she can easily achieve orgasm with the 3-Point Excitation Method. I believe she knows how to drive her to orgasm. For example, she knows how to lock up her Epicenter with your glans.
You should practice the penile Power-up or Ballooning Method with an high attack angle and deep penetration to extract her sexual energy from her Epicenter before she rides you to her orgasm. When you are about to come, your penis is inflated a a maxima. You should stop thrusting, withdraw your penis and massage the penile footing/base and low-shaft portion to balloon your penis to another maxima. Repeat the procedures 3 or 4 times, your penis is about the absolute maximum size, the contractile fibers are fully charged, and you will feel your perineum is hot and full. Then, let her ride you. She will come in less than one minute after she starts to swing.
However, If you want to give her the 2nd orgasm, you must use my Tai-Chi Yin-Kong to block you ejaculation; otherwise, both of you will come at the same time with experiencing the most powerful orgasm you have never had. If you block your ejaculation while she comes, your penis is still in the absolute maximum size like a solid rod. You can measure the size of your penis at this moment. It is about 120-140% of your normal erection.
If you can not balloon your penis like that, my LastLonger (PeniSOS/Fibra + Ginseng Power Max 4x + Kava Kava Tea) can balloon your penis over the edge. LastLong will give you a full charge of the autorhythmic and contratile fibers.
where the reader said his doctor has been very impressed by his progress of taking LastLonger, no side effects.

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