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Case Study - What sexual orgasm for a female is supposed to feel like? You need a smart penis.
Reader : 2/11/1999>
I have thought that I have reached orgasm but I don't think that I have. It drives me crazy...It is like I can't quite let go or get beyond the point that I can't stand it anymore. Just wondering if you had any ideas for someone who is totally frustrated! I love to wake up in the morning with my vagina contracting...is that what orgasm for a female is supposed to feel like?

Dr. Lin: 2/12/1999>
You have the morning engorgement, like the male erection. Men and women share the same phyical responses to the supercharge of the contractile fibers in the pelvic cavity which requires sexual orgasm to release the tension in the sexual nerves.
If you don't have a partner, you need a wet dream to trigger your orgasm, Or a morning masturbation to release the sexual tension and urgency. The sexual tension and urgency will make you become aggressive, impatient, frustrated...
For a better control of your sexual urgency, you have to reduce your intake of red meat and dairy products. I believe you are a very, healthy orgasmic lady with a very powerful adrenal cortexes and parasympathetic (charge) functions, and will be an excellent lover.
When you experience sexual orgasm, the autorhythmic fibers at the Epicenter (the Orgasmic Pacemaker) between your Cervix and Bladder will pace the contraction of the contractile fibers surrounding the uterus. It is like the heart beating, but release and radiate the bioenergy energy as pleasure waves, at rate of 1.25 cycle per second, out along the center line of your body, or called the Conception Vessel of the acupuncture network, to your forehead. In response to this pleasure, yet shock, waves, your heart will pump heavily, you will experience heavy breathing, and you will involutarily cry out. After the orgasmic waves die down, your mind will become very calm, peaceful, and satisfied, and your body will become very relaxatory.

Thank you for your reply. I need to reduce my red meat and dairy products...and masturbate in the morning? Wow! Seems like a vibrator gets me going better than myself. Is this normal???

Dr. Lin:1/12/1999>

Nothing wrong! To me, it is natural and your body functions properly! Men like energetic women!
If the vibrator operates in high frequency, it can numb your sex organ. You should use a "smart" one which should have a slight curve to reach your Epicenter, located between your bladder and cervix, as shown in
Don't use an oversized one which become very inflexible to the reach your Orgasmic Pacemaker in the Epicenter. A skinny one can do a better job.
You can make your sexual potential last longer by having a balancing diet that includes 40% fresh vegetables, 10% fresh fruits, 10% beans/nuts/seeds, 20% meats/dairy products, and 20% grain/bread.
It is my healthy diet formula for love longer, last longer, and live longer.

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