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Case Study - Level-7 Sexual Orgasm and Groups of Sexual orgasms.

Reader : 1/14/1999>Dr. Lin,
I enjoy your web site very much! My question is regarding how one goes about stimulating the epicenter and the G-spot at the same time. It seems that I may stroke deeply and stimulate the epicenter, Or I may stroke shallow and stimulate the G-spot. But I can't figure how I can do both. It bears mentioning that my wife is multi-orgasmic to the point of it not being uncommon that she experinces 20-30 orgasms in a 35-45 minute love-making session. These are not the "fire cracker" type. They are successive strings, usually 4-8 orgasms per string of convulsive, screaming orgasms with very strong vaginal contractions and frequently coupled w/ ejaculation.
Could it be that I am actually stimulating all 3 point, giving her level 7 orgasms and I just don't realize it? Additonally I am wondering if these "strings of orgasm" that she has are not actually 1 long orgasm that simply varies in intensity with "peaks and valleys" and thereby appears to be separate orgasms. I would appreciate any comments or observations on these topics. Best Wishes,

Dr. Lin:1/14/1999>Yes, you have stimulated these three points simultaneously. G-spot and Epicenter (the female degenerated prostate) stimulations are out-of-phase, that means, when G-spot gets pressure, Epicenter gets realsed. The simultaneous stimulations mean that these 3 points are under the same stimulation frequency.

The Level-7 orgasm can run up to 30 cycles if the stimulation force synchronizes the contraction of the uterus. This happens when the woman is in the driving position. If the stimulation force can not synchronize the uterus contraction, the woman will get sucessive strings of convolutive orgasms, like groups of orgasmic waves. Each group contains many pleasure waves. This happens when the man is in driving position. However, some women will stop their men when their brains experience choas under this situation.

To produce the Level-7 orgasm, her autorhythmic fibers in the Epicenter must be fully charged by the Parasympathetic sexual motor nerves, acupuncture network and direct sexual stimulation of "the 3 points."

A long orgasm is a big orgasmic, heat wave following by a sequence of small die-hard (low-dampimg) waves.

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