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To prevent penile or G-spot shrinking due to exercise, take ViaGrowth-III or -IV for more sexual orgasm
He experienced an unusual erection and sexual orgasm with ViaGrowth-III which is for the Natural Penile and G-spot Enlargement

Case Study - Thank Dr. Lin for our more, sexual orgasm! Natural Growth Hormone Enhancer and Massage can slow down breast sagging
Reader : 2/3/1999>
Dr.Lin, First and foremost I would like to thank you for sharing your research with us. I can speak for many other when I say we find your work very helpful an illuminating as this is generaly a subject where the little knowledge gained is from porn books. The approach you take to sex is that of a master revealing his secreats to his fellow students for which we are gratefull. Alot of my questions (silly as they might have been) have now been answered, thanks to your web site.
My wife and I have been seperated for about 22 days as she had to go away for some time to attend to some family business today she gets back and I am waiting to practice what I have learned. Shall get back to you after the encounter. I have though YET anohter question, my wifes boobs are quite nice and big but as we dont get much of excercise thses days have put on weight and her breasts are sagging. Would you please advice me on how to get back her firm boobs through exercise, please give me a few exercises we could do as well as any massage technique that might help us.
Thanks alot Dr.Lin once again and I hope this website of your s will be of grate benifit to many more people.

Dr. Lin: 2/3/1999>You should prepare for a long, hot night after 22-day separation.
One orgasm is not enough for her in one night. She will likely want 3 or 4 orgasms in two consecutive days.
Porn movies or books give loving couples a wrong impression that men normally need oral sex to erect. This is totally wrong. Men must have a natural erection before the so-called "foreplay." If a man relies on oral sex for erection, he will not erect hard enough to drive his lady to orgasm because the penis is too soft. By the way, I have never seen porn actress achieving orgasm, but faked moaning. My first time impression on the porn movie I watched in Gainesville, Florida in 1976 promoted myself to start recording our sexual responses to compare with the porn actors and actresses'. After 20-year audio and video taping and studies, I have compiled these video and audio files into my book and presented some in this website. I have also included many video and audio files in the CD-ROM to show the readers what do the actual orgasmic responses look and sound like. This will give loving couples a general idea of how to enjoy their life-term orgasm together, how to cultivate their love, and how to keep their bodies healthy for more love and sexual orgasm. I believe it is a good advice for your lovers too.
Regarding the sagged breasts, I call them "the Grandma Breasts." Women with big ones tend to get sagged breasts as they grow older. Too many estrogen receptors in the breast tissues and weak testosterone secretion from the aging adrenal cortexes are the major factors to create the problem. Testosterone makes the breast-support muscle firm! Estrogen makes the breasts elastic, but the unbalancing testosterone-to-estrogen, in favor of estrogen, will sag the breasts, particularly when the estrogen receptors sites are over-developed there..  We have been developing a new Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Enhancer based up a thousand-years-old Chinese Emperor/Empress formula to rejuvenate the aged/aging body with a balancing promotion of HGH, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen production. This formula is called ViaGrowth-IV.  In combination with a stress-hormone reducer and a stress-hormone receptor blocker (alpha blocker), we will form a powerful package called ViaPal-hGH-D or -X for, middle agers and seniors, men and women. Only ViaPal-hGH-D or -X can slow down our aging process of the brain (Hypothalamus/Pituitary) and help the body have more HGH, DHEA, and testosterone and regain a balanced testosterone-estrogen ratio,  naturally.  These formulas will make the breasts more elastic and firm, the Clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter swell larger and firmer,  and the penis harder and hold the erection longer. These products will be available in few months from now, as of 2/3/1999.
Massaging the breasts help the blood circulation bring more hormones/nutrients/oxygen to feed the breast tissues or cells to retain the breast health and elasticity too. Breasts like the sex organs requires constant massage to get the brain's attention for hormone releases. After passing the childbearing age, the brain tends to forget the existence of the breasts and sex organs due to the weakening brain/nervous function (the parasympathetic Acetylcholine action) - aging!  So, we have to have constant intercourse and orgasm and to massage each other very often (everyday) to keep our brain to release the hormone messengers to the breasts and sex organs. This is the best way to keep your body young.
Our south Florida is a cosmic surgery headquarter of the US. The big business is the breast remodeling in these rich senior communities. Peaking breasts with a lipsuctioned figure on the infinite white sandy beach are the most beautiful master piece. Once a while, my wife and I will go to beach to enjoy visual stimulation. It is the best way to have a wonderful night with multiple sexual orgasm that way. We always forget how old we are when we are enjoying the "long," intimate moment.

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