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Case Study - Practice Sexual ChiKong Intercourse to exercise the vaginal muscle for better sexual orgasm!
Reader : 1/27/1999>
i was wondering if you could tell me something about vaginal reduction surgery. i am VERY loose and neither me or my boyfriend enjoy regular vaginal sexual relations very much. he has a normal sized penis, but there is just not enough friction for him to get stimulated enough to orgasm, and he loses his erection most of the time, and really tries to cover it up so my feelings dont get hurt. we have anal sex a lot and i stimulate him manually to orgasm. i want to have regular vaginal sex and i know he does too. i have been doing kegel exercises for 4 years now with a variety of tools (a heavy metal barbell, a big metal egg, a plastic egg, different vibrators).....nothing tightens me at all. i need help!!!! thank you in advance.
Dr. Lin 1/28/1999>
No Vaginal surgery can improve sexual life! Surgeons do not know where are your sexual sensory and motor nerves responsible for the conversion of the sexual stimulation to the sexual bioenergy stored in the contractile and autorhythmic (Orgasmic Pacemaker) fibers driving your sexual orgasm. That is why Hysterectomy costs women's sexual life. In fact, we use Heat Tea to locate the Orgasmic Pacemaker. The doctors do not know! I just wonder how many the so-called Sexual Therapists or OB/GYN doctors know how to make love correctly for sexual orgasm. You cannot find these information in the existing Psychology and Medical textbooks. That is why I wrote my book on these sexual problems and solutions. Sexual Therapists can not simply pick up the Psychology textbooks in an at
tempt to teach a loving couple how to make love. They need a lot of real experiences themselves on producing multiple orgasms. If they don't know how to produce sexual orgasm, they cannot be a lovemaking coach. They must know which critic spots at which stage require more pressure stimulation. Furthermore, Doctors like to prescribe the Chemical Castration (the so-called medication) drugs to block the communication between the brain (hypothalamus/pituitary) and the bioelectric cells of the contractile and autorhythmic fibers in the sex organs. The results are: Impotence for men and Frigidity for women. The Chemical Castration drugs have destroyed loving couples' marriage life, resulting in divorce.
The Vagina is filled with contract
ile fibers that allow a body to pass through, and that tent themselves up for a hard penis to stimulate the autorhythmic fibers in the Epicenter (the orgasmic pacemaker) between the Cervix and Bladder.
One of my questions on your description is that I suspect he does not have a hard erection to make your come. The problem is his erection, not v
ginal size. If he has a hard erection, it is very difficult for him to perform anal sex in you.
Vaginal reduction surgery will destroy the flexibility of these contractile fibers and cause intercourse pain. It will permanently destroy your sexual capacity for intercourse. You need stimulation pressure, not friction, to make you come. More pressure more pleasure. Friction causes intercourse pain.
The vaginal size is referred to the power of the vagina muscle, not the maximum size of the vaginal orifice which allows a ba
by, 3-5 inches in diameter, to go through. All the women's vagina can be forced to expand up to that range while the men's penis is less than 2" in diameter.
It does not make sense to talk about the vaginal size in comparing with the penile size at all.
That is why I suggest you to change your mind.

Instead, I suggest you to practice Sexual ChiKong Intercourse: Periodically Contract your vaginal muscle to synchronize his strokes during intercourse. This is my Tai-Chi Yang-Kong, as described in the attached pictures, sequence.gif. Let his glans "Lock" into the "Gap" (The Epicenter) between your Bladder and Cervix. He will feel his glans penis being heavily sucked by your vagina and the "Epicenter" , with a very heavy stimulation on his glans. If he does not know how to channel the stimulation energy to power up his penis beyond his normal erection. He will come in several strokes.
This approach has been used by the experienced prostitutes (the so-called Comfort Women in the military brothel) in Asian countries to make men come in seconds, so that each prostitute can "finish" more than 100 men in one day without exhausting herself.
I taught my wife how to practice this Tai-Chi Yang-Kong, and myself developed Tai-Chi Yin-Kong to absorb the stimulation energy on the glans penis to balloon my penis to an extreme state, 120-140% of the normal erection. This leads to my another invention, the Penile Power-Up Method or Ballooning Method for the Natural Penile Enlargement. I use her bioenergy stored in Epicenter to help me enlarge my penis! The Trick is: Let the glans penis "Get" into the "Gap" (The Epicenter) between the Bladder and Cervix, where the sucking force is more powerful than the mouth's. If we lock the "Gap" with my glans, she will come in less than one minute with the Level-7 multiple orgasms.
We have practiced the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse since we started our "adult" life in 1974. She has become a multiple-orgasmic woman and never, never missed any chance to orgasm since then. After having two babies, her vagina has been as tight as a virgin's.  She has also taken my dietary supplements to increase the strengthen of her vaginal muscle and uterine ligaments and, at the same time, power up  her G-spot/Epicenter engorgement since her OB/GYN told her about her slightly prolapsing and tipping uterus in 1990.  It seems that the dietary supplements have also narrowed down her vaginal size since I feel her vagina is very tight all the time.  By the way, we are approaching our 50. Aging does not change her capacity to have multiple orgasms and does not loosen her vaginal muscle.

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