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>Case Study - How she feel sexual orgasm; female ejaculation; solution for vaginal dryness.
Reader : 2/14/1999>
Hi Dr. Lin,
There are a few things I would like to know about:
1) How most women feel when they orgasm? At what point can a woman say she is having an orgasm?
2) When a women "comes", what body fluid is being secreted and how much is normal?
3) What should a couple do when the women starts to dry up?
Thank you for your time.

Dr. Lin: 2/14/1999>
1. Different orgasmic levels with different responses - heat flow and/or orgasmic waves:
Orgasm is the sexual energy release as the elastic waves generated by the contractile fibers in the pelvic cavity, most of which surround the uterus, paced by the autorhythmic fibers in the Epicenter located between the cervix and bladder. If the contractile fibers don't store enough bioenergy or the autorhythmic fibers don't get synchronous and continuous stimulation after the woman break her orgasmic barrier, her sexual energy is realsed as a single pulse and she will feel a heat pluse flowing from her Epicenter to her Conception Vessel of the acupuncture network via the 2nd acupuncture point around her clitoris. The clitoris orgasm also behaves like that. This is Level-1 orgasm. She will feel the sexual energy in the sex organ being released.
If her contractile fibers are fully charged and the stimulating force continuously and synchronuosly drive her orgasm, the uterus will pump out multiple cycles of orgasmic waves - the mutiple orgasms. During her orgasm, her heart will pump hard, her lung will breath heavily, and she will involutarily cry out. Level-6 and 7 orgasms will numb her body or face.
2. The femal ejaculation amount depends on individual, the degree of orgasm, and the date of the menstruation cycle. Some readers told me they wetted the bedsheet. I believe all women have a chance to wet the bedsheet.
The fluid is squeezed out from the porosities of the vagina wall or the uterus by the contraction of the contractile fibers. The fluid help flush the uterus and vagina. When there is too much testosterone and estrogen in the bloodstream, the female ejaculation will wet the bedsheet. Estrogen will help fluid being ttrap in the contractile fibers surrounding the uterus and vagina; Testosterone will elevate the magnitude of the orgasmic contraction.
3. When the free testosterone and estrogen hormones are used up, the vagina become dried. Intercourse is painful. ViaGrowth-III or IV can solve this problem. The other solution is "Watching 10-minute porn movie" to perform visual and auditory stimulations that promote the brain - hypothamalus and pituitary, to relink her sex organ. But, if her testosterone is run out, sexual intercourse become boring for her.
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