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News updated:

Case Study - He and his doctor have been impressed by Dr. Lin's formulas for better sexual orgasm, no side effects; Solutions for his premature ejaculation.
Reader: 1/14/1999>
I have recieved the treatement pack and complying as far as possible. The Ginseng and Fibra tead now replaces the afternoon and evening coffee. I still have a morning drink of coffee.
I tend to overheat, so I have backed off the ginseng and kept the Fibra up.
So far so good. I certainly feel better on this herbal pack.
Results. Certainly has breathed life back into the erection side of things.
Premature ejaculation is still prominent. Fortunately my good lady can be precipiated quickly, but I do not like it and neither does she. I prefer to last much longer than a few strokes.
I take the PeniSOS as prescribed, in the morning, the second lot around tea time or evening.
Which part of the pack overcomes the premature?
Is this something I have to take permanently?
Why do I overheat? Do you have any knowledge on this?
For your information, I had the Bio-doctor check out the medication. He was impressed. He checked me for adverse reaction and there was none. He then tested me for positive reaction and told me that I needed all four.
He stated that the Ginseng is likely to heat me up, so I have backed off. Do you agree?
Need to hear from you soon. With the time delays, I could run out of the products before the next lot arrives. I am reluctant to re-order until the other problem picks up, or a I need something else.
In Melbourne, (major capitol city, 180 miles away) they are offering 6 single permanent treatments to solve both problems. I am not into drugs, so I have given this a try. Distance has also to be considered.
Dr. Lin: 2/14/1999>
Overheating indicates your body is of Yang-type, requiring B-12, 100-300 mcg to cool down your liver. Your liver attempts to produce more red cells for your body with a lack of B-12. Once you take B-12, 100 mcg twice a day, your energy will peak up to the maximum of your life. You should try Ginseng Tea + Fibra + B-12. Your doctor is right. You need all four products.
I have tested the effect of B-12 on the body since I was young. It helps me solve a lot of problems associated with the liver overheating, because my liver is weak. I think you have a weak liver too.
Your premature ejaculation problem can be solved by Estroven to cool your prostate down, since your body is of Yang-type. Estroven + PeniSOS/Fibra + Ginseng Power MAX + B-12 will give you a long hard, erection by the Ballooning Effect with a cool prostate nerve, so that you can last for a long, long time.
I can use Heat Tea or Testosterone to heat up my prostate and then cool it down with Estroven. I conducted the experiments on my body!
Finally, you should incorporate my Sexual Chikong Breathing into intercourse to channel the sexual energy from the prostate back to the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the acupuncture channel, as described in
I can use Fibra + win to raise my blood pressure to 160/100 and then lower it down back to 125/80 with my Anal Breathing Method in 5 minutes. This sexual meditation method switches the brain function from the sympathetic to parasympathetic. Most of the readers after taking my advice are able to prolong intercourse for more than 40 minutes. One of the examples is described in
There are no other methods like mine based upon the switching function of the Autonomic Nervous System and the brain to achieve the ejaculation control.
By the way, when you make love, you must incorporate the Horse-Rider Posture into any lovemaking positions to achieve ejaculation control. This is the best way to incorporate the Sexual ChiKong Breathing into lovemaking. This is the ultimate solution for your problem.
My products and methods have been tested by more than 10,000 readers. I have accepted many challenges from the orthodox medical societies. One of the examples is described in
You have to remember that these products are "foods," not the so-called "medicine." I am not interested in chemical drugs, except DHEA which is processed from Mexico yam.
My business principle is simple: If it works, people will fellow.
There are more comments in

Reader's re-ordering massage: 2/15/1999>
Send the quickest way possible, otherwise there is quite a delay in receipt. No great panics, most other gear from the states is a bit quicker.
Dr. Lin:2/16/1999>
OK! Your order on Estroven + Endura is confirmed. Send it out today. Thank you for your re-ordering.
NOTE- 3/18/2000: ViaPal-hGH-D includes everything.
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