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Case Study -> My Finger Plier Method Initiated Her Sexual, Sensory and Motor Nerves for fully sexual orgasms.(unedited)
Reader: 10/30/1998>

Dr.Lin, Thank you for all your answers to previous questions.My wife and I were away from one another for a few days. When we were reunited with each other again we had a very intense moment while fully dressed. During passionate kissing and rubbing she moved my hand to her genital area. I inserted my middle finger into her vagina and in less than a minute she began to have contractions in her pelvic area and she could not speak. She said she has never felt this before I did not use the finger plier technique. Is this a type of orgasm and if so how can I assure myself I can give it to her again. Thank you.

Dr. Lin:10/31/1998>
Yes, it is a powerful orgasm, Level-4, Major Contraction = 5-8 cycles! This method, a kind of the 2-point Excitation Method, is similar to the Finger Pliers Method. It stimulates the G-spot ( also reaching the Epicenter too) and clitoris at the same time with a little pressure while the Finger Pliers Method can put a lot stimulation pressure on the sex organs. Women can achieve orgasm by this way when she is very horny. The 2-point Excitation method proves one thing: Men Don't need a huge penis to make women come.

Once her sexual nerves are "initiated" by the Finger Pliers Method, she will become very easy to achieve orgasm. As long as she takes a few days' sexual break, her sexual nerves will regain their sensitivity. A light stimulation with the 2-point Excitation Method, even one finger like what you did, will ignite her orgasmic volcano. You may would like to know why.
WARNING: After the initiation, she can not resist sex for the rest of her life.
News Updated (11/5/1998): She demands for more sexual orgasm after initiated by my Finger Plier
s Method. ==>/cases/case7684.htm
Her sexual sensory and motor nerves are completely activated by this method.
After experiencing her first orgasm with this method, she will become a multiple-orgasm woman for the rest of her life. Naturally, she becomes an excellent lover from now on.
Why? and What happened inside her body?
The powerful contraction of her pelvic cavity generated a powerful waves running upto her forehead along her Conception Vessel (CV, the central line of her front body) to her forehead. The wave energy was partially deflected into her heart at the acupuncture point CV-17, located between her two nipples. The Heart, therefore, synchronizes the orgasmic waves to produce hydraulic surges (shock waves) in her blood vessels running upto her cerebral cortex where her conscious controller is temporarily disabled.
The shock waves also reactivated her pituitary for releasing more ACTH hormone that stimulates the adrenal cortex for producing more testosterone in her body.
With a good testosterone level in her body, her libido will never decline with aging. Your marriage and relationship will be elevated to the next floor continuously. You will never get tired to make love with the same person over and over again.
I discovered this method in 1972 for my first girl friend and completely tested on my 2nd girl friend (my wife) in 1974. This method is of 99.99% orgasm proof.
This method solves women's orgasmic difficulty.

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