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Case Study - Hysterectomy for no sexual orgasm. Solutions! Yes, you get "Soliton Orgasms!"
Reader : 1/29/1999>
I have not had an orgasm with my husband for years, since I had a hysterectomy in 1982. WE have been married soon will be 26 years. THe only way I can have an orgasm is to have oral sex.Please can you help me with this promblem .It was great before I had the hysterectomy.I want to have a great sex life with my husband he is really great about this I know he gets frustrated about not being able to satisfy me. He gives me great oral sex but I need more. Please help us.
Dr. Lin: 1/30/1999>

Hysterectomy has destroyed the autorhythmic fibers (the orgasmic pacemaker) in the Epicenter between the cervix and bladder, and the contractile Fibers (the orgasmic wave generator) surrounding and supporting the uterus.
Since the clitoris is the sexual energy gate, the clitoris orgasm is a diffusion-type energy release which won't produce regular orgasmic waves. The clitoral root is equipped  with a few autorhythmic/contractile fibers that allow the energy gate to be turned on and off. It is like a electric switch that produces transient pulse once it is turned on/off.
Stimulating the clitoral root from the clitoral base/glans and the G-spot, You get a heat flow pulse diffused from your sex organs to your Conception Vessel (CV)- the front central line of your body upon the energy gate is open . This is a typical clitoral orgasm. In ocean wave or quantum wave mechanics, we call this type of waves the "solitary wave." You can repeat this orgasmic pulse several times to emulate a sequence of contraction waves, or extend the transient clitoral orgasm by continuously stimulating the G-spot if the clitoris becomes too sensitive to touch. 
A sequence of the solitary orgasmic wave termed "Soliton" in Nonlinear Wave mechanics can be generated by this way. That is, you can get Soliton Orgasms.
On the other hand, near the tail bone, there are autorhythmic fibers too. Charging this fibers requires a special training with the Anal Breathing Method. It is very difficult to stimulate that spot via vaginal stimulation. If you can periodically and synchronically contract the tail-bone muscle between the anus and the tail bone when he simultaneously stimulates your clitoris and G-spot, you may be able to charge that autorhythmic fibers and their surrounding contractile fibers for orgasmic waves. Well-trained Buddhism's monks can get orgasm in this way by periodically contracting the tail bone muscle during meditation.
When I practice this method, naturally periodical contractions are induced, resulting heat flow pulses running upto my spinal cord/Governing Vessel.
The only difference of the female orgasm from the male is that the female sexual energy pathway is the Conception Vessel, rather than the Governing Vessel.
So, If you can contract the anus during sex, you may be able to couple the sexual energy back to the Conception Vessel via the first CV acupuncture point between the vagina and anus. In this way, the tail-bone's autorhythmic fibers can pace the contraction of the contractile fibers around the G-spot and Clitoris. This is the only way you can get orgasm.
To perform a supercharge of the bioelectric cells in the contractile fibers around the G-spot and Clitoris, you need Heat Tea or (new products ViaGrowth-IV) as listed in
to give you a natural hormonal replenishment.  They can also heat up the autorhythmic and contractile fibers around the tail bone.

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