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Case Study ->The Hair Growth Drug grows hairs by shrinking the penis, for no sexual Orgasm.
Reader: 12/15/1998>
Hey Doc, just wanted to say your site is great. I'm 22 yr. old male and need some help. I seem to be losing some of my sexual desire. What can I do to get it back ? Also sometimes I have a hard time controlling ejaculations. I'm single right now and masterbate 3-4 days a week. I get about a 85 - 90 % erection. I'm also taking Pr-p-ci- (the Hair Growth Dug, Trade-marked name not allowed). I plan on getting your book in the future. Please help. Also please don't print my name. Thanks.

Dr. Lin:12/16/1998>The Hair Growth Drug creates the sexual problem for you.
It decativated your liver/adrenal/testicular functions and block the recharge of your parasymapthetic nervous system.
ViaGrowth-III/IV can help you out!


By the way, You may have to get rid of the drug and find a herbal substitute.

Reader: 12/17/1998>

Do you know of any herbal substitute for hair loss drugs ? I agree that they have got to be bad for me. I would appreciate any input you can give. Thank you,

Dr. Lin: 12/17/1998>

Yes, But I don't know if it will work for you. I have never tested it. There are 2 - 4 herbal products in the markets. You can find them in healthy foods stores.
I theorize the hair loss as a result of hormone unbalance problems (too much testosterone burned into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which has been trapped in the poor blood-circulating head skin!). Too many ejaculations produce too much DHT! You have to improve the blood circulation in the head skin by frequent massage.
On the other hand, the brain's hypothalamus/anterior pituitary is the messenger generator for hormone release from the target organs to the bloodstream. The degrading of the functions of the hypothalamus/anterior pituitary blocks generation of the messanger to trigger the hormones for hair regeranation. Over-ejaculation or over-masturbation will deactivate the brain/nervous/endocrine functions since the resulted sexual exhaustion has constantly and fully discharged your sexual battery - the parasympathetic nervous subsystem. Image what happens if you frequently and fully discharge your car battery with headlight on.
I believe the hair growth drug has blocked the hormone messengers to the adrenal cortex and testiscles which produce DHEA and testosterone, respectively. So, you have experienced the deficiency of DHEA and tsetsoterone.
When I started to find my hair loss and turning to white, I have taken ViaGrowth-IV's ingredients to stop degrading of my hypothalamus/anterior pituitary function. So far, so good. I have stoped hair loss and had the same countable white hairs since my 45. A Japanese study has reported that grapeseed extract can make old bald mice grow hair back! ViaGrowth-IV includes Grapeseed Extract which is well-known for heart health! Grapeseed extract is the most potent antioxidant among the herbs. You can take ViaGrowth-IV with your Hair Grower, so that you can grow your hair and penis at the same time! ViaGrowth-IV is item 1-005 in

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